10 Most Famous Bodybuilders in India

Bodybuilding has emerged as one of the most popular sport and many Indian athletes are now aiming to become international bodybuilders stars. Here we look at the top 10 most famous bodybuilders in India.

Bodybuilding has been part of the Indian Culture throughout history and was widely known as “Pehlwani” and a shortcut way of getting into the sport “Kushti” or wrestling during olden days. India is home to several passionate bodybuilders who aim to make their nation proud, attract popularity and respect towards the sport and art of Bodybuilding.

Here’s the list of some of the most famous Bodybuilders in India who are also popular internationally.

Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule is One of The Most Famous Bodybuilders in India

Sangram Chougule is an electrical engineer turned bodybuilder and one of India’s popular bodybuilders. Sangram Chougule is from the town of Pune, India. Sangram Chougule has received a variety of different foreign awards. In his daily diet, he eats one pound of chicken, eats two pounds of fish, boiled vegetables, and consumes a lot of milk as well in his diet. Sangram Chougule’s shoulder was injured in an accident after the incident Sangram Chougule has stopped taking part in any competitions.

Awards and achievements

  • Sangram Chougule won the title of Mr Universe in the 85Kg division in Thailand at the 2012 World Bodybuilding Championship
  • Sangram Chougule won Mr India’s title in 2015

Suhas Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar is One of The Most Famous Bodybuilders in India

Suhas Khamkar has bodybuilding in his blood, as Suhas was raised in the family of bodybuilders. Suhas Khamkar is one of the most talented bodybuilders in India. Suhas Khamkar started his career in bodybuilding after completing his studies. He currently works for the Central Railway of India.

Awards and achievements

  • He won the title of Mr. India consecutively 10 (2004-2015)
  • He won the title of Mr. Olympia Amateur 
  • He won the title of Mr. Asia( first Indian to win it in 2010).
  • He has also won Mr. Maharashtra awards seven times.

Thakur Anoop Singh

Thakur Anoop Singh is One of The Most Famous Bodybuilders in India

Thakur Anoop Singh is a very versatile person, along with being one of the top Bodybuilders he is a Pilot and also an Actor. He is often seen starting in Kannada movies and TV series with the most prominent role of Dhritarashtra in the Star’s TV series, Mahabharat.

Awards and achievements

  • Singh won a Gold medal at the WBPF World Bodybuilding Championship 2015 ( Men’s Fitness Physique category)
  • He won bronze at the 49th Asian Championship
  • He won a silver medal in 2015, Mr. India.

Murli Kumar

Murli Kumar is One of The Most Popular Bodybuilders in India

Murli Kumar was an Indian Navy Sailor and had never dreamed about being a bodybuilder. At 35 years of age, Murli Kumar began to lift weights and workouts. Murli Kumar is one of the most famous Indian Bodybuilders and an inspiration for the new bodybuilders in India. He gave an outstanding performance at the 2012 Asian Bodybuilding Championship. 

Awards and achievements

  • Murli Kumar has continuously won the title of Mr. India in 2013 and 2014
  • He has won the coveted Mr. Olympia title 6 consecutive times.

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Rajendran Mani

Rajendran Mani is One of The Most Famous Indian Bodybuilders

He had decided to become a bodybuilder at a very young age, and after becoming a bodybuilder, he had fulfilled his passion for serving the nation; he served the Indian army for 15 years. Rajendran Mani ‘s body weight is around 90 kgs. He is one of the most hardworking and experienced bodybuilders out there.

Awards and achievements

  • He won the title of Champion of the champions, a record eight times.
  • He won the world championship of bodybuilding.
  • He was crowned with the title of Mr. India.

Amit Chhetri

Amit Chhetri is a famous Gorkha bodybuilder, who has over the years brought several honours for the nation. Since 2006 he is working as a constable for the Uttarakhand Police.

Awards and achievements

  • Amit Chhetri won gold in Mr. India Federation Cup
  • He bagged a silver medal in Open Senior Mr. India.
  • He won the ‘Champion of Champions’ for Federation Cup title
  • He won a gold in the 100-kg category of Fairfax World Police and Fire Games 2015 held in the US, beating 42,000 competitors from 90 countries.

Hira Lal

Hira Lal is one of rarest Bodybuilders as he is strictly a pure vegetarian. Even though nonveg food is essential for bodybuilders due to the high protein content in them, Hira Lal has proved one can make a healthy and ripped body while being a pure vegetarian. He is one of the most awarded and achieved bodybuilders in India.

Awards and achievements

  • He won the 65th World Bodybuilding Championship and was crowned Mr. Universe.
  • He won the Federation Cup 4 times.
  • He was eight times champion of Punjab.
  • He won the Mr.India title twice.
  • He won the National Gold medal thrice.
  • Winner of Jr. Mr. India in 2000
  • He won the Mr. Asia title in 2010
  • He won the title of Mr. World Gold in 2011.
  • He bagged a silver medal in Mr. Olympia Amateur 2012.
  • He bagged a silver medal in the 2012-13 Arnold Classic Amateur.

Varinder Singh Ghuman

Besides having a considerable physique and being one of the most famous bodybuilders in India, Varinder Singh Ghuman is also a Wrestler. He endorses and promotes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s healthcare and fitness products in Asia. He is very popular in his birthplace Punjab, and starred in a Punjabi film called ‘Kabaddi Once Again.’ He has a personal gym at his home in Jalandhar. Varinder Singh is also a Vegetarian Bodybuilder, and recent rumours are he is offered a role in a movie by Superstar Salman Khan.

Awards and achievements

  • He won the Mr. India title in 2009.
  • He came runner up in Mr.Asia bagging a silver.

Wasim Khan

Wasim Khan is one of the hardest workings, and humble Bodybuilders one could find in the circuit.H e has achieved immense success in the years 2015 and 2016, remain ambitious and aims to win the prestigious Mr.Olympia title one day. He always remains thankful to those who encourage and support him daily.

Awards and achievements

  • Wasim Khan won the International Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (IBFF) championship held in Slovenia for three consecutive years (2015,2016 and 2017)
  • Wasim crowned Mr. Universe in 2014
  • Wasim recently finished 5th at the 2019 Olympia Amateur in Las Vegas.

Ankur Sharma

Ankur Sharma has been the inspiration to young budding Bodybuilders.He was born in Chandigarh and is one of the finest and energetic bodybuilders in the business. He is currently the youngest bodybuilder from India to gain success in this field so early.

Awards and achievements

  • He bagged gold in the WBPF world championship in 2013.
  • He won the Mr. India title in 2012.
  • He came second in the Mr. India title in 2013
  • He won the Mr.Universe title in 2009.
  • He won the Mr.South Asia title in 2009