9 Professional Athletes Who are Also Outstanding Investors

Many famous athletes are making money by participating in and winning sports events. There is another way of earning money, i.e., making profitable investments. It can be stocks, foreign currency, digital currency, etc. Various athletes look for other opportunities to grow and earn wealth. Even when they retire, they will have enough money to enjoy their luxurious life. It is pretty shocking to know that there are many athlete investors.

According to tradingforexsites.com, many professionals are involved in forex trading, making enough money. You may not know those popular names. In this write-up, you will know about some professional athletes that are also outstanding investors. If those players are your favorites, you will get motivated to invest in your bright future. You must go through the following list and know whether your favorite player is on the list or not.

1. Kobe Bryant

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Many people know this popular name of a successful athlete who was also a good investor. In 2020, he died, and his fans miss him a lot. Kobe was the co-founder of the firm named Bryant Stibel, which has invested in several companies, such as Dell, Alibaba, etc.

One of the most significant investments was $6 million in BodyArmor company for manufacturing special sports drinks. This man was also into the media industry as he founded Granity Studios. He produced many short films that are quite popular worldwide.

2. Lebron James

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Everyone knows James because he is a famous Basketball player and a professional athlete. He is known to build a successful empire to make his future bright and luxurious. The net worth of his business is $480 million. Whatever salary he got through his profession, he invested in his company.

If we talk about the profitable investments he had made yet is Blaze Pizza. He owns a total of 19 franchises. Initially, he invested around $1 million, and now, his net worth is $25 million. James has also invested in Uninterrupted digital media company and SpringHill Entertainment production company. He also owns the stakes of the English Premier League and soccer club.

3. Shaquille O’ Neal

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Neal is another legendary investor because he owns various businesses and other investments. When he started playing and earning a decent income, he started investing in small companies, and now, he is one of the big investors.

He also invested in Google, Apple, and many restaurant chains. There is a burger restaurant in Los Angeles that is named after him. He owned 150 car wash service centers and 40 gyms. He is the brand ambassador, and he has been earning well throughout his career.

4. Alex Rodriquez

Source: nypost.com

The most significant investment of Alex was A-Rod Corp in 2003. The company manufactures all types of vehicles. With the help of this organization, Alex invested in other companies, like NRG esports, Snapchat, etc.

You may not know much about this athlete, but he was also involved in real estate investments. He invested in real estate, i.e., around $1.5 billion. Currently, he is making millions of dollars by his investment firm, named Monument Capital Management.

5. Steve Young

Source: fanbuzz.com

Steve was a well-known football player, but now, he is known as one of the outstanding investors. After retirement, he became the co-founder of HGGC with $300 to $500 million worth. If we talk about the return that his firm earned on the first fund was 18.3%.

He was also involved in many private firms before HGGC. The company was once sued, and its reputation got affected. But later, everything got settled in $100 million. HGGC sued all the involved fraud organizations.

6. Serena Williams

Source: vanityfair.com

Serena is a famous tennis player, and she is pretty famous for her financial portfolio. In 2019, she launched Serena Ventures capital firm for investing money in women and minorities businesses. The company supported more than 34 organizations.

Generally, Serena is involved in health, fashion, food, and eCommerce. She also invests in various cryptocurrencies and marketplaces. There are many profitable investments by Serena that many people do not know.

7. Kevin Durant

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Kevin is a famous athlete and known for their performance in NBA. He is a talented player in making profitable investments. In 2016, he invested his money in a mobile application, Acorns. He also owns stakes in Postmates.

Kevin is also one of the most prominent investors in cryptocurrencies. He chooses famous exchange platforms like Coinbase for crypto investments and trading. In 2019, he invested in start-ups for $15 million. That money grew up to 400 percent. Durant is involved in more than 35 big ventures.

8. Roger Staubach

Source: sportingnews.com

Staubach is a professional athlete as well as an outstanding investor. Roger worked as a real estate broker for his side income when he was playing. But when he got retired, he developed a Staubach company and focussed on expanding his real estate portfolio.

He hired more than 1000 employees and built over 50 offices. If you want to know the current status of Roger, then he is one of the board members of JLL. He is running a successful company worth $613 million.

9. Michael Jordan

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Everyone knows Michael as a famous basketball player. He is the wealthiest player in the world. The estimated worth of his franchise investment is $175 million. If we talk about the net worth of this player, then it is around $940 billion.

Jordan invested his money in several small organizations when it came to small investments. Many people are aware of the Jordan brand, which Michael also owns. If we talk about the total revenue of this company in 2019, then it is $3 billion. With the Nike partnership, Jordon earned $130 million.

The Bottom Line

You can go through the list of professional athletes who are outstanding investors. You may be buying products of a specific brand, but you may not know who owns them. If any of the mentioned players are your favorite, you must know about his investments. You should understand why they are known as outstanding investors.