PUBG Mobile Update 2024: Mission Ignition Mode To Return, Release Date, APK Download

PUBG Mobile Update 2024: Mission Ignition Mode To Return, Release Date, APK Download Link: The Mission Ignition mode is all set for a return to PUBG. The game mode was introduced in update 1.5 of the game. The game mode had been temporarily taken offline and will return on the 5th of august.

PUPUBG Mobile Update 2024: Version 1.5 Overview

Tencent has been trying to increase its reach and get people to download the new update. It has promised free outfits to the players as soon as the update is installed. People who have installed the update have said that they have received the “Galaxy messenger” set.

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PUBG MOBILE 1.5: IGNITION: New Changes and Patch Notes

The Mission Ignition mode debuted some cool features making the game more fun to play. It also featured a ranked mode, where players competed against each other for rank. The mode also features an anti-gravity motorcycle and the  MG3 Gun.

A new auto-jump feature has been added, which means if a drop location is marked on the map, your character will automatically jump off the plane. The new release will also feature a robot dog with multiple attributes but needs to be activated first.

The list of changes in this patch

  • Automatic Jump
  • Train (New Vehicle)
  • Air Conveyor Launcher
  • Window Glass
  • Anti Gravity Motorcycle
  • Robot Dogs
  • Upgraded Battleground: Mission Ignition
  • Customized Firearm Settings
  • Throwables Consumables
  • New Firearm MG3
  • Adjustment in M249
  • Glass Window
  • Quick Wheel
  • Evoground: Payload 2.0 removed for maintenance
  • Victory Statue

How to Install the PUBG Mobile Update 2024?

The game can be installed from the play store. It can also be installed as a PUBG Mobile 2024 apk file on your device. Sites like apkmirror and apkpure are some sites where one can find their desired games.

Steps to install PUBG Mobile apk file

  1. Go to apkmirror or apkpure.
  2. Search for PUBG 1.5.
  3. Click on download.
  4. Check the install from unknown sources option.

You may use a VPN for further convenience or security.