Melbourne City Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages & Highest Paid Player

Melbourne City FC is an Australian football club that competes in the A-league, the top flight of Australian football. The club was founded in 2009 as Melbourne Heart. They competed in the A-league under the same name from their inaugural season up until 2014. In 2014 the City Football group rebranded the side as Melbourne City F.C. CFG, then purchased the club in 2015 and have full ownership of the club. Let’s see the Melbourne City players salaries and weekly wages of every player in the club.

The club has won a premiership and a championship in 2024-21 and an FFA cup in 2016. They play their football in AAMI Park, a multi-use venue in Melbourne city centre. Let us take a look at the highest earners at the club.

Melbourne City Players Salaries 2024

PlayersBase SalaryWeekly WagesAgeRoleContract
Tom Glover$150,000$3,12523GK2023
Matthew Sutton$62,500$1,30021GK2022
Nuno Reis$500,000$10,45030CB2024
Curtis Good$275,000$5,73028CB2024
Rostyn Griffiths$100,000$2,10033CB2022
Alec Mills$62,500$1,30021CB2022
Scott Jamieson$150,000$3,12532LB2023
Nathaniel Atkinson$85,000$1,50022RB2022
Scott Galloway$150,000$3,12526RB2022
Conor Metcalfe$62,500$1,30021DM2022
Anthony Lesiotis$62,500$1,30021DM2022
Aiden O’Neill$85,000$1,50023CM2022
Florin Bérenguer$400,000$8,33332CM2022
Mathew Leckie$250,000$5,20030RW2024
Andrew Nabbout$275,000$5,73028RW2024
Stefan Colakovski$62,500$1,30021RW2022
Jamie Maclaren$400,000$8,33328CF2024
Reserve Squad
Ahmad Taleb$45,000$93818GK2022
Kerrin Stokes$45,000$93818CB2023
Taras Gomulka$45,000$93819DM2023
Idrus Abdulahi$45,000$93817DM2022
Raphael Borges Rodrigues$45,000$93817ATM2022
Marco Tilio$45,000$93819LW2023

A league Salary Cap

Before we look at the 5 highest earners at Melbourne City FC, we need to understand the salary cap. The A league has a salary cap which means teams can only spend a certain amount on wages each year. The salary cap was set at  $2.1 million for all clubs in the 2024/21 season. The salary cap applies only to the 18-23 players registered in the team A-league roster.

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Highest Paid Players at Melbourne City FC

5. Curtis Good

The Australian defender makes £4,500, which is close to £234,000 a year. He has spent the majority of his career in Europe, in the UK. Stints at Newcastle, Dundee and Bradford City, where he barely registered first-team appearances, were followed by a move back to his native with Melbourne City FC.

4. Andrew Nabbout (AM (RLC), ST)

The second-highest earner at Melbourne City, he makes £4,500, close to £234,000 a year. The Australian international has played the majority of his career in Australia with stints in Japan. He has been capped by the Australian national team 9 times, scoring twice.

3. Florin Bérenguer

Florin Bérenguer, veteran midfielder, takes home 7,100 a week and translates to £369,200 a year. The attacking midfielder was part of  Sochaux youth academy and made his professional debut with Dijon FC. Since then, he has gone on to play for  Sochaux and now Melbourne City FC.

2. Jamie Maclaren (ST)

The Australian striker is the joint second-highest earner at the club. He takes home a paycheck of £7,100 and £369,200 yearly. He is one of the leagues most prolific goal scorers. Maclaren has had stints in Germany with Darmstadt and spent his youth years at Blackburn Rovers. He left the English side without making a single senior appearance. He is also the 5th highest-paid player in the league.

1. Nuno Reis (CB)

Nuno Reis is the highest-paid player at Melbourne City FC

Portuguese centre back Nuno Reis is the highest-paid player at Melbourne City FC. He makes a weekly wage of £7530, which is £379,200 annually. He has represented Portugal at multiple youth levels. Reis has spent the majority of his career in Portugal with stints in Belgium, Greece and Bulgaria. He joined the club at the start of the 2024 season.