How to Buy Cheapest Super Bowl 2024 Tickets (Price, Sales Date & Tips)

The highest degree American football competition, Super Bowl 55 is scheduled to be held on 7th February 2024 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Like year, the game is set to take place between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion. If you don’t wanna spent thousands of dollars on Super Bowl tickets then relax and follow the guide on how to get the cheapest Super Bowl 2024 tickets deal.

Although the Super Bowl LV tickets are tough to get because maximum tickets are sold out to the Members of AFC and NFC league because of their regular participation in their respective league games. Our guide will help you get the cheap Super Bowl 2024 tickets easily.

How Much are Super Bowl Tickets?

The 55th Super Bowl edition also known as super bowl tickets price can range from $3,000 for upper bowl seats to $6,000 for the seats in the club section. However, prices also depend on participating teams and when you purchasing the ticket.

The (NFL) National Football League sets the exact price of the tickets which they sell directly on their Official website through their lottery ticket Distribution procedure which we have explained below.

However, the Super Bowl tickets prices on the secondary market regularly sell for prices between $4,000 and $8,000 which are quite expensive. So get ready to book it as soon as possible.

As per recent years stats, the cheapest Super Bowl LV ticket you can get for is $4,000 as the average price for super bowl ticket are around $4,500 to $6,000.

How to Buy Cheapest Super Bowl 2024 Tickets

There are two ways you can get your hands on the Super Bowl 2024 tickets. The first is the lottery system which is only for the Lucky 500 Members who can win it by following certain guidelines given by the Official NFL website.

The second is the secondary market method which is a bit illegal way but a lot of bookies buy these ticket much prior and sell it to the associate Travel websites.

These websites then sold it to the spectators including their extra charges which makes the ticket price more expensive. If you are looking to buy Super Bowl tickets then you must always go for the cheapest Super Bowl ticket and here are ways to do so.

1. Buy Tickets via Super Bowl Lottery System

In Search of a confirm Super Bowl tickets and that too at an affordable price? Well if you hold a Season ticket pass of either of the two AFC or NFC League passes then you have high chances to get the tickets through NFL Lottery system.

People without membership passes can still find a way to see the 2024 Super Bowl in person. The NFL holds carry a lottery every year that gives 500 fans a chance to buy two tickets, instructions for which can be earned at

You must submit a written request by registered or certified mail sometime between the first of February and the first of September. If you win, you will be given the ability to purchase, at face value, a wheelchair ticket and a ticket for a companion.

You can also Mail your certified or registered letter to “Super Bowl ADA Random Drawing, 280 Park Avenue. However, buying the Super Bowl 2024 Tickets at secondary market rate is as expensive as $5,000-$10,000.

2. NFL On Location Super Bowl Tickets

The Super Bowl tickets are also available for sale from the official NFL’s on Location. You may get the tickets for Super Bowl but at a higher price compared to its face value.

3. Buy Super Bowl Tickets via Secondary Market

The NRG Stadium has the capacity to hold 71,500 Spectators which is a good lump sum amount. But NFL doesn’t distribute the Super Bowl tickets to the brokers or agent sites, they directly sell it on their official website through the lottery system.

Meanwhile, illegally Super Bowl tickets are sold every year. So try buying the ticket maximum three months prior to the Super Bowl competition.

Try to buy it from the Agencies that sell these tickets online like StubHub, SBTickets, Viagogo or TeamOneTickets.

How are Super Bowl Tickets Distributed?

The distribution process of Super Bowl tickets is conducted by the NFL. The 75% of tickets are distributed among the NFL teams while the remaining is shared between media, partners, and sponsors and through ticket brokers.

Here’s the breakdown of Super Bowl Tickets Distribution:

  1. 35% Super Bowl tickets to the teams: Each team will get 17.5% of the tickets or 35% total tickets.
  2. 5% for host team: Most of the tickets distributed to the season ticket holders.
  3. 35 % share between remaining NFL team: 1.2% of the tickets will get to each team.
  4. NFL retains 25%: The rest of tickets are hold by NFL which is sold to its partners and sponsors.

How much it costs to go to the Super Bowl 2024?

Set your budget for Super Bowl tickets at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida? but you’ll also need to calculate the costs which include transportation, accommodation and food.

Get ready to spend around $7,000 for Super Bowl trip which is for whom are low in budget. As most fans spend way more than this figure.

Here’s the breakdown of the costs to go to the Super Bowl:

  • Super Bowl LV ticket cost: $4,500 to $60,000: The price of tickets for Super Bowl on time and location of your seat.
  • Transportation to Florida: You need to spend at least $350 on average.
  • The hotel which cost around $250 to $900 on average per night: The average 2-star hotel will cost $250 per night while the 3-star hotel price at $450 a night during Super Bowl weekend. The 4-star hotel charges an average $900 per night.
  • Dining out $50 to $200: If you’ll buy beer inside the stadium then it’ll cost $9.00, while for a hot dog, you need to pay $6.50. The restaurant meal starts at $15 and can up to $65.
  • Super Bowl weekend extras: If you will stay in your hotel room then its fine but in case you want to explore the city then you need to extend your budget.

In short, If you are planning to go for Super Bowl then you need spend extra $4,000 apart from the Super Bowl tickets.