Why Rugby Betting May Lose Its Popularity in New Zealand?

Rugby is often recognized as the third biggest game in the world. New Zealand is perhaps the most rugby enthusiast nation in the world. Despite having a small population, kiwis are ready to give their best in both men and female leagues around the world, when it comes to rugby. Both Australia and New Zealand have a friendly rivalry owing to rugby.

The main reason for the popularity of rugby could be the indigenous origin of the sport. Records suggest that the indigenous tribes of New Zealand or the Maoris had been playing the game before the settlers discovered it.

The game that they played bore almost similar rules as that of English rugby. However, the settlers carried with them the rugby ball and handed it over to the Maoris. The Maoris possessing agile physical attributes, with much strength withstood the tackles of the games with their settlers. Historians also reveal that the game became one of the best means for both the settlers and indigenous Maoris to bond.

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Rugby was first introduced by the setters, under the guidance of Charles Monro. Owing to the popularity of the game, the New Zealand Rugby Football Union was established in the year 1892. For players, rugby is simply not a sport of enthusiasm, but a game that indulges them to create bonds, and shaping the country.

In short, the Kiwis take great pleasure and pride in bringing home the Rugby World Cup quite several times. New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and followed it also made way to winning consecutively in 2015 too.

But recent updates regarding the game bear an opinionated debate. There has been an ongoing rumor regarding the lack of interest and popularity of rugby in New Zealand. Both the debate and its implications have direct consequences on the citizens as well the youth of the nation. But the ongoing discourse suggesting rugby as a sport, losing its popularity seems to lay a greater impact on the gambling industry.

The Decline of the Popularity of Rugby Betting in New Zealand

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Rugby and gambling have long shared a symbiotic relationship with each other. Both rugby enthusiasts as well the bettors claim to opt for the best guesses to win a large amount of money. Kiwis love rugby because of being quite easy to follow the format as well as trust their instincts. Rugby Sevens is even more favorable since it is spectator friendly and yields no time-outs. Moreover, there are short matches too, which is even more thrilling.

However, the popularity that safe rugby betting at CasinoDeps.co.nz prevails upon, it is witnessing a swift declining fall. This is again due to the lack of interest in the audience. Given that a large section of the audience consists of immigrants, the audience seems not to groove in with the sports enigma.

While other more popular media sports such as cricket, football, and basketball are often seen registered in sportsbooks, bookmakers, etc., rugby is still required to be popular enough to be available in all online casinos, and sportsbooks. Moreover, it is speculated that online casinos are mostly used by the youth of today, and the youth have shown low sensitivity towards rugby. So, the gaming operators also fail to introduce new games, which has in it the age-old touch of rugby.

Reasons Why Rugby Is Losing Popularity in New Zealand

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The first and foremost reason for the ongoing losing popularity of rugby could be the demographical changes that New Zealand is currently experiencing.

Since New Zealand is one of the less densely populated nations in the world. But it is also one of the nations where immigration surges every year. With immigration, comes the interchanging phase of diversity, and a gradual interchange of cultures. This could be a possible reason why Auckland is one of the first cities in New Zealand, where rugby is losing, its prowess.

Smaller and rural regions have also shown a degrading ratio of participation in rugby. This is mostly due to the age hierarchy. Rural regions often serve as a cluster of aged people, who do not have the strength to compete in the games but in them there often lies the enthusiasm to support rugby.

The other reason why rugby can be seen as witnessing a loss of interest is the popularity of other sports. According to a survey conducted in a middle school in 2000, rugby was seen as the most popular and dominating sport, with around 31,000 players. However, a similar survey in the same school conducted in the year 2020 displayed a small proportion of rugby players, as less as 6500. Basketball had increased by almost 50% within the same span, and students participating in football seem to have increased by 21,000.

Besides engagement of sports in schools, the popularity of rugby has experienced a downfall in neighborhood sporting communities too. Children tend to sway toward the internationally more popular sports.

Sports enthusiasts also acclaim rugby to be way too much tough for newcomers. Rugby is one such sport, requiring strenuous physical activities, in harsh weather conditions and crowded spaces. The immigrants of New Zealand find the sport alienating, and unable to be competed against. Since the greater fragment of this society consists of middle-school goers, the rugby preference percentage drops by 29%.


Rugby, in short, has long-standing been the favorite of the Kiwis. It is very unfortunate, and uncertain that rugby is witnessing a sharp blow due to the ongoing cultural and traditional cases. But it is also true that the identity of New Zealand often comes from the huge success of supporters, both men’s and women’s teams in rugby.

The gambling industry is also experiencing a sharp decline due to the very same reason. Elders and rugby enthusiasts hold the view that though decreasing popularity of New Zealand cannot be restored, consciousness among the newer generation can often be spread, which gives them the idea of the glory of their parents’ generation’s favorite sport.