Who Is Sasha Banks’ Husband Sarath Ton? All We Know About the Couple

Sasha Banks’ husband Sarath Ton is a former professional wrestler and a WWE costume designer. Sarath Ton is also a well famous Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. The Cambodian-American retired professional wrestler is the husband of WWE female superstar and actress Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Varnado Kaestner. The couple has been married for four years after they met on the independent circuit.

Sarath Ton is from Springfield, Massachusetts and was born on the 9th June 1983. He is the brother of two siblings Sarann Ton and Saren Ton. He’s pretty private when it comes to his personal information and life. Which results in very little known about his early life.

Who Is Sasha Banks’ Husband Sarath Ton?

Sarath Ton has been a former wrestler, who mostly has performed in indie promotions under the ring name Mikaze or Kid Mikaze. On 2 November 2002, his debut in the ring was with the Premier Wrestling Federation.

But Wrestling Chaotic was the promotion that he mostly worked with. He won the CW Heavyweight Championship twice and the CW Tag Championship three times in the Chaotic Wrestling organisation. He also won the CW New England championship twice.

Mikaze also appeared, apart from other independent promotions, for instance, Ring of honour, NWA, other wrestling promotions. In 2015 IMPACT X-Travaganza PPV he made an appearance. In 2012 Sarath participated in a handicapped match against Ryback at WWE RAW using the ring name of Rutherford Hayes.

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He introduced Mixed Martial Arts in pro wrestling, which is a unique inside ring technique. In combination with traditional cruiserweights aerial attacks, he was delighted to watch.

His only other appearance for the WWE was in NXT, in a dark match against Aiden English & Simon Gotchand and he paired with Jason Jordan. Sarath got a hit to his head during this bout. This led him to retire from pro-wrestling with a concussion.

How did Sasha Banks Meet Husband Sarath Ton?

In early 2010 he met his wife Sasha Banks, both worked in Boston on an Indie wrestling circuit. They started dating after months. However, their followers didn’t know about their relationship.

An intergender match took place in WWE in 2012. WWE talents, including Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton, were part of the event. It was the first time that their fans saw them.

In 2016, Sasha and Sarath got married. Several WWE stars and their family members attended the private ceremony. In addition to being her spouse, Sasha also has an in-house Sarath costume designer. Sarath himself is apparently constructed of all her garments.

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What does Sasha banks’ husband do for a living?

At present Sarath Ton works as a WWE costume designer, though during his school days, Sarath established his interest in costume design. He also designed different outfits for members of his family.

But his interest became a job following the 2015 event. Ton has been called in to create wrestling outfits. He has also been hired for WWE as a backstage worker. Nobody trained Sarath to do this job. But he succeeded in making masterpieces. His efforts caught the attention of everyone.

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Although he refused to work in other fields, Sarath was offered to many places. He wanted to stay close to his wife, therefore he chose to make WWE outfits. Sarath Ton has made several costumes for Triple H, the Bella Twins, Paige, Summer Rae and many more WWE Superstar. It is safe to assume that after retiring from the ring, Sarath has become a successful costume designer.

His finest work to date was the classic “Boss” gear of Sasha Banks. It’s hardly unexpected that this is also how they came closer.

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