Football Gambling Guide for Nigerians

Football is one of the most famous sports in Nigeria. As a result, many Nigerian bettors are keen on football gambling. Moreover, they play both on local and international platforms.

Furthermore, there are many options for Nigerian punters who want to play football betting for fun or real money. For example, the best gambling sites in Nigeria reviewed by WeGamble, allow players to make soccer match predictions to make them fast millionaires.

To mention a few, bettors can play futures, straight wins, double chance, and many more. However, In this football gambling guide, we will walk you through all you need to know about soccer betting in Nigeria.

How to Bet on Football Online

There are so many football events Nigerian bettors can explore today. In addition, soccer leagues and competitions are available throughout the entire year.

Moreover, these leagues present different gambling styles and systems. For instance, gambling on matches in the Bundesliga is quite different from gambling on premier league games; however, the market selection works similarly.

We will now help you understand the best football markets available in Nigeria and why placing bets on them is a good idea. Read below as we discuss the most famous soccer markets and their function.

Match Result


The most accessible soccer betting outcome is the direct match result. Here you can play a Team to Win, Draw, or lose. Your bet is single and straightforward. You will decide what happens at the end of the match.

For example, if Juventus and Manchester United are playing in the UEFA Champions League, you can bet on Juventus to win. Moreover, you can also play a draw or a win for Manchester United.


Another fun way to bet on a soccer sportsbook is Futures Betting. Moreover, you can also win a lot of money when choosing this particular selection.

It involves gambling on future scenes. For instance, you can pick a specific event’s goal scorer. Let’s now consider the most popular futures market.

Over and Under


These markets are fantastic ways to place bets and easy ways to make real money on soccer sportsbooks.

You have to select the total number of goals you think a particular football match will have at a specific time. The most common over and under markets are 2.5 and 3.5.

However, you can play this bet in many ways. For example, bettors can either predict the team that will score the goals or if both teams will score the total goals of the event.

Let’s give you an example, if you place a 2.5 Over bet on Liverpool against Manchester City, meaning at the end of the game, the scoreline has to feature a total number of three or more goals.

Goal Scorer

The goalscorer market is another section of soccer betting selection that offers many options.

Here you can bet on the first and last team to score, or the half a player will score in. Moreover, you can choose the exact player that will score in the game, to be more specific.

This market gives you an exciting chance, especially if you pick a defender to score a goal. You can get odds of up to 4.00 and more if you choose a midfielder or a defender to score.

Unfortunately, you will get lower odds if you pick a forward to score. Additionally, you can place the bet using a bet builder – where you merge the selection with another fantastic selection to increase the odds.



Half-time / full-time results are general and easy to play. You can start here if you are a newbie to the Nigerian sportsbook.

However, it will interest you to know that they require applying techniques to win with them, as simple as they sound. Let us consider The direct match result is a vivid illustration.

Accumulators and Parlays

Like in Europe and North American countries, soccer accumulators are very interesting in Nigeria.

They come with incredible odds and fantastic selections. In this market, bettors merge two or more single bets to have high odds.

These bets can pay out massive amounts of money. For example, our sources claimed you could get up to ₦20 million to bet using as low as ₦100.

Other Popular Football gambling Markets

Aside from the popular Nigerian football betting markets, there are other incredible online sportsbooks markets.

Kindly follow along as we provide you with unique football betting markets that can earn you a considerable amount of money.

Correct Score

One of the most precise ways to bet on football is playing the correct score market. First, you have to pick the exact score of the game. Moreover, these markets often have exciting high odds.

Draw No Bet

These markets are similar to the European handicap. By placing this selection, you clearly state that the event will not end in a draw. You can place a bet on any team not to lose; however, you will get your stake back if it ends in a tie.

Both Teams To Score

As the name suggests, you have to be sure both teams will score. Bettors always play this selection when they are confident of the attacking form of both teams. Moreover, it’s better than placing a bet on just one team to score.

European Handicap

The European handicap works just like the Asian handicap in all intents and purposes. However, the selection allows you to play a draw.

For example, you can play the famous Scottish team Celtic to a -2 European handicap; however, you will win the bet if they win by three or more goals.

Scoring Halves

Nigerian gambling Sites also offer the opportunity to choose a player or team that will score in both halves.

Moreover, like the former selection, this is another easy way to win big on online sportsbooks.

Player to Be Carded

Players’ characters often reflect on the pitch. Most players that are quick to anger are used to getting carded in matches.

Intense football features also create moments for the players to be carded. Therefore, it is easy to play this selection and win big on online sportsbooks.

How to Find the Best Soccer Betting Sites in 2024


It is not easy to find the best place to bet on soccer. However, gambling experts have provided the necessary criteria you need to consider before picking a sportsbook.

Before choosing a good sportsbook that offers football gambling, here are some things to consider before selecting a good sportsbook.

Investigate the Sites Profit

You can’t look over the house edge when searching for a good sportsbook. Every Nigerian gambling site wants to make a profit.

However, this profit percentage should not be too massive so that Customers can make their profit. Therefore it is necessary to make the needed investigation before choosing a sportsbook.

Explore Payment Methods

The payment method of any online sportsbook determines if you will make a profit on the site.

However, ensure the site you are picking has a reliable payment option and fast payout. Moreover, the best online soccer gambling sites offer various deposit and withdrawal methods.

Check Out Online Reviews

One critical step of getting a suitable gambling platform is reading about them on the internet.

There are many casino blogs on the internet with quality information about the best gambling platforms in Nigeria. Hence, Read through this review thoroughly before signing up on any gambling site.