NASCAR Pit Crew Member Salary 2024

NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. In case you are not familiar with this mode of racing format and competition, then this article will guide towards it. NASCAR is a privately-owned racing competition that started in the USA in 1948.

You must be wondering there are so many racing tournaments such as F1, WRC, then what differentiates it from them? Well, there are many distinguishing factors between NASCAR and F1, but if there is one thing that remains constant be it any mode of the racing tournament is the pit crew.

Be it F1, WRC, or NASCAR, every manufacturer and driver needs the best set of mechanics out there to help them win the race. But do you know how much does NASCAR pit crew members make? How many Nascar pit crew members are there? what are the major differences between NASCAR and F1?

NASCAR Pit Crew Member Salary 2024

MembersRaceday EarningsWinning Bonus
Crew Chief$10,000$2,500
Front Tire Changer$1,500$300
Front Tire Carrier$1,500$300
Rear Tire Changer$1,500$300
Rear Tire Carrier$1,500$300
Utility Man$500N.A

There is one unique recruitment strategy that most team applies for selecting their pit crew squad is that more than looking for skilled mechanics they look for professional athletes.

It’s because NASCAR’s rules for pit crew team require more athleticism such as only 5 members are allowed to jump over the wall and go to the pit stop to service the car.

Thus, they believe it’s easier to train someone who’s athletic rather than it is to get an auto expert in better shape. But do you know how many members are there and what role they possess? Are they paid handsome money or not?

Crew Chief as usual is the main of a pit crew. He can be termed as the director of the crew as he selects his best men and picks the squad. But what’s a bit surprising to notice is that despite NASCAR being a privatised tournament and having massive popularity in the world’s superpower US, it still fails to pay their pit crew as much amount as F1 does.

However, pit crew in NASCAR are still paid handsome money for their service to the sport.

How is NASCAR Different From F1?

Firstly, the major difference is that as the name suggests (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing ), it is a stock racing competition. For those who don’t know whats stock, it means when a car produced in a factory without any modifications for racing is termed as stocked cars.

Whereas there are specially modified and created cars for Formula 1 racing what we refer to as that its a racing car, but in NASCAR these are just normal stocked cars used for racing.

Another difference is that NASCAR takes place in an oval stadium and racers keep on racing in an oval loop whereas in F1 they have designated path for racing.

Disclaimer: All the figures and numbers about the NASCAR pit crew member salary are based on the analysis, research and reports released by The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.