Unique Things You Can Bet on At the Superbowl

The Superbowl is one of the most exciting times for betting enthusiasts. In addition to the media hype and large audiences, the Super Bowl attracts a worldwide spectacle.

The sporting event attracts more viewership than any other sporting event. This is mainly because it is covered in both Europe and America. If you plan on betting at the Superbowl, here are a few unique things to consider

National Anthem Super Bowl Props

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This Star-Spangled Banner happens right before sporting events in the United States. You can expect it at the Super Bowl as well. Anthem props are diverse. Here are a few national anthem Super Bowl props to consider:

  • Will the artist omit any word from the national anthem?
  • How long do you think it’ll take to sing the anthem?
  • Do you predict any scoring drive to take less time than the time it takes to sing the national anthem?

Halftime Show Props

The halftime show allows you to take a break from the game and all the intense emotions that come with it. Last year, the Superbowl featured some great performers: Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.

Superbowl halftime bets focus on the show and not the game. You can bet on whether the performer will be wearing a hat, the color of their shirt, and the songs she or he will perform. The folks at SafeBettingSites have highlighted some of the best halftime prop bets to expect during this year’s Super Bowl.

  • Who will perform alongside Rihanna during the halftime show?
  • Will Rihanna make any political statement during the show?
  • How many songs will be performed?
  • Will the halftime show feature a new song?

Coin Toss

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A coin is flipped before the start of any football game to determine the first team to receive the ball. While it may not seem attractive, the coin toss prop attracts much attention. Gambling fans make or lose millions of dollars on this bet every year.

The bet requires you to predict if the coin will land on heads or tails. Your prop bets include the following:

  • Which team will win the flip?
  • Will the results of the toss be heads or tails?

The Gatorade Shower

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The Gatorade bath is a long-standing tradition in Super Bowl games. It makes for an exciting prop bet as well. The winning team dumps a whole vat of icy electrolyte water on their coach. It is an exciting way to celebrate, and fans are usually excited to find out the correct color of the Gatorade shower. You win if you get the color right.

The color options include:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Lime/green/yellow
  • Clear/white

MVP Odds

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The MVP award goes out at the end of the game. It is given to the player who demonstrated the best on-field skill in all four quarters. Usually, it goes to the quarterback of the winning team.

However, the MVP award has also gone to wide receivers, running backs, and linebackers.

Super Bowl Player Props

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If you enjoy fantasy football, you probably love player prop betting. Most sportsbooks have a variety of Super Bowl prop bets. You can bet on the in-game accomplishments in the form of head-to-head player matchups, yes/no, or OVER/UNDER. Here are a few Super Bowl player props you can bet on:

  • Which quarterback will get more passing yards?
  • How many receiving yards will you have in a wideout?
  • Who may score the first or second touchdown?

Handicapping Super Bowl Prop Bets

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With other sports, you can keep track of the performance of a team against the spread (ATS). You can see if the total points of the last game went UNDER or OVER the number set by the oddsmaker. However, some Super Bowl prop bets cannot be handicapped.

For example, it is impossible to know for sure if the halftime show performer will wear a hat. On the other hand, you can check out the Gatorade colors of previous Super Bowls. That way, you can make a prediction based on the trends.

How to Find the Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Making prop bets for the Super Bowl should be fun even if you don’t make any profits. Do your research and determine how much handicapping you are willing to do. Here are a few ways to consider when making Super Bowl pop bets.

Watch the Lines

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Look out for props of interest in the period leading out to the Super Bowl. Notice how odds change and how they might affect your bet. If odds are unpopular for the public, they could become more profitable. They may be appropriate choices if you are chasing big profits.

Find the Best Terms

You might find that one sportsbook offers -110 for under 312.5 passing yards while another offers -110 under 310.5 for a QB. Conducting a comparison should help you settle for the best lines and odds available.

Claims Bonuses

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Do not make your Super Bowl prop bet pick before signing up with a few sportsbooks. It is a smart way to ensure you get as many bonuses as possible.

Most sportsbooks have generous odds boosts for the SuperBowl. You can earn hundreds of dollars’ worth of bonus funds through sign-up offers.

Focus on Sensible Props

While the most bizarre prop bets may be the most exciting, it is important to remain careful. Stick to sensible markets like receiving yards, passing yards, and rushing yards.

Coin tosses and Gatorade showers may be appropriate when your main goal is to have fun rather than make profits.


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Conduct statistical analysis and seek expert opinion before settling for any Super Bowl prop bets. Research could help you minimize losses and save money.

In conclusion, betting on the Superbowl can be a thrilling and profitable experience. With so many fun prop bets, there is always something to look forward to.

In addition, you can make a lot of money as sportsbooks come up with generous offers to attract new players. The most exciting things to bet on at the Superbowl include the national anthem, halftime show, MVP odds, and Gatorade shower.