Copa America 2024 Points Table – Group A and Group B, Results and Rankings

International football is back with a bang as 2024 welcomes two of the world’s most prestigious international tournaments. Copa America is the second international competition that taking place from June 13, 2024 The ten best teams in South America are taking part in Copa America 2024. Catch all the Group A and Group B results and Copa America 2024 points table with team standings and rankings in the group stage.

After a delay of one year, Copa America will be played from 13 June to 10 July 2024. Brazil is hosting the Copa America 2024 and it’s the 47th edition of the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Points Table

All the ten teams are divided into two groups – A and B. The 2024 Copa America points table is as follows:

Group A (South zone)

1 Argentina00000000
2 Bolivia00000000
3 Uruguay00000000
4 Chile00000000

Group B (North Zone)

1 Brazil00000000
4 Ecuador00000000
5 Peru00000000

Copa America Points Table Rules

All the 10 teams of Copa America 2024 will be divided into two groups of 5 teams each. Copa America 2024 will have a round-robin format where each team will play against four other teams of its group in the initial group stage.

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The top four teams in both groups will progress to the knockout phases. Each team of the group will be ranked on the following basis-

  • greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;
  • goal difference in all group matches;
  • greatest number of goals scored in all group matches.

The Knockout stage of Copa America will have the format of elimination. Teams will face each other just once, the winner after 90 minutes will progress to the further stage. In quarter-finals and semi-finals, if the score is tied after the completion of 90 minutes, the match will directly progress to a Penalty shootout.

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If the score is tied in the Final of Copa America, the match will further extend to extra time and then Penalties.

The knockout games will be in the following order- Quarterfinals, Semi-finals, Third place match, Final.

Quarter finals of Copa America 2024 will be in the following ways

  • Winner of group A will face 4th placed team of Group B
  • Runner up of Group A will face 3rd placed team of group B
  • Winner of Group B will face 4th placed team of group A
  • Runner up of Group B will face 3rd place team of group A

Group Stage Teams

Every year, 12 teams take part in the competition but because of the pandemic only 10 teams will participate in Copa America 2024. The teams that will feature in Copa America 2024 are as follows

Copa America 2024 Teams