Champions League Referees Salaries 2024-22 Revealed

UEFA Champions League is the biggest club competition in the world. Domestic league winners across Europe battle for the crown of being the champions of Europe. The stakes get bigger when the competition is bigger, it’s not just the clubs, player, and the management who aces up their A levels but also the referees who need to pull up their socks. A recent study has revealed the 2024/22 UEFA Champions League referees salaries along with per match fees.

Similar to how UEFA selects the best teams for the high voltage event, they also pick the best referees from the best domestic leagues across Europe.

Thus, UEFA has created a panel called UEFA Elite Panel where the best referees are allocated for some big mouth-watering fixtures in the Champions League. But do you know how much these elite referees charge for the 90-minute work? Who is the highest-paid referee in the champions league in 2024/21?

Champions League Referees Salaries 2024-22

There are 4 referees in a Champions League match, one being the match official, 2 assistant referees, and a 4th umpire. The league doesn’t fail to disappoint any official by their paychecks, as all the referees are paid handsomely for their work.

They have categorised their allocation of referees into five types of divisions and their basic wages differ accordingly. The list of the basic wage of UEFA referees is as follows.

CategoryMatch OfficialAssistant Referee 4th Umpire
Elite Development$6,500$2,000$800

The Referees included in the Elite panel are the highest-paid referees and must hold experience of at least 5-6 years.

 2021/22 Highest-Paid UEFA Champions League Referees

RefereePer Match FeesCategoryCountry
Damir Skomina$10,000Elite PanelSolvenia
Daniele Orsato$10,000Elite PanelItaly
Cüneyt Çakır$10,000Elite PanelTurkey
Björn Kuipers$10,000Elite PanelNetherlands
Dr. Felix Brych$10,000Elite PanelGermany
Clément Turpin$10,000Elite PanelFrance
Danny Makkelie$8,000Elite PanelNetherlands
Antonio Mateu Lahoz$8,000Elite PanelSpain
Gianluca Rocchi$8,000Elite PanelItaly
William Collum$8,000Elite PanelScotland
Carlos Del Cerro Grande$8,000Elite PanelUkraine
Benoît Bastien$6,500Elite PanelFrance
John Beaton$3,000FirstScotland
Anatoliy Abdula$2,000SecondUkraine
Aliyar Aghayev$2,000SecondAzerbaijan
Marius Avram$2,000SecondIsrael
Mohammed Al-Hakim$1,000ThirdSweden
Sascha Amhof$1,000ThirdSwitzerland

UEFA offers 6 referees a whopping sum of $10,000 per match which is higher than Premier League referees. Daniele Orsato took the most money back home as he officiated more matches and also the 2019/2020 Champions League final between Bayern Munich and PSG. Thus, Orsato is the highest-paid referee in the Champions League.

Champions League doesn’t pay every referee in the Elite a sum of $10,000. Instead, referees officiating just for group stages get $8,000 per match and the ones officiating in the knockout stage earns $10,000 per match.

Disclaimer: All the facts and numbers about Champions League referees salary are based on the analysis, research and reports released by the trusted sources.