2024 NFL Draft Pick: Schedule, Top Prospects, and News

The National Football League, popularly known as the NFL, has announced the official information regarding the NFL draft every spring since its inaugural season in 1920. This year, 2024, will be the 88th annual NFL draft meeting of the NFL agencies to choose the eligible players. The draft for the season will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, from the 27 to 29, April.

The NFL draft is undeniably a critical event for players and teams. The players will hope to make it to a team that can help them attain a successful career. Similarly, many teams will be looking to leverage these young prospects in strengthening their roster and repositioning for the next season.

For some teams, the quality of their selection in the NFL draft this year may play a major role in determining their NFL odds for games in the coming seasons. Fanduel sportsbooks stated the odds.

The process of selecting these eligible players is not an easy one. Therefore, every year, several evaluations are made. Sports experts and enthusiasts typically suggest the top prospects for the year ahead of the actual selection by the NFL.

These experts and bettors consider many factors when selecting the players they believe will be top picks. Here are some players that are likely to be drafted early.

1. Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Source: aseaofblue.com

Levis can be compared to the Buffalo Bills player, Josh Allen, who, after coming out of college, people assumed lacked the tenacity to succeed. However, both players have been seen to efficiently use their feet and upper body to ensure passes are delivered in the most constricted spaces and deep downfield.

Levis is fast, which is an asset even if some regard his speed as ‘reckless.’ He’s also strong and not one to shy away from pounding into defenders on the field.

2. Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

Young’s athleticism and amazing qualities surpass his young age. His passing game is excellent, and he is able to deliver strong intermediate and downfield goals.

3. Will Anderson Jr, Edge, Alabama

Naturally, Anderson’s 235-pound size should come as a disadvantage to him. However, this powerful player is one of the few that has turned it into an explosive strength. He has led his team through truly pressuring matches and has become the principal member of the Alabama defense.

With interest around Anderson, he is sure to be a regular fixture in major NFL draft news and betting speculation. Check it out here

4. C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Source: buckeyeswire.usatoday.com

Stroud’s strengths lie in his ability to read the field and function effectively as a team player under extreme pressure to deliver downfield.

5. Tyree Wilson, Edge, Texas Tech

Wilson is a player, who despite his massive frame, is able to quickly adapt to any new circumstances arising on the field. Despite recording a 37 in the last year, Wilson has returned this season a different man, already racking a splendid 47 pressures.

Like Chandler Jones of the Las Vegas Raiders has done throughout his professional career with Arizona, New England, and Las Vegas, Wilson is able to use his superior length and speed, allowing him to be used at several front-seven positions in the NFL.

6. Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU

Johnston’s size and speed make him a prospective big player in the league. Johnston is a wide receiver like none that has ever been seen before. At this height and size, he is superhuman with the ball in his hands.

7. Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

Source: cbssports.com

Carter is all the good qualities of the recent NFL draftees Travon Walker, Jordan Davis, Quay Walker, and Devonte Wyatt combined in one. He has successfully led the bulldogs with a pass-rushing grade of 90.0. His force is explosive, making him the complete package.

8. Myles Murphy, Edge, Clemson

Beyond Murphy’s size and his excellence at pass-rushing, Murphy has also been seen to make moves that are smart as he has learned to trust his instinct to ensure maximum performance. You can see it in his run game, where Murphy earned a plus grade of 72.0 every season.

9. Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame

Although it is arguable that Mayer still has a lot of room for growth as a receiver and blocker, his exceptional athleticism and route-running skills place him on this list.

10. Bryan Breese, DT, Clemson

Source: 247sports.com

Breese might not be purely quick or majorly explosive, but his strong footwork and technique make up for it.

11. Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas

Robinson’s speed, vision, and determination seem enough to put him on this list. Despite his size, he is light on his feet and possesses excellent receiving skills.

The NFL season comes with quite a lot of buzz and anticipation. One major news that rocked this season was the change in the club with the No 1 pick. The Houston Texans held the number one pick for months till they were dropped to the No 2 spot by the Indianapolis Colts, which pushed the Chicago Bears right into the top spot. The top 18 picks are set, with the Chicago Bears right at the top and the Detroit Lions taking the 18th spot.

Indianapolis have all hands on deck to ensure they snag Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Kentucky’s Will Levis, Stanford’s Tanner McKee, and Florida’s Anthony Richardson are the five QBs to go on day one.

Despite losing the top pick, Houston has refused to let that hold them back. They have drafted TCU’s Quentin Johnston and Kentucky’s Will Levis as their top picks to form a strong team.


The NFL draft season holds a lot of importance for players and teams. For the players, they have to choose between returning to college football or entering the NFL draft. Teams go head-to-head for the No 1 pick, after which they have to decide which players to choose and those to swap. It is a period that will go a long way in determining the future of both the players and the teams.