10 Best Cricket Games for PS4 and Xbox 2024

Cricket is one of the loved sports across the world. It is most popular in India and over the period of time, the game has managed to grasp fans across the globe. One of the best ways for fans to enjoy cricket is seeing live matches. However, another popular way by which fans enjoy the game is through video games. Currently there are a number of cricket games available in the market. This confuses fans when choosing the best video game to enjoy. To make your work easy, we have curtailed the top 5 cricket games for PS4 and Xbox in 2024.

Top 5 Cricket Games for PS4 and Xbox in 2024

1. Ashes 09: Xbox

One of the oldest rivalries between Australia and England is known as Ashes. It is held alternately in England and Australia. The Ashes 09 is one of the best cricket games available for Xbox. The game was developed by Transmission Games and published by Codemasters in the UK and by Namco Bandai in Australia. The Ashes game is made based on the concept of Ashes. It is licensed by the ECB, Cricket Australia and the MCC. The game is known for its realistic graphics and is highly popular among fans.

2. Cricket19: Xbox

Similar to Ashes, Cricket19 is a famous cricket game. It was developed by Big Ant Studios in collaboration with Maximum Games. Cricket19 was released on both Xbox and PS4. Furthermore, it was released on Windows also. The game has both single and career modes. Cricket19 has Ashes, men’s ODI, T20, and Test World Cups, and also women’s ODI and T20 World Cups.

3. Big Bash Boom: Xbox

Big bash is a T20 league played in Australia annually. The game is based on the concept of Big Bash. Big Bash Boom was developed by Big Ant Studios, released on Xbox and later on Windows. Big Bash Boom is the first cricket game released for Nintendo Switch. It has licensed players, teams, and squads for the 2018-19 season of the men’s and women’s Big Bash League. Moreover, there are multiple modes for fans.

4. Ashes Cricket: PS4

Another cricket game developed based on the Ashes is Ashes Cricket. The game was initially released on PS4 by Big Ant Studios and later made available for Windows and Xbox users. Ashes Cricket was the official game of the 2017-18 Ashes series. Both single and multiplayer modes are available in the game.

5. Don Bradman Cricket 17: PS4

Don Bradman of Australia was the most dominant cricketer. The game is again developed by Big Ant Studios. It was released in the year 2016 for various platforms such as PS4. There are a total of 3 modes – single, multiplayer, and cooperative. The drawback of the game is it does not have a license and official players.

6. Cricket 22

Cricket 22 is a game developed by Big Ant Studios and was published by Nacon and BigBen Interactive. This game is a sequel to 2019, “Cricket 19,” and it was released back in 2024. In this game, you get both men’s and women’s editions of the Big Bash league.

The game was released on all platforms, and fans that own Nintendo Switch also got their version as well. Cricket 22 is by far the most advanced version of the game, with cool and new realistic features that every cricket fan can appreciate.

7. Cricket Captain 2018

The Cricket Captain is a series of games that is most similar to the Football Manager series. This game marks one of the finest installments in this long-running franchise, and it allows players to control the game’s flow without ever touching the ball.

It is by far one of the best installments in the series and it features an updated engine and improved features for coaching. Moreover, the game boasts a 6.500-player database, and it is highly popular. The game is designed to appeal not just to the players but to fans of cricket as well.

8. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is a cricket game that every fan of the game should give a go. This is an award-winning game that won the Game of the Day award at the Nasscom Gaming Forum Awards back in 2015, and it features innovative features that were pretty advanced for that period.

There is also a wide variety of camera angles, emotions, international and domestic teams, and many batting and balling animations that can immerse you in the game even further. The game is designed to be customized for each player, and it remains one of the best cricket games we have ever had a chance to play.

9. EA Cricket

Today we are talking specifically about EA Cricket 2007, which was released in 2006. Although the game is pretty old, it remains popular to this day thanks to its huge and devoted fan base that plays the game even in 2024.

Although official support for the game ended a long time ago, the modding community is still well and active, and it keeps releasing new patches, kits, players, stadiums, tournaments, and tons of other content that keeps the game alive. However, the core engine is unchanged, and these cosmetic changes breathe new life into the game.

10. Don Bradman Cricket 14

This is yet another installment from the developers Big Ant Studios and publishers Tru Blu Entertainment and Big Ant Studios. The game was released back in April 2014 and got a very good reception from cricket fans. It came with both single-player and multiplayer features, and it was released for both Xbox, Playstation, and PC platforms.

Final Words

This concludes our list of the best cricket games for PS4 and Xbox in 2024. We hope you enjoyed our list and that you have found your favorite among our picks. Our team constantly updates the content, so revisit us and our article if you want to stay informed about fresh cricket games and upcoming releases.