Apex Legends Mobile Registration, Eligible Country & Mobile Requirements

Apex Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer games on PC. The developers Respawn recently released the Nintendo Switch version of the same game and have been teasing about the mobile version for more than a year. With season 9 of the PC version coming around the Developers have confirmed the release of the Apex Legends Mobile by the end of this month. In this article, we are going to discuss Apex Legends Mobile Eligible registration process, mobile requirements, features and eligible country.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a famous Battle Royale game Developed by EA(Electronic Arts) that was released in 2019 and was a runaway success upon its release. The Game managed to gather more than 50 million players in its initial month of release and was able to break several twitch records held by Fortnite.

The game was very different from other battle royale games as it had special abilities to its characters rather than the generic ones in PUBG and Fortnite. It also Introduced the Legendary Ping system and respawn aspects which are now present in almost all PC games.

Apex Legends Mobile

EA and respawn have confirmed the release of a standalone Mobile version of Apex Legends by the end of this month. The developers have promised that the Mobile version will be very much similar to the original one in terms of gameplay and story and will have all features expected from a mobile title.

Features of Apex Legends Mobile

  1. Mobile Exclusive Title: The developers Respawn have stated that Apex Legends Mobile will be an exclusive stand-alone title for mobile and it won’t have any cross-play features with the PC version. The game will be initially released for android models and will be on IOS a little Later.
  2. 60 FPS Refresh Rate: The game will support up to 60FPS. All the new Esports titles like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire support up to 60 FPS so it is obvious that apex does the same too.
  3. Touch Optimization: The developers have promised that the mobile version will be very much optimized for the touch controls and special care has been taken for it
  4. Legends and Trio squad: The main selling point for Apex Legends was the legend feature. Each legend would have its own abilities and the players can choose the legends that better suit their playstyle. Apex is also extremely famous for its Trio squad system instead of the common 4 man squad.

Mobile Requirements for Apex Legends

RequirementMinimum Value
ProcessorSnapdragon 625 chipset
Storage1-2 GB of Space
Android versionAndroid 9 and above

Eligible Countries and Platform

From the Official EA Blog News website, we can Confirm that the Apex Legends Mobile version will be Exclusively available for 2 countries India and the Philippines Initially. Players from these two countries who want to play can take part in the registration process as mentioned below.

Apex legends Mobile version is only going to be available for Android for the current time being . There is no Information regarding the IOS version as of now but will be released in the near future.

Apex Legends Mobile Registration Process

EA has started the Apex Legends Mobile registration from 20th April for android mobiles for the initial testing version The registration process for the early testing is only available in two Countries India and the Philippines and players from those countries can only register.

Other Country Players can try registering by using VPN Like NORD VPN. Make sure your VPN IP originates from one of these 2 countries mentioned above.

Steps for Apex Legends Mobile Registration

  1. Open Playstore from his/her Mobile and search for Apex Legends Mobile on the search bar.
  2. The Apex Legends Mobile game would be shown and click on the “Pre-Register” button.
  3. Once registered the game will be automatically installed on your mobile phone when the test is out
  4. Please make sure your mobile phone is compatible with the game. The minimum requirements for the game are specified above. Otherwise, you will be faced with the message “Your mobile device is not compatible with this version”.