A Vital Three Reasons Dallas Cowboys Must Sign DeAndre Hopkins

It was a shocking decision on Friday as it was revealed that Arizona Cardinals have decided to release (more like terminating) DeAndre Hopkins’ contract, instead of a trade. By so doing, a handful of teams are already vying to sign him.

A move to Dallas Cowboys might be a ten-to-one realistically, but they are actually the betting favorites ahead to make a move for him.

Odds makers in the likes of busr.ag offers an opportunity to bet on NFL games online, are often right more than they are wrong and if we go by their number, DeAndre Hopkins could be a Cowboy’s WR anytime soon.

1. DeAndre Hopkins Needs? Dallas Cowboys Can offer!

Now that the Cardinals have released the talented wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, NFL teams are scrambling to offer him a contract.

Hopkins recently stated that he desires stability, a good quarterback, and an opportunity to win in a new team. Several teams will offer Hopkins a sales pitch that includes all of these attributes.

Dallas as well can provide all of these items to some extent. Jerry Jones is the most devoted owner to his team, Dak Prescott is one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFC, and despite the weakness of the conference, the Cowboys have as good a chance as (almost) anyone to reach the Super Bowl.

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2. A Sink-and-Swim Challenge for Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is at a crossroads with the team. The Cowboys’ quarterback is about to reach 30, and while he is undoubtedly a good NFL quarterback, he has yet to demonstrate that he can be an elite, Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Prescott is entering the third year of a four-year contract he signed prior to the 2021 season. According to Spotrac, the Cowboys have a reasonable out after this season, so they will need to decide whether to release him in the next two seasons or grant him a substantial contract extension.

With the Cardinals’ release of DeAndre Hopkins, the Cowboys now have the opportunity to provide Prescott with as many offensive weapons as possible.

Putting the finest pieces around Prescott to help him succeed may be costly, but it is less risky than drafting or trading for a new quarterback. The Cowboys know what they have in Dak, and acquiring Hopkins should put an end to all the excuses and “oh, so close” moments.

A move for DeAndre Hopkins will supercharge the Cowboys’ offence, allowing Prescott to sink or survive in the upcoming season. While this may be a bitter pill to stomach, this is the year in which the Cowboys must make a decision.

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3. An Opportunity to Re-write the Cowboys’ 2022 Wide Receiver Situation

The Cowboys WR players’ 2022 NFL campaign was nothing good to write home about. As usual, CeeDee Lamb was a shining star. He finished 1359 yards divided into 107 and 9 touchdowns. After that, however, things turned sour.

Noah Brown was the team’s No. 2 WR, with 43 catches for 555 yards and three touchdowns. Michael Gallup followed with 39 catches, 424 yards, and four touchdowns, followed by T.Y. Hilton with 121 yards in 7 receptions in only three games.

Dallas needed to improve its receiving corps for 2024, and they did so. In the offseason, the team acquired Brandin Cooks, a wide receiver for the Houston Texans, via trade. And while that is a respectable move, it leaves Michael Gallup as the No. 3 wide receiver, with Jalen Tolbert, KaVontae Turpin, and Simi Fehoko completing the group.

Other than the trade for Brandin Cooks, Jerry Jones, and the front office could have done more to assist the team during the offseason. Jalen Brooks, a wide receiver from South Carolina, was selected in the seventh round of this year’s draught.

A trade involving DeAndre Hopkins and the Cowboys would elevate this team from its current respectable B status to A or even A+ territory. This would be tremendous news for Dak Prescott, as Lamb, Cooks, and Hopkins would immediately become one of (if not the) finest trios in the league.

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In an alternate situation, should DeAndre Hopkins’ move Dallas Cowboys fails to materialize, here are three destinations we feel are best suited and in need of talents:

No. 1: Baltimore Ravens

Clearly, this is the best landing area. The Ravens were thought to be interested in selecting Lamar Jackson, so now that his contract is set, it’s time to purchase him some new options.

Although Odell Beckham Jr. was a big addition to the squad, there is still room for Hopkins. Rashod Bateman still has more potential than the actual product, thus the team may need to employ veteran receivers as a crutch until they can pick up more players to continue the streak.

The Ravens are probably in need of a receiver who is most likely to succeed if Hopkins’ main driving force is winning a Super Bowl.

No. 2: Carolina Panthers

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Bryce Young needs to start off well, and the Panthers provide a potentially persuasive bundle of arguments. Although this team is definitely not a Super Bowl candidate, they have the potential to make a postseason run and have the available cap space (second most in the NFL) to make a move.

Hopkins’ likely return home is the deciding factor in any move the Panthers make. Since he is from Clemson, South Carolina, he might want to go back and play for the band he liked when he was young. Hopkins would also become the Panthers’ top receiver right away, which would give him a lot of exposure.

No. 3: Chicago Bears

With Chicago Bears, Hopkins could help the Bears reach their present goal, which is to make a difference. Hopkins and D.J. Moore make up one of the most interesting duos in the league right away. Hopkins also gets to play with Justin Fields, who is one of the most potential rookie quarterbacks in the league.

The NFL’s largest media market and the greatest cap space are in Chicago, which would offer Hopkins a lot of exposure. If he’s looking for a short-term deal to position himself for another significant contract, this could be the perfect place for him.