Miami Open 2024 Prize Money: How Much Does the Winner Earn?

The second masters 1000 tournament of the year, Miami Open 2024 is near the corner. After the Covid outbreak, tennis finally returned to action in 2024. Miami Open 2024 will be a treat for players and fans. The 36th season of the Miami Open will be played from 22nd March until 4th April. The Miami Open 2024 prize money has declined when compared to its last edition held in 2019. Moreover, if compared with 2024 prize money, the prize money of the Miami Open 2024 is down by threefold.

The reason for the decrease in the Miami Open prize money could be Covid-19. It is one of the handfuls of tournaments that pay equal prize money to both male and female athletes. A detailed breakdown of the 2024 Miami Open prize money is mentioned below. 

Miami Open 2024 Prize Money

The winner of the 2024 Miami Open singles category will get $300,110, whereas the runners up take home $165,000. The price of money has decreased by 77.96 percent compared to 2024 price money. The doubles category winner will get $81,000.

Singles Prize Money

2021Prize Money $ USDPrize Money € EUR% Change vs 2024
Round 4$40,000€33,628-57.43%
Round 3$26,000€21,858-49.90%
Round 2$16,000€13,451-44.91%
Round 1$10,000€8,407-44.92%

Doubles Prize Money

2021Prize Money $ USDPrize Money € EUR% Change vs 2024
Round 2$18,000€15,131-42.9%
Round 1$12,000€10,087-28.9%