10 Fastest NFL Players Of All-Time: Lightning Speed

The National Football League (NFL) is renowned for hosting some of the most elite athletes in the world, players whose speed, agility, and strength have left spectators in awe and opponents in the dust. This blog post discusses the illustrious careers of the 10 fastest NFL players of all time, providing valuable insights into their remarkable feats and lasting legacies.

10. Willie Gault

Willie Gault

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Willie Gault, an Olympic-caliber sprinter, brought his exceptional speed to the NFL, becoming one of the fastest wide receivers in the league’s history.

Athletic Prowess and Achievements

Gault was an integral member of the 1985 Chicago Bears, contributing to their Super Bowl XX victory. His extraordinary speed made him a deep threat, allowing him to stretch defenses and create big-play opportunities.

Lasting Impact and Contributions

Willie Gault’s impressive blend of speed and skill elevated the role of the wide receiver in the NFL. His success on the field and his commitment to fitness continue to influence the training regimes and playstyles of modern NFL players.

9. Trindon Holliday

Standing at just 5’5”, Trindon Holliday defied the odds with his lightning speed, becoming one of the most formidable return specialists in the league.

Achievements and Highlights

Holliday’s diminutive stature didn’t deter him from achieving great success in the NFL. His remarkable speed and agility allowed him to score multiple return touchdowns, showcasing his ability to change the complexion of a game in an instant.

Legacy and Influence

Holliday’s success underscores the importance of speed and agility in the NFL, proving that size isn’t the sole determinant of success in the league. His electrifying returns continue to inspire aspiring athletes of smaller stature.

8. Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill, the “Cheetah,” burst onto the NFL scene with his extraordinary acceleration and top-end speed, posing a constant deep threat to defenses.

Exceptional Speed and Skills

Hill’s incredible speed, evidenced by his numerous long touchdowns, has made him one of the most feared players in the league. He has the exceptional ability to change games with his speed, both as a receiver and a returner, making him a versatile weapon for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Impact and Recognition

Hill’s remarkable speed has earned him multiple Pro Bowl selections and has been a pivotal component in the Chiefs’ recent successes, including their Super Bowl LIV victory. His exciting playstyle continues to captivate fans and sets a high standard for speed and versatility in the league.

7. Devin Hester

Devin Hester, the “Windy City Flyer,” revolutionized the return game with his blistering speed and unparalleled vision, setting numerous return records.

Return Dominance

Hester boasts an NFL record for total return touchdowns with 20. His uncanny ability to find seams, coupled with his explosive acceleration, made him a constant threat to opposing teams and a game-changer for the Chicago Bears.

Legacy and Influence

Hester’s unprecedented success as a return specialist raised the profile of special teams play in the NFL. His thrilling returns and game-breaking speed have solidified his place among the fastest and most electrifying players in NFL history.

6. Randy Moss

Randy Moss

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Randy Moss, with his blend of height, leaping ability, and speed, redefined the wide receiver position and electrified the NFL with his breathtaking catches.

Achievements and Highlights

Moss possessed a unique blend of speed and ball-catching ability, allowing him to accumulate over 15,000 receiving yards and 156 touchdowns throughout his career. His speed and athleticism made him one of the most feared deep threats in the history of the league.

  • Six-time Pro Bowler
  • NFL record 23 receiving touchdowns in a season
  • Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018

Impact and Endurance

Moss’s revolutionary playstyle altered defensive schemes and paved the way for future tall and fast receivers. His exceptional career serves as a template for aspiring wide receivers looking to make their mark in the league.

5. Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson’s awe-inspiring combination of speed and power made him one of the most legendary dual-sport athletes in history, leaving an indelible mark on both the MLB and the NFL.

Athletic Exploits

Jackson’s elite speed was not restricted to the football field; he showcased it on the baseball diamond as well. He reportedly ran a staggering 4.13-second 40-yard dash, a time that is yet to be officially broken in the NFL.

Legacy and Influence

Jackson’s incomparable athleticism inspired a generation of athletes to pursue multi-sport careers. His enduring influence is seen in the admiration and reverence he continues to receive from fans and fellow athletes alike.

4. Deion Sanders

“Prime Time” Deion Sanders, renowned for his dazzling play and flamboyant personality, brought unprecedented speed and versatility to the NFL, excelling in multiple positions.

Multifaceted Talent

Sanders, known for his incredible speed and agility, was a dual-sport athlete, playing both football and baseball. In the NFL, he was a dominant cornerback and a formidable return specialist, earning eight Pro Bowl selections and winning two Super Bowls.

  • Two-sport star: MLB and NFL
  • Recorded a 4.27-second 40-yard dash
  • Nine-time First-team All-Pro

Legacy and Impact

Deion Sanders’ multifaceted success and unique charisma brought a new level of excitement and entertainment to the sport. His exceptional athleticism and vibrant personality continue to shape the NFL’s culture and standards.

3. Chris Johnson


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Chris Johnson, or “CJ2K,” stormed the NFL with his electrifying runs and record-breaking speed, establishing himself as one of the fastest running backs ever to grace the gridiron.

Record-Breaking Performances

In 2009, Johnson set the NFL ablaze, rushing for over 2,000 yards and breaking Marshall Faulk’s record for total yards from scrimmage with 2,509. His exhilarating breakaway runs were a testament to his extraordinary speed and agility.

  • Fastest 40-yard dash at the combine: 4.24 seconds
  • Three-time Pro Bowler
  • 2009 NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Contributions and Influence

Johnson’s dynamic playstyle and exceptional speed redefined the expectations for running backs in the NFL. His record-breaking performances continue to be a source of inspiration and aspiration for young, upcoming athletes in the sport.

2. Darrell Green

Darrell Green, the “Ageless Wonder,” spent 20 years in the NFL, combining longevity with explosive speed and leaving a profound imprint on the league.

Athletic Feats

Throughout his enduring career, Green maintained an impressive sprinting speed, reportedly running a 4.43-second 40-yard dash at 40 years old. He accumulated seven Pro Bowl selections and secured two Super Bowl rings, emblematic of his superb athletic and professional accomplishments.

Lasting Influence

Green’s longevity and consistently elite speed set the benchmark for cornerback play in the NFL. His sustained athleticism and impeccable character continue to inspire aspiring football players, symbolizing the pinnacle of professional and personal achievement.

1. Bob Hayes

Dubbed “Bullet Bob,” Hayes brought Olympic sprinting gold to the NFL, revolutionizing the wide receiver position with his unmatched speed and earning a revered spot in football history.

Early Career and Achievements

Bob Hayes started his career showcasing outstanding sprinting prowess, securing two gold medals in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. His transition to the NFL was nothing short of remarkable, with Hayes utilizing his sprinter’s speed to outmaneuver and outpace defenders. He amassed over 7,000 receiving yards and scored 71 touchdowns during his illustrious career.

Impact and Legacy

Hayes’ speed compelled defensive coordinators to modify their schemes, creating zone defenses to counter his blistering pace. He forever changed the wide receiver position, blending world-class speed with intricate route-running.


Who is considered the fastest NFL player currently playing?

While it’s challenging to definitively determine the absolute fastest due to varying conditions and timings, Tyreek Hill is often recognized as one of the fastest current NFL players due to his astonishing acceleration and top-end speed showcased in games.

How is the speed of NFL players officially measured?

Speed in the NFL is predominantly measured through the 40-yard dash, a sprint covering 40 yards (36.58 m) that is the marquee event at the league’s annual scouting combine.

It provides teams with the opportunity to evaluate a player’s straight-line speed, which can be indicative of their overall athleticism and explosiveness.

Has any NFL player ever competed in the Olympics as a sprinter?

Yes, Bob Hayes is a notable example. Before his NFL career, he won two Olympic gold medals in sprinting events at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, earning him the nickname “Bullet Bob.”

Which position typically has the fastest players in the NFL?

Typically, positions that value speed the most are wide receivers, cornerbacks, and running backs. These positions often see players covering large portions of the field in quick bursts, necessitating high levels of speed and agility.

Has speed always been a crucial part of the NFL?

While speed has always been advantageous in football, the importance of speed in the NFL has increased over time, particularly as the game has evolved to emphasize passing and space more, making speed a premium attribute for players in various positions.

Do faster players tend to have shorter careers due to injuries?

Not necessarily. Career longevity in the NFL can be influenced by numerous factors, including playing style, position, training regimen, injury management, and overall health.

While some fast players may experience injuries due to their explosive playing style, others, like Darrell Green, have had lengthy and successful careers.

Final Words

These players, through their extraordinary speed, determination, and skill, have shaped the NFL in various ways and left legacies that continue to inspire future generations. They have not only set the bar for speed in the league but have also redefined the standards of excellence in their respective positions.

Their thrilling exploits and enduring influence ensure that their names will be remembered in the annals of NFL history for years to come.