5 Reasons Hockey Is The Best Spectator Sport In The World

How often have you witnessed a hockey game and thought to yourself, ‘This is the best spectator sport in the world?’ For most fans, this is always the case. Hockey gives them the thrill, the awe, and the adrenaline rush that every sports fan deserves when watching a game live or on television.

For hockey fans, it isn’t just a sport—it’s a way of life. It’s something that builds friendships and families, creates lifelong memories, and creates jobs and opportunities. Some people are lifelong members of specific teams, season-long ticket orders, and collectors of team merchandise from the 90s.

And if you’re not convinced how that shows why hockey is the best spectator sport in the world, here are some more reasons:

1. Food And Hockey

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Food is a central part of hockey culture. Whether eating food in arenas like 3DHockeyArena or grabbing something to eat after a game, sports fans are always hungry for more. And nothing is more enjoyable than having something to snack on while you’re glued to your favorite hockey game.

True hockey fans can never miss something to munch on as they enjoy the thrilling actions on the pitch because they know how well hockey goes together with food. BBQ steak with beer sauce, turkey burgers, or a fast meal are just a few choices you can count on when you go to a game.

The National Hockey League (NHL) has worked closely with many local restaurants to help them develop new and innovative offerings that ensure fans have a memorable experience while spectating. Sports and good food are the perfect pair, after all!

2. The Traditions And Superstitions

Hockey is a sport bursting with traditions and superstitions, from playoff beards to pre-game rituals. The game has its own set of superstitions unique to hockey players, and although these traditions may seem odd, they set hockey apart from other sports games worldwide. Hockey fans have their customs, too, as many fans wear jerseys of their favorite players and teams during every match.

Additionally, many arenas host special events during hockey games, such as ‘kiss cam’ and fan giveaways. These fun activities help create a festive and enjoyable atmosphere for spectators of all ages. Fans can also enjoy classic arena foods like hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn during breaks.

3. The Lingo

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Hockey requires you to know a unique vocabulary before watching or playing it. Hockey players have their own language unique to the game, and they use phrases different from other sports to describe what they do on the ice.

While this may confuse other people who don’t play or watch hockey—and sometimes even those who do—it helps make the game more exciting for fans and players alike. There’s no other sport that has such an extensive dictionary, but most fans love being able to learn new words so they can follow along with what’s happening during a match.

4. Hockey Players Are Warriors

Hockey players are, without a doubt, the most formidable athletes. They can get hit with equipment like pucks or hockey sticks, slammed into by other players, or even suffer fatal injuries, but that doesn’t stop them from playing the sport. For example, Rich Peverley nearly died on the pitch but still asked to be put back in the game after being revived!

Players from other sports can sit out for a whole season because of minor injuries, but in hockey, these players don’t let anything keep them away from the game. Their agility even adds greatness to this sport; it’s just unmatchable.

5. Hockey Is An Affordable Sport To Watch

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In terms of price, hockey tickets are much cheaper than other professional sports such as basketball or football. Of course, the cost of attending a game will vary depending on the location and team you’re watching, but hockey is generally a more affordable sport to see live. And if you can’t make it to the arena, you can always catch the game on TV!

So, while other fans worry about missing a game in other elite sports, the same can’t be said for hockey. The little money you have saved could be enough to finance your ticket and buy snacks and drinks for the entire game.

6. The Grueling Playoff Format

The playoff format of the NHL is one of the things that makes hockey so distinctive. After a grueling seven-month regular season, 16 teams are left in the league, and the number gets whittled down even further after four rounds of playoffs. A total of 28 games are played until one of the two final teams can claim the Lord Stanley Cup as their own.

There are no breaks during these playoffs or any period during the season. This is because hockey players run at full speed from start to finish, playing their hearts out for your entertainment. Some might say it’s too much for players to give up so much energy for an entire season, but there’s no sport quite like it, especially when you consider how much work and devotion goes into winning just one championship.

7. Hockey Is A Family-Friendly Sport

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Hockey is a great sport for families to watch together. The fast-paced action and physicality of the game can be thrilling for kids, while adults can appreciate the strategy and skill involved. Plus, with its affordable tickets and family-friendly atmosphere, hockey is the perfect activity for a fun night out with the whole family.

Additionally, hockey is an excellent sport for kids to play, as it teaches important life lessons such as discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. These qualities can be helpful both on and off the ice.


Hockey fans are among the most passionate sports fans worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why. The speed and skill of the game are awe-inspiring, and that’s only one factor that makes hockey such an exciting sport to watch, whether you’re at a live game or watching from home.