Dak Prescott’s Tattoos: The Real Meanings Behind Them, Design & Artist

Dak Prescott is the well-known quarterback for the NFL team, Dallas Cowboys. Sport enthusiasts would certainly know Dak for his peaceful presence, power and swift movement in the field. Dak Prescott’s tattoos are popular among American football fans. Dak’s love for his mom is displayed by tattoos on his body. Prescott has other fascinating tattoo design on his body as well, so let’s take a look at his tattoos and the significance of them.

Every Dak Prescott’s Tattoo and The Real Meanings Behind Them

Star and Flames

Dak Prescott's Tattoos

On Dak’s right elbow there is an enormous star inked. The star is surrounded by flames which represents Jesus five wounds the elements- earth, fire, water, air and spirit.


Dak inked his sun sign on the inside of his bicep that says, Leo.

Brothers Initials

Dak writes the words TJP and JMP correspondingly on the left and right sides of his arm. He got this as tributing his two brothers Tad and Jace Prescott.


On the inside part of his right forearm, Dak has a sailboat’s tattoo. The sailing boat is the emblem of peace and portrays the life of a person quite like a sailor.


In the middle of his back, Dak Prescott bears his first name “DAK.” The name is highlighted by a crown on top and a rugby ball at the bottom which clearly represented his enthusiasm for football.

Design On Right Bicep

Dak’s right bicep is covered with a complex design, the meaning of it is unknown.

Pride and Cartoonist Lion

Dak Prescott's Tattoos

On the left shoulder of Dak, there is a cartoonist Lion, accompanied by the word Pride. The cartoon lion on the left shoulder of Dak Prescott represents the doodle his mother liked.

Dak was really close to his mum, therefore when she started falling ill, he got the doodle permanently inked on his body in order to give his mother his devotion.

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Beyond Blessed quote

Dak’s got the phrase, ‘Beyond Blessed’ tattooed on his chest.

Stomach Tattoo

There’s a unknown tattoo on the left side of Dak’s stomach.

Back Tattoo

On his back, he tattoed the Corinthians 9:25 bible quote in a banner design.

“Every Athlete in Training Submits To Strict Discipline, In Order To Be Crowned with A Trophy That Will Not Last; But We Do It For One That Will Last forever…. God”.


On his left wrist, Dak’s got ‘MOM’ tattooed. He got the tattoo done on his left wrist when his mother died of cancer.

Est 1993

The EST 1993 tattoo on his right forearm represents the year he was born, i.e 29 July 1993.



Dak has the words ‘FIGHT FINISH’ placed beside his shoulders on his upper back. These words are the reason and comprise the part of the three words that his mother and two other brothers gave him (FAITH, FINISH, and FIGHT).

Dak had two words inked on his body, while the third one, FAITH, was engraved by Dak in the form of a band on his left hand.

135, The Draft Position

Dak’s tattooed 135 close to his right wrist, as it represents his draft pick.

Shoulder and Neck Design

Tattoos on Dak Prescott’s shoulder and neck consist of clouds and a bird flying high in clouds is inked between his neckline and shoulder.