NFL Live Streaming Guide: Best Services to Watch NFL Online

NFL season is well and truly underway, but many people love to tune in late in the season or solely for the playoffs. This is the time of year we’re all most excited for, and not only for the holiday season. Football is the centerpiece of the world of sports this time of year, and for a good reason. These are peak sports festivities, all of us love to enjoy. One issue that could arise and spoil the plans is if the television network covering your area doesn’t have football on, or simply they don’t have the game you’d like to see.

We are here to help you solve this issue. Many of us love to watch our favorite teams and are not fans of football in general. Some people never watch any game of the team that isn’t their favorite. But, some of us love to watch football in general. For me personally, watching Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens holds the same weight as watching Tom Brady going against Aaron Rodgers. If you’re one of the people who love watching different teams every week, you need to check out our NFL live streaming guide that will give you some of the most excellent services to view NFL online. Keep reading as you’ll find our piece on this subject quite useful.

NFL Game Pass


This is a perfect way to watch NFL games in HD definition, but it comes with one major flaw. Most of us can’t get over this hump. To see a match on NFL Game Pass you must wait till the duel is over. This is not something hardcore fans can accept, but if you are a casual watcher who is interested in the game more than the result it might be what you need. It comes with a seven-day free trial which should be enough for you to determine if this is the way you want to watch matches. If you opt for it, a yearly subscription comes at $99.99. The best part of this option is that you can schedule your day regardless of the time game starts. It kills half the fun, but if it’s your thing go for it. Furthermore, it can also be bought at a discount if you know where to look. For one, Wadav has some amazing options worth checking out if you’re passionate about this sport.



Peacock is yet another streaming service trying to find its way to as many homes as it can. Of course, they’re trying to appeal to the fans of sport all over the world. If you opt for this streaming provider you get every SNF Game. You’ll also have a peek at the Super Bowl too, but only if you subscribe to their Premium or Premium Plus Plan. Yes, this doesn’t sound as much when compared to some of the choices from above, but their starting price is $4.99 a month, which is way less compared to their competitors. While NFL fans might not be too satisfied with this option, they will also get access to various other exotic sports such as WWE, Indy racing, and the Premier League of England in soccer.



Hulu is another streaming service high on our list. Unlike NFL Game Pass it comes quite a bit cheaper, with plenty to offer too. The price is $64.99, but on the downside, you probably won’t be able to catch all the games you’d like. Hulu streams many of the massive sports broadcasting houses in the US such as ESPN and CBS. It also has good contacts with FOX and NBC. You can also broaden your selection on this platform by adding NFL Network for an additional $10 monthly. This offer also includes NFL RedZone. There’s also an option for Spanish speakers to add ESPN Deportes, which is another amazing option for an added cost of $4.99.



FuboTV is less known for the broader audience but NFL fans need to hear about it. In recent periods they pushed their sports department forward, and now they have plenty to offer to football fans. What they did to up the game compared to the competition is that they have NFL RedZone with a small add-on. Same as with football, they have plenty of different sports events to offer that attract fans of sport in general and not only football headshots. One thing that can turn people off is the price which differs plenty depending on the selected add-ons. Like we mentioned, for NFL RedZone there’s a $10.99 add-on, while the standard family package goes for $59.99. if you want full sports coverage you’ll need to part with $84.99. if you are a true sports fan, this won’t pose an issue for you as this option comes with plenty of positives such as a sleek interface and reliable overall product.

Paramount Plus


Paramount is yet another great streaming option on the market. While this company is mostly associated with the film industry, they have now ventured into many other fields, sports included. If you want to have access to more games that come with a standard package that focuses on CBS sports broadcasting, you’ll need to go for the Premium Package. This package comes at $9.99 a month which isn’t a big deal. What you’ll love with this streaming service is the nostalgic feel that it brings. We say this because Paramount Plus is the combination of CBS All Access and ViacomCBS. If your interest goes beyond sports you’ll love what they have to offer with their Sci-Fi department.

Sling TV


Sling TV is neither here nor there when it comes to football, but it can serve a purpose. It is nowhere near Fubo TV or Hulu, but it could be someone’s cup of tea. For one it covers most of the nationally televised games, which is satisfactory for most people, especially if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan. The upside of this option is that it is way cheaper than many of the competitors. Together with football, you’ll receive the most basic cable TV channels which should suffice. So, if you can’t imagine your life with football but still need to cut back on expenses Sling TV is your most viable option. It also has add-ons if you’re interested but if your decision is laid down on this streaming platform you probably aren’t looking at them.