10 Best Online Casino Games to Play for Big Wins

If you have experienced the thrill of winning big at the casino in your life then you would agree that there is nothing quite like it. The feeling of winning having spent only a few dollars sends a rush in your body that over takes everything else for the moment. In today’s day and age, one doesn’t even have to get out of their homes to experience the thrill of winning as online casino games have taken over.

However, with an array of websites and games available it becomes a challenge to find the best ones especially if you are new to the gambling world. In this article, we will talk about the 10 best online casino games that guarantee a win if you put your skills and mind to it.

The History of Online Casino Games

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With the rise and popularity of the internet, online casinos also gained interest among gamblers. The first ever online casino opened in 1994 for business and was known as “InterCasino.” After that in 1995 “The Gaming Club,” was launched and was later followed by several other online casinos. Obviously, these first casinos were simple in design and user experience, but they served as the stepping stone for the modern online gambling business.

The online casino scene has changed dramatically in the last twenty years as the technology advanced by leaps and bounds. If you visit a traditional casino you will find only a few options but when it comes to online casinos the options are endless which means more payout options and bigger win chances. Today websites like VulkanVegas provide a complete casino experience for people who love to gamble straight from their arm chairs.

The Best Online Casino Games

Let’s check out ten of the most rewarding games available at online casinos:

1. The blackjack game

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Blackjack is a fascinating game of cards that is played in casinos all over the world. The rules of the game are simple and straightforward. All you have to do is win against the dealer by getting a hand value that is closer to 21 without going over it.

Playing the card game with sound interest and skill can give the players high possibility of winning against the dealer. The game is easy for new players but it can surely take time and a lot of effort to perfect the skills as the stakes are mainly high in this game.

2. Roulette

No casino today anywhere in the world is complete without the revolving wheel of roulette. The game allows players to place their bets on different numbers and color combinations on which the ball might land. The game is all about luck but people still find ways to crack the code for where the ball will stop.

This game is perfect for newbies as it doesn’t really require planning or mastery and is mostly based on luck. If your stars are aligned you can win big even on your first trial.

3. Poker

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There are a number of poker games available online but Texas Hold’em is by far the most played game among the gamblers. This game requires skill and efficiency which is why this is mostly played by pro players but it does gather a lot of attention from new players as well.

As a new player if you put your mind to it you can learn how to play it and get a hand of the skills to help you win against other players. You need to understand that this is a game where a lot of practice is involved and if you re only looking for quick payouts then this one is not for you.

4. Slots

Slots is another option for online casinos that offers a wide variety of games to choose from. Each game has its own unique features and players can find the ones they like the most or are good at. Slot games comes with a lot of bonuses and if you get lucky you can win jackpots.

You don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort on practicing the skills for this game and can start immediately. This game depends on chances and you never know when you can get lucky.

5. Baccarat

Playing Baccarat

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In baccarat, the aim is for the hand you’re betting on, both the player and the dealer, to be the better of the two given. The successful hand has the total that is nearest to nine when each of the pips is added together. This game requires skills and you will need time and practice to perfect it.

6. Craps

This game involves the mighty dice. In it, you place your best bets on the single or series of dice rolls. If you learn all the tricks and master the more intricate methods of betting on the rolling dice, you can turn the bets in your favor by winning big. Although it may seem easy to learn but to perfect the game, you will have to spend ample time to practice it.

7. Video Poker

Poker is among the most played casino games in the world and with the advancement of technology, video poker is also loved by the OG gamblers.

Like traditional poker you need to apply skills to win the game and can’t completely rely on luck in this one. Don’t get fooled by an early success if you get one because practicing will significantly improve your odds to win against seasoned players.

8. Keno

If you are looking for a game that is easy to play and fulfil your novice heart for gambling then Keno is perfect for you. It is a lottery-based game which is played by picking a bunch of numbers from a board and if your numbers match up you can win big. The game is easy and won’t take long to give you a decent payout.

9. Live-Dealer Casino Games

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Today you can live stream almost anything then why not a game of blackjack and roulette? There are live dealer games available online which you can stream from the comfort of your home and play with gamblers all over the world.

It’s convenient because you don’t have to leave your house to feel the same thrill that you get while playing in a traditional casino.

10. Progressive Jackpot Games

Some slot machines and table games offer progressive jackpots that keep rising over time. A fortunate player could win a jackpot that would change their life by only betting a tiny amount.

Although it is very unlikely that a player would win a progressive jackpot, they may begin playing and adding to the jackpot with their very first bet but you never know when your luck decides to show up.


Things have become convenient to an exponential rate and so is online casino gaming. You can win a lot of money without even having to go out in public. The options you get are limitless and you will surely find a game that suits you.

The above mentioned 10 games are just some of the most famous casino games but you can look for others that are perfect for you. No matter where you play and what you play, the one thing that you always have to remember is being mindful when gambling because if you don’t have self-control, you can very quickly lose your hard-earned money.

We hope that we have helped you and introduced you to some of the most interesting casino games, so that you can find the one you desire and enhance your gaming experience. Play smart and have fun.