How to Get Started With Cricket Betting

Do you want to know what it takes to excel in cricket betting? You might think it takes hours of planning and execution to get a prediction right. But it does not have to be that hard. Instead, it’s the little things that make all the difference. And one of these essential factors is finding the right bookie to accept your wagers, which you can do by scouring for reputable sites. Betting with the wrong bookie is a recipe for disaster as you can lose your wagers, get poor odds, or even miss out on good betting markets. So, focus on this first.

What next?

The Cricket Betting Roadmap

Being a successful punter is all about knowing what to do and avoid. It may seem basic but keeping it simple as a beginner always works. Once you have a footing in the industry, you can start using more complex strategies. Where should you start?

1. Understand the Game of Cricket


So, you want to start betting on cricket, but how much do you know about it? For you to understand the bets you can place on the game, the lucrative tournaments, and how to bet on players, you must know how the game works. Just like with choosing a bookie, this is not an optional thing. That’s because placing bets based on hunches does not work in cricket. Cricket is a game of strategy, not luck, and you must thus approach it so.

What should you learn?

  • How the different formats work,
  • The bets tied to each format, e.g., match bets, innings runs, top bowlers, etc.
  • The top tournaments and when they take place.

And the best way to learn this is not just by reading about the cricket matches but also by watching them. Luckily, many bookies now live stream matches, and you can watch enough matches to get the hang of things. Don’t rush to place wagers until you can confidently explain how cricket works to a 6-year-old. If you can’t do so, just like Einstein said, then you also do not understand the concept.

2. Find the best odds


Once you choose a good bookie, you can access a wide range of odds. But the odds in the betting markets will differ based on the bets. For example, bets on exact scores often have higher odds because of their low likelihood. So, placing a wager on these can pay out well. However, this is not the only way to select odds.

  • Understand that odds are a measure of profitability and not necessarily of the likelihood of the outcome. Many punters confuse the two. While odds can also point to the possibility of an event, they are often based on public perception and comprise the bookie’s commission. So, only use them to gauge how much money you can make.
  • Figure out the bets that have the higher odds as these will pay out more.
  • Shop around for better odds. If your research shows that a given outcome is likely and you do not like the odds offered by your bookie, look for other options. Usually, the disparity is not high, but it can make a difference for large wagers. And when the difference is brow-raising, consider taking advantage of matched and arbitrage bets. These help you break even, avoid losses, and even turn a profit in some cases. But if you are still new to cricket bets, you should avoid these as they can spread you out too thin.

Remember – good odds pay out better. Don’t look at odds as a predictor of outcomes but rather of what you stand to gain. And always back your wagers with research rather than looking at the profits. It takes a lot of objectivity to place good bets constantly.

3. Follow the Experts


As a beginner, you might not know how to assess predictions well. Here is a tip – look at how the best tipsters go about it but do not place bets based on their predictions. It is pretty easy to feel like using their predictions is a good move, but that will deny you the chance to learn. So, look at how they analyze teams and use the same metrics when analyzing teams. Figure out what works and discard what does not. Eventually, you will develop a system to help you sort the good teams from the rest. Key tips include:

  • Always consider the weather – is it hot, humid, rainy, or cold? All these elements affect a team’s performance,
  • Think about the pitch – which team does best on such a pitch?
  • Consider the injuries and form of the team.
  1. Assess how the teams have performed in the past.

And do not forget to leave your gut out of the equation. Do not back a team just because you like it or feel it might win. Always back your wagers with facts.

4. Have a Bankroll


How much can you spend on your cricket bets? Here is the thing – you will likely lose all the money you spend on your first few wagers. Until you get the hang of placing wagers, you will make losses. And you do not want to suffer a financial decline owing to a bad wager. So, here is how you protect yourself:

  • Determine how much money you are willing to lose: Is it $50? $500? $5,000? It must be money you do not need, which means you can’t use money meant for your mortgage or rent, utilities, or other basics – nor can you dip into your savings fund. It must be money you can spend and forget about – how much is it?
  • Load this money into your betting account: If you win, you can add the profits to this money, but if you lose, you cannot make up for the deficit with money from your savings or current account.

Treat this budget with caution; no matter how inclined you feel to do so, do not chase losses.

See? Becoming an expert is not hard – Master these techniques, and you will soon be ahead of the fray!