Football Manager 2024: What is the release date, Price and Features?

One of the most awaited games, Football Manager, is back this year with the new feature. Here’s everything you need to know about the classic football game Football Manager 2024 including its release date, game cost and new features.

With the Euro 2024 concluding, the fans are focused on transfers who will bring glory to their club. The same goes with Football Manager, as the fans wait for the game to drop and build a club from scratch and reach the pinnacle. Many new features to look forward to. Let us go into details one by one.

What is the Football Manager 2024 Release Date?

As of now, there has been no official announcement from the developers on the release date of Football Manager 2024. But the game is expected to launch near November 2024.

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The beta version of the game can be accessed 2 weeks before the official release if pre-ordered.

What are the New Features of Football Manager 2024?

One good thing with Football Manager is that there are new features and updates in gameplay every year. The excitement is there within fans as to what they will get. They can see an improvement in the game engine, more realistic set-pieces.

The game has lacked that personal touch on individual players, faces not been shown on the menu screen. This could possibly be changed with the new game coming out.