Top 10 Best Moments Of The 2024 NFL Regular Season

2024 has been a fantastic season – let’s relive the best bits!

No one was sure what the 2024-22 season was going to look like after the COVID-19 pandemic was showing no signs of slowing in September. But, it has not disappointed anyone.

Yes, we have had a few games rescheduled and a couple of players getting in trouble for lying about their vaccination status – but the NFL is well versed in controversy.

As the playoffs kick off this weekend, we want to look back at 10 of the best moments in the NFL this year.

#10 – Aaron Rodgers breaks Farve’s record


In the very last game of this season, we saw Aaron Rodgers break a record Brett Farve set in 2002. This season, Rodgers became the Packer with the most touchdown passes.

It is quite poetic that Rodgers spent 2 years as Farve’s understudy and now he is breaking his records. It must be nice to finally take over the man whose shadow you had to live in for 2 years.

Rodgers also came 4th in “most touchdown passes” this year but did not set a personal record.

#9 – Tom Brady sets a personal best for passing yards

We would love to be setting personal bests in a sport as physical as football at the age of 44 – but it seems impossible. Tom Brady on the other hand makes it look effortless.

Brady barely has any NFL records left to break and yet he keeps going. He already holds the career record for most passing yards – 84,520 – and that man is throwing like he is planning to reach 100,000 yards.

This season, Brady set a personal best by passing for 5,316 yards.

#8 – Trevor Lawrence joins the NFL

Lawrence was the first overall pick of the 2024 Draft.

After a record-breaking high school football career and an astonishing college football career – everyone was desperate to get their hands on Lawrence. We all knew that he was going to be the first pick.

Sadly, Lawrence had a tough job trying to whip the Jaguars into shape – they ended the season on 3-14. But he did lead the league in interceptions.

#7 – The Packers Drama

If you are a Packers fan then this won’t make it onto your best moments list. But if you are a casual observer then this never-ending drama was fascinating.

It started in the off-season after people in Rodger’s camp suggested that he would rather retire from football than play another game with the Packers. Only for the Packers to convince him to come back.

Then Rodgers lied about his vaccination status, the Packers didn’t back him up and he ended up paying a $14,000 fine.

Now that they have been knocked out of the playoffs after being predicted to win the Super Bowl we are sure the drama is not done.

#6 – Dak Prescott changes Cowboys’ fortunes

Everything fell apart for the Cowboys after Prescott hurt his ankle in the 2024-21 season. After over a year off, Prescott returned to the field, and, boy, did he make a huge impression.

He led the team to a division victory before they were knocked out of the Wildcard Round of the playoffs.

We’re happy you’re back Dak.

#5 – This season was the longest regular season ever

This season we got 18 weeks of play and 17 games. Many were worried that the extra game would cause a sharp rise in injuries but we are yet to see any evidence to suggest that this has been the case.

We hope there are 17 games again next season, and maybe some more overseas matches.

#4 – Fans returned to the stadiums


Covid has changed life as we know it and it is hard to believe that at one point last season the stadiums were empty of fans.

But, oh man, are we glad to have the fans back. The games are just more exciting when the players have the 12th man behind them and making them feel invincible.

Here is hoping that we never have to go through another season like that again.

#3 – Detroit won their first game of the season in Week 13

Everyone loves an underdog tale. In the 12th week, many were convinced that the Lions would be going 17-0 this season.

No one wants to see that. The NFL is at its best when all teams are challenging for the Super Bowl.

If you are not convinced that this was one of the highlights of the year, look at how happy the Lions players were when that final whistle was blown. We had goosebumps.

#2 – Matthew Stafford redeems himself

Matthew Stafford has had a difficult 10 years with the Lions. However, at the start of the season, he moved to the Rams.

There were many Rams fans who thought their management team was crazy – what could the quarterback of the Lions actually bring to their team?!

Quite a lot actually.

We have been absolutely delighted to watch Stafford play this year. Seeing him play on a good team (sorry Lions fans) with players who actually sport him is wonderful. He has been a revelation this season and we believe that he has the potential to take the Rams all the way.

Check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds if you agree with us.

#1 – The NFL comes together to celebrate the legacy of John Madden


John Madden passing away was one of the worst moments of the 2024-22 season. It left many of us heartbroken – it is hard to imagine the NFL and the sport without him.

What warmed our hearts was the way the NFL celebrated his life. We will probably see more tributes at the Super Bowl this year.


We have seen some amazing moments throughout the 2024-22 season. And we have also seen our fair share of dull and heartbreaking moments. We are more than sure that with the playoffs starting this weekend, the best is yet to come.