4 Tips to Prepare for Your First Fishing Tournament

Having a hobby is important for numerous reasons. From being able to do something you love in your free time being passionate about a certain thing, activities that make us happy are among the most important things in life. As long as it fulfils you in more than one way and makes you look forward to it, it can be considered a hobby you care deeply about. However, what happens when a person wants to take a step forward and elevate their approach to this certain activity?

Doing something over and over again and finding new ways to be good at it improves one’s skills. Naturally, and over time, we crave to prove to ourselves, and others, that we truly are good at what we do. What is the next step? Well, in the ideal world, everyone would be doing what they love as a job. This would mean that people would be able to have their leisure activities and hobbies as their career choice. Sadly, this is not possible in the real world but that does not mean that you cannot take it to the next level.

Competing Against Others

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This is exactly what competitions and tournaments are for. And when it comes to tournaments where people compete at something that can be considered a pastime activity, nothing really beats fishing tourneys. Fishing has been an integral part of the history of humans for thousands of years. Being able to catch fish and other fruits of the sea has proven to be crucial for the survival of many civilizations over the many millennia we as a species have been thriving. In the modern times when we have industries and mechanizations to rely on, fishing has also become a sport.

A skill that we no longer depend on for survival is bound to become a hobby as well as a sporting activity, and fishing has been exactly that for a long time. If you are a passionate fisherman who spends their free time at rivers and beaches fishing for the next big catch who craves for more, why not try entering a tournament? Fishing tournaments are fun, competitive, exciting, and memorable, particularly your first one. However, it requires a lot of preparation and research before you can compete. Join us in discussing what the most important rips for your first fishing tournaments are.

1. Have the Fishing Right Gear

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Fisherman is nothing without their fishing gear. Going to your first tournament will be a great test for you to test your skills and check how you handle in tough situations, but it will also be a good way to prove yourself with all the different fishing gear. That is, if you remember to bring it! Depending on the season and the tournament you might not need all the stuff you think you would. Also, you may need different rods, bait, or hooks than what you initially prepared. It is all in the preparation so make sure you check the destination of the tournament, the weather, and what fish you are going to be trying to catch. The last thing you want is to find yourself missing a key part of your arsenal. Apart from the obvious things you cannot fish without, make sure to bring some rain and protection gear. Bringing your fishing licenses goes without saying. Lastly, bring a god fishing net to have an easier time bringing the fish out of the water. If you need a new one, you can find one here fyke fishing nets.

2. Snacks and Drinks

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Fishing tournaments are often long and they come in multiple stages. They are also organized in such a way that there cannot be many food and drink stands nor organizers and volunteers all around you. Fishing requires peace and quiet. Therefore, you have to bring all of your food and drinks with you. Fishing is also an activity where you have to remain cautious and wary just in case there is a bite. Unless you react quickly, you could lose a big one that might have won you the tourney. Fishing tournaments are definitely marathons, not sprints, and they last for as long as 8 or so hours. You must refuel along the way meaning food and hydration. A small cooler with enough water, a couple of sporty energy drinks, and some easy-to-eat food will do you just fine. Prepare some sandwiches and cut them in smaller pieces for easier bits between fishing spots. Fruit, biscuits, and similar snacks are great for fishing.

3. Tackle and More Tackle

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We already talked about gear, but we have to mention tackle in a different paragraph. That is how important it is for your tourney success. As a passionate fisherman you probably have a large collection of tackle. Preparing for any scenario is important so you should bring multiple types to the tournament. While still at home, sort them in a box so that it is easy to tell them apart when it matters most. You can dedicate each to one lure style too. Seasonal patterns and tournament schedules can help you with picking the right box of tackle and lure. You should only bring the stuff you have a chance of using. Do not be one of those anglers who always bring everything. Not only will you move slower than others, but it will take you ages to find what you are looking for in all the unnecessary equipment. Keep a pair of scissors, a hook file, and pliers close to your tackle boxes.  A good method of carrying it all is in a single duffle bag meant for tackle. For more help with organizing equipment and choosing the right one you go to boatoutfitters.com.

4. Bring a Positive Attitude

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Last but not least, you have to remember that fishing is still about enjoyment and fun despite it being a tournament worth winning. There will only be a single winner and fishing is almost equal part luck as it is skill. Do your best while competing but make sure to bring a positive attitude. Feeling good about the whole thing and staying positive is how you ensure a good memory. You do not want your first fishing tourney to pass in frustration because others did better or because you made a mistake. There will always be next time, and the yearly calendar is full of great opportunities to fish competitively no matter where you live.