WWE Superstars Salary 2024: How Much Do WWE Wrestlers Earn?

WWE Superstars 2024 salary revealed. Check how much do WWE Wrestlers make a year and who is the highest-paid star.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a major toll on everyone around the world. The Sporting and Entertainment industries are no exception and are one of the heavily affected businesses. Vince McMahon had to make tough choices like hosting the biggest event Wrestlemania 36 without fans in 2024, letting go of some big names like Kurt Angle, Heath Slater, Gallows, Rusev, Zack Ryder among many others. Recently, the company revealed the WWE superstars salary list for the 2024.

Apart from dealing with claims of WWE being fake (choreographed), existing stars had to keep working without any salary hike, in order to keep the WWE afloat. The revenue through live fans has been hindered heavily due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find more on this at Deasilex.com.

The WWE stars are paid quite well for their effort to entertain the fans in the ring. The wrestlers earn bonuses for PPV event appearances, as well as merchandising, along with their contracts with the company.

WWE Superstars 2024 Salary List

Rank WWE Wrestler Salary
1 Brock Lesnar  $12 million
2 John Cena  $8.5 million
3 Roman Reigns  $5 million
4 Randy Orton  $4.5 million
5 AJ Styles  $3.6 million
6 Kevin Owens $3 million
7 Becky Lynch $3 million
8 The Miz  $2 million
9 The Undertaker $2.5 million
10 Dolph Ziggler  $1.5 million
11 Ronda Rousey  $1.5 million
12 Seth Rollins $1 million
13 Sheamus  $1 million
14 Jeff Hardy  $1 million
15 Bray Wyatt  $1 million
16 Jinder Mahal  $ 900,000
17 Kane  $ 900,000
18 Big Show  $ 850,000
19 Samoa Joe  $ 800,000
20 Charlotte Flair  $ 550,000
21 Nikki Bella  $ 350,000
22 Alexa Bliss  $ 350,000
23 Mickie James  $ 300,000
24 Brie Bella  $ 300,000
25 Natalya  $ 300,000
26 Sasha Banks  $ 250,000
27 Asuka  $ 250,000
28 Dana Brooke  $ 200,000
29 Bayley  $ 200,000
30 Lana  $ 200,000
31 Naomi  $ 180,000
32 Carmella  $ 120,000
33 Nia Jax $ 100,000
34 Sonya Deville $ 100,000
35 Mandy Rose $ 80,000
36 Ruby Riott $ 80,000
37 Tamina $ 80,000
38 Liv Morgan $ 80,000

Who is highest paid wrestler in WWE?

Brock-Lesnar is the highest-paid WWE wrestlers

The part-time wrestler, Brock Lesnar is the highest-paid WWE Superstars as of 2024 with yearly earnings of $12 million. He headlines 1 to 3 PPVs in a year and earns $500,000 for every PPV appearance. He also features in the weekly show to promote the main event and doesn’t wrestle much in RAW and Smackdown.

How much does WWE pay to John Cena?

John Cena is arguably the best WWE wrestler and the showrunner of the company. He has won the most championship victories with 16 titles tying with Ric Flair and might overtake the feat given he still features in the ring occasionally. The most popular face of the WWE, John Cena make $8.5 Million (wrestling part-time) a year with WWE.

Who is the lowest paid wrestler?

WWE wrestler, Liv Morgan currently appears on the SmackDown brand. She signed a contract with WWE’s brand NXT and later promoted to SmackDown. Liv Morgan is the lowest-paid wrestler holding the WWE contract. She earns $80,000 a year (not bad for a minimum) plus bonuses from PPV appearances.

How much do WWE female wrestlers get paid?

The WWE female wrestlers are also paid beautifully, the highest-paid female WWE wrestler Becky Lynch earns $3 million, followed by former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey at $1.5 million .

The other WWE female wrestlers who have WWE contracts such as Charlotte Flair, Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss are paid around $550,000.

How much do WWE wrestlers make a year?

Roman Reigns has become the new face of the WWE lately. The three-time WWE Champion is important for Vince moving forward as many legends have hung their boots recently. Roman Reigns is the highest-paid full-timer WWE superstar with a salary of $5 Million.

Regarded as one of the most favourite heels in the industry, Randy Orton is one the biggest legends in WWE. He made his debut in March 2000 and has a long career ahead of him as he is just 40. He earns $4.5million a year.

The current one-half of the Raw tag-team championship, AJ Styles has headlined many PPVs is get paid $3.6million a year. He has performed for TNA and NJPW till 2016 before joining the WWE roster.

Part of the legendary Shield, Seth Rollins make $1 million a year with the WWE and has branched out to be an individual success for some time now. He got engaged to WWE Diva Becky Lynch in 2019.

The greatest WWE Wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker still has a WWE contract worth $2.5million a year. He has served the company for nearly 30 years and has been part of some of the best storylines in Raw and Smackdown. He is a part-time wrestler and features now only in main events.

The Canadian wrestler, Kevin Owens earn $2million yearly and has been a part of many wrestling circuits around the globe before joining the NXT in 2014. He won that edition of the NXT and is now an integral part of the Smackdown roster.

Disclaimer: All the facts and figures about WWE Superstars salary are based on the analysis, research and reports released by trusted sources.