10 Common Tips to Elevate Your Mobile Gaming Experience

There is a reason why smartphones are named by such tags, they perform smart functions which are normally specific to a particular device. Gaming is one of them. Why worry over paying an exorbitant price just to acquire a game console when you can play on your smartphone?

Mobile phones are becoming smarter with the complexities they handle. Nowadays, we see mobile phone manufacturers adding some gaming features to their products, and the demand for gaming smartphones has also upsurged.

There is every possibility that you’d experience some bugs while playing games on average smartphones. We know how frustrating it could be. But then, you don’t need to worry. The following are proven tricks that will enhance game performance on your mobile phone.

1. Create Adequate Storage

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Inadequate storage is one of the major reasons why that game runs slow on your device. There is two basic storage medium on your device, the Random Access Memory (RAM), and the Read-Only Memory (ROM). Most modern games require a considerable amount of RAM to run efficiently. If your device runs on a lower amount of RAM storage, ensure to clear all stacks of apps running in the background.

Also, if your device’s primary storage is filled up, it will slow down your phone and thereby affect the smooth performance of games. So, clear out those unnecessary piled-up files and enjoy a new gaming experience on your smartphone.

2. Install a VPN

Online games are more enjoyable when played without internet interruption. You may experience a frame skip while playing virtual games, this is a result of a connectivity process called ‘bandwidth throttling’.

Luckily, the use of a virtual private network can help you find your way around this. You should consider downloading a reliable VPN, like VeePN, to enjoy smooth connectivity while playing games. A VPN software helps to disguise your digital footprints from your Internet Service Provider to avoid throttling your connection.

3. Disable Background Services

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By default, a lot of software is set to run in the background which might as well put some pressure on battery consumption. Moreover, they take up a considerable amount of RAM usage, which is why a high graphic game may not function properly on your phone despite having adequate RAM installed on the device. Simply head to your device app settings to see a list of apps and services running in the background and disable or force stop unnecessary ones and wait to see the magic of how faster your device will become.

NOTE: It is important to exert extra care when disabling apps and services as some services are necessary for your device to run efficiently and disabling them can cause more harm to your device.

4. Uninstall Unwanted/Idle Software

Most of the time, redundant software is the major cause of lags in smartphones. If there is software that you barely use, simply take them out. Having those apps on your phone will affect game performance and the overall smooth running of your device. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, and you’re looking for techniques to boost gaming performance on your phone, clearing off those apps will go a long way to improve your mobile gaming experience.

5. Keep Your Device Updated

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Keeping your phone running on the latest software can significantly boost the performance of games on your mobile phone. Mobile phone manufacturers frequently release updates to fix identifiable lags on the devices. So installing these updates can fix issues relating to battery consumption, and security breach and brings new enhancements to your device OS.

6. Adjust/Modify Animation Scaling

Games are most enjoyed when they run optimally. Another trick that can boost the speed of your device is to reduce or turn off the animation scaling effect on your device. To get this done, simply navigate to settings, look for the system, and click on the developer option.

Under the developer option, look for animation scaling and turn off scaling or reduce to the barest minimum under the three animation subheadings. You’ll notice the swiftness in operating your device and running games thereafter.

7. Use Game Boosting Apps

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Game boosting software is another alternative to bank on to improve your gaming experience. Game boosters are equipped with optimizing tools to tweak your phone’s suitability for games. It has features that can automatically restrict background operations, boost Ram, and lower battery usage to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Whether you are an Android or Apple user, there is much game-boosting software on the Google and Apple Store to check out. Download and install one to enjoy an automated optimizing process for a smooth gaming experience.

8. Use Ethernet or 5 GHz Wi-Fi

As previously highlighted in one of the points above, fast internet connectivity is gold when it comes to virtual games. Although, a 4G mobile connection may be enough but is best to switch to an Ethernet or advanced wireless connection module with 5GHz speed. While 5GHz can have a smaller range, it is way faster than the conventional 2.4GHz.

9. Take Advantage of Gaming Mode

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Recently, smartphone manufacturers have added a game mode feature that automatically optimizes your device when it senses that you’re playing a game. Most mobile game mode tool helps to block unwanted pop-ups that may interrupt gaming and stops unnecessary background processes that may hinder a smooth gaming experience.

10. Invest in Power Bank

It is no longer a sooth say that games consume a lot of battery. While your screen display is always turned on and at a brighter mode, the activation of internet connectivity, and the heavy loads on the processor, you can only imagine how fast your battery will get drained.

However, the fun moment doesn’t need to be cut short, this is why you should invest in a reliable source of power to keep you on the go. A good power bank device should be able to charge your phone fast within a short period, so you don’t need to worry about battery outages for a longer duration.


Game playing is a good way to catch fun or spend free time. Whereas there are dedicated consoles for gaming, their prices can cost you a fortune. But what if you’re not at home to play video games from game consoles? Your smartphone is another great alternative to play a game on. The use of a reliable VPN software program such as VPN together with other tips mentioned above will give you an amazing experience while playing a game from your mobile device.