PKL 2024 Schedule: Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 set to start in July

PKL 2024 start date and Pro Kabaddi Player Auctions: The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is all set to return from July 24, 2024 after it got suspended last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The eighth edition of the competition features the same 12 teams that participated last year but the venues are yet to finalized by the officials. Mashal Sports confirmed the PKL 2024 Schedule, the league would be played from the month of July to October 2024.

Star India has retained the media rights of the upcoming five Seasons, PKL Season 8 to Season 12 of Pro Kabaddi League, from the year 2024 to 2025.

The Pro Kabaddi League is a professional Kabaddi league in India. Started in 2014, PKL is since broadcasted on Star Sports who extended the telecast rights for five more seasons. In Pro Kabaddi 2024, all twelve teams had a budget of 4 crores to strengthen their squads.

PKL 2024 Schedule and PKL Player Auctions

The Pro Kabaddi schedule 2024 was set to start on July 24 after a year of absence. However, the sudden spike in COVID cases in India has put some doubts over the league while other Leagues like the IPL 2024 have been forced to postpone after the Bio-Bubble could not contain the spread of the virus amongst the players and other stakeholders.

The tentative start date of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2024 is July 24, 2024.

The Playoffs have the top six teams selected where the top two players are directly promoted to the Semi-finals while the other four teams play two eliminators. The winners of the eliminators fill in the other two spots.

Here is the PKL 2024 schedule with dates, time and venues (unofficial).

Leg 1: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
20-Jul-2021SaturdayTelugu Titans vs U Mumba19:30
20-Jul-2021SaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates20:30
21-Jul-2021SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
21-Jul-2021SundayTelugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
22-Jul-2021MondayU Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
22-Jul-2021MondayPuneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers20:30
24-Jul-2021WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors19:30
24-Jul-2021WednesdayTelugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
25-Jul-2021ThursdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
26-Jul-2021FridayUP Yoddha vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
26-Jul-2021FridayTelugu Titans vs Patna Pirates20:30

Leg 2: Dome, NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
27-Jul-2021SaturdayU Mumba vs Puneri Paltan19:30
27-Jul-2021SaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors20:30
28-Jul-2021SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers19:30
28-Jul-2021SundayU Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
29-Jul-2021MondayTamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates19:30
29-Jul-2021MondayBengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan20:30
31-Jul-2021WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
31-Jul-2021WednesdayU Mumba vs UP Yoddha20:30
1-Aug-2021ThursdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
2-Aug-2021FridayTelugu Titans vs UP Yoddha19:30
2-Aug-2021FridayU Mumba vs Gujarat Fortune Giants20:30

Leg 3: Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
3-Aug-2021SaturdayPatna Pirates vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
3-Aug-2021SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
4-Aug-2021SundayHaryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
4-Aug-2021SundayPatna Pirates vs Puneri Paltan20:30
5-Aug-2021MondayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
5-Aug-2021MondayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Puneri Paltan20:30
7-Aug-2021WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
7-Aug-2021WednesdayPatna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers20:30
8-Aug-2021ThursdayTelugu Titans vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
9-Aug-2021FridayBengal Warriors vs U Mumba19:30
9-Aug-2021FridayPatna Pirates vs UP Yoddha20:30

Leg 4: The Arena By Transstadia, Ahmedabad

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
10-Aug-2021SaturdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
10-Aug-2021SaturdayPuneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
11-Aug-2021SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Haryana Steelers19:30
11-Aug-2021SundayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Telugu Titans20:30
12-Aug-2021MondayBengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans19:30
12-Aug-2021MondayUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
14-Aug-2021WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers19:30
14-Aug-2021WednesdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Bengal Warriors20:30
15-Aug-2021ThursdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan19:30
16-Aug-2021FridayU Mumba vs Patna Pirates19:30
16-Aug-2021FridayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30

Leg 5: Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
17-Aug-2021SaturdayTamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
17-Aug-2021SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
18-Aug-2021SundayHaryana Steelers vs Telugu Titans19:30
18-Aug-2021SundayTamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan20:30
19-Aug-2021MondayU Mumba vs Haryana Steelers19:30
19-Aug-2021MondayUP Yoddha vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
21-Aug-2021WednesdayPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
21-Aug-2021WednesdayTamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
22-Aug-2021ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates19:30
23-Aug-2021FridayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Patna Pirates19:30
23-Aug-2021FridayTamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba20:30

Leg 6: Thyagaraj Complex, New Delhi

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
24-Aug-2021SaturdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
24-Aug-2021SaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans20:30
25-Aug-2021SundayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
25-Aug-2021SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs UP Yoddha20:30
26-Aug-2021MondayBengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers19:30
26-Aug-2021MondayUP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan20:30
28-Aug-2021WednesdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Haryana Steelers19:30
28-Aug-2021WednesdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba20:30
29-Aug-2021ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
30-Aug-2021FridayTelugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan19:30
30-Aug-2021FridayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Patna Pirates20:30

Leg 7: Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bangalore

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
31-Aug-2021SaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
31-Aug-2021SaturdayU Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
1-Sep-2021SundayUP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors19:30
1-Sep-2021SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thaliavas20:30
2-Sep-2021MondayPuneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers19:30
2-Sep-2021MondayTelugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
4-Sep-2021WednesdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
4-Sep-2021WednesdayBengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates20:30
5-Sep-2021ThursdayPuneri Paltan vs U Mumba19:30
6-Sep-2021FridayPatna Pirates vs UP Yoddha19:30
6-Sep-2021FridayBengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans20:30

Leg 8: Netaji  Subhas Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
7-Sep-2021SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
7-Sep-2021SaturdayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers20:30
8-Sep-2021SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
8-Sep-2021SundayBengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan20:30
9-Sep-2021MondayUP Yoddha vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
9-Sep-2021MondayTamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates20:30
10-Sep-2021TuesdayTelugu Titans vs U Mumba19:30
11-Sep-2021WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30
11-Sep-2021WednesdayBengal Warriors vs U Mumba20:30
12-Sep-2021ThursdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna Pirates19:30
12-Sep-2021ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30

Leg 9: Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
14-Sep-2021SaturdayPuneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
14-Sep-2021SaturdayTamil Thalaivas vs Haryana Steelers20:30
15-Sep-2021SundayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
15-Sep-2021SundayPuneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates20:30
16-Sep-2021MondayJaipur Pink Panthers vs UP Yoddha19:30
16-Sep-2021MondayTelugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.20:30
18-Sep-2021WednesdayU Mumba vs UP Yoddha19:30
18-Sep-2021WednesdayPuneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
19-Sep-2021ThursdayBengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers19:30
20-Sep-2021FridayTelugu Titans vs Patna Pirates19:30
20-Sep-2021FridayPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30

Leg 10: Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium, Jaipur

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
21-Sep-2021SaturdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
21-Sep-2021SaturdayUP Yoddha vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
22-Sep-2021SundayU Mumba vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
22-Sep-2021SundayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors20:30
23-Sep-2021MondayPatna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers19:30
23-Sep-2021MondayDabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
25-Sep-2021WednesdayTelugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors19:30
25-Sep-2021WednesdayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan20:30
26-Sep-2021ThursdayPatna Pirates vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
27-Sep-2021FridayU Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
27-Sep-2021FridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans20:30

Leg 11: Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
28-Sep-2021SaturdayHaryana Steelers vs UP Yoddha19:30
28-Sep-2021SaturdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas20:30
29-Sep-2021SundayPuneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
29-Sep-2021SundayHaryana Steelers vs Gujarat Fortune Giants20:30
30-Sep-2021MondayBengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
30-Sep-2021MondayTamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba20:30
2-Oct-2021WednesdayU Mumba vs Patna Pirates19:30
2-Oct-2021WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30
3-Oct-2021ThursdayTelugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan19:30
4-Oct-2021FridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls19:30
4-Oct-2021FridayHaryana Steeler vs Telugu Titans20:30

Leg 12: Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida

DateDayMatchTime (IST)
5-Oct-2021SaturdayUP Yoddha vs Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30
5-Oct-2021SaturdayGujarat Fortune Giants vs Patna Pirates20:30
6-Oct-2021SundayBengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates19:30
6-Oct-2021SundayUP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan20:30
7-Oct-2021MondayTelugu Titans vs Gujarat Fortune Giants19:30
7-Oct-2021MondayTamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30
9-Oct-2021WednesdayBengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas19:30
9-Oct-2021WednesdayUP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans20:30
10-Oct-2021ThursdayU Mumba vs Haryana Steelers19:30
11-Oct-2021FridayDabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba19:30
11-Oct-2021FridayUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls20:30

PKL 2024 Playoffs

14-Oct-2021Mon.TBDEliminator 1
14-Oct-2021Mon.TBDEliminator 2
16-Oct-2021Wednes.TBDSemifinal 1
16-Oct-2021Wednes.TBDSemifinal 2

Pro Kabaddi 2024 Time and Venue

The PKL 2024 will take place in twelve legs spread across twelve cities from July till October. Every match day has 2 matches with the first starting at 19:30 and the second match starting at 20:30. Kicking off with the first leg in Hyderabad, the twelfth and final leg will conclude in Greater Noida.

PKL 2024 Player Auctions

According to the information in the media, PKL player auctions was supposed to take place in April 2024 but due to Covid crisis in the country, the PKL 2024 player auction has been postponed without any further date.

PKL 2024 Players List

Bengaluru Bulls:

Rohit KumarRaider
Lal Mohar YadavRaider
Pawan SherawatRaider
Sumit SinghRaider
Vinod KumarRaider
Mohit SherawatDefender
Raju Lal ChoudharyDefender
Vijay KumarDefender
Mahender SinghDefender
Saurabh NarvalDefender
Amit SheoranAll-Rounder
Ashish KumarAll-Rounder
Sanjay ShresthaAll-Rounder

Bengal Warriors:

K. PrabhanjanRaider
Sukesh HegdeRaider
Bhuvneshwar GaurRaider
Rakesh NarwalRaider
Mohammad Taghi PaeinmahalliRaider
Maninder SinghRaider
Ravindra Ramesh KumawatRaider
Jeeva KumarDefender
Dharmendra SinghDefender
Viraj Vishnu LandgeDefender
Vijin ThangaduraiDefender
Amit KumarDefender
Amir Santosh DhumalAll-Rounder
Avinash A. R.All-Rounder
Mohammad Esmaeil NabibakhshAll-Rounder

Dabang Delhi KC:

Rohit KumarRaider
Lal Mohar YadavRaider
Pawan SherawatRaider
Sumit SinghRaider
Vinod KumarRaider
Mohit SherawatDefender
Raju Lal ChoudharyDefender
Vijay KumarDefender
Mahender SinghDefender
Saurabh NarvalDefender
Amit SheoranAll-Rounder
Ashish KumarAll-Rounder
Sanjay ShresthaAll-Rounder

Gujarat Fortune Giants:

More G BRaider
Lalit ChaudharyRaider
Gurvinder SinghRaider
Abolfazl MaghsodloumahalliRaider
Sunil KumarDefender
Parvesh BhainswalDefender
Sonu GahlawatDefender
Ruturaj Shivaji KoraviDefender
Rohit GuliaAll-Rounder
Vinod KumarAll-Rounder
Mohammad Shazid HossainAll-Rounder

Haryana Steelers:

Prashanth Kumar RaiRaider
Arun Kumar HNRaider
Vikash KhandolaRaider
Amir Hossein MohammadmalekiRaider
Selvamani KRaider
Subhash NarwalDefender
Kuldeep SinghDefender
Dharmaraj CheralathanDefender
Ravi KumarDefender
Vikram KandolaDefender
Vikas KaleDefender
Tin PhonchooAll-Rounder

Jaipur Pink Panthers:

Nilesh SalunkeRaider
Guman SinghRaider
Sushil GuliaRaider
Milinda ChathurangaRaider
 Deepak NarwalRaider
Ajinkya Ashok PawarRaider
Lokesh KaushikRaider
Sandeep Kumar DhullDefender
Amit HoodaDefender
Sunil SiddhgavaliDefender
Pavan T. RDefender
Nitin RawalAll-Rounder
Deepak Niwas HoodaAll-Rounder
 Dong Gyu KimAll-Rounder

Patna Pirates:

Purna SinghRaider
Pardeep NarwalRaider
Jang Kun LeeRaider
Mohammad EsmaeilRaider
Bintu NarwalDefender
Surender NadaDefender
Mahendra ChoudharyDefender
Neeraj KumarDefender
Vikas JaglanAll-Rounder
Hadi OshtorakAll-Rounder

Puneri Paltan:

Amit KumarRaider
Darsan KadinRaider
Emad SedaghatniaRaider
Nitin TomarRaider
Pankaj MohiteRaider
Pawan KumarRaider
Susant SailRaider
Surjeet Singh (C)Defender
Deepak YadavDefender
Jadhav ShahajiDefender
Hadi TajikDefender
Shubham ShindeDefender
Sanket SawatDefender
Girish Maruti ErnakDefender
Amit KumarAll-Rounder
Sagar KrishnaAll-Rounder

Tamil Thalaivas :

V. Ajith KumarRaider
Rahul ChaudhariRaider
Shabeer BappuRaider
Vineet SharmaRaider
Yashwant BishnoiRaider
Ajay ThakurRaider
Milad SheibakDefender
M. AbishekDefender
Mohit ChhillarDefender
Ponparthiban SubramanianDefender
Ran SinghAll-Rounder
Manjeet ChhillarAll-Rounder
Victor Onyango ObieroAll-Rounder
Hemant ChauhanAll-Rounder

Telugu Titans:

Mula Siva Ganesh ReddyRaider
Rakesh GowdaRaider
Amit KumarRaider
Gurvinder SinghRaider
Suraj DesaiRaider
Siddharth Sirish DesaiRaider
Ankit BeniwalRaider
Kamal SinghRaider
Abozar MighaniDefender
Vishal BhardwajDefender
C. ArunDefender
Krushna MadaneDefender
Akash ChoudharyDefender
Dewitt JenningsAll-Rounder
Farhad Rahimi MilaghardanAll-Rounder

U Mumba:

Abhishek SinghRaider
Arjun DeshwalRaider
Athul MSRaider
Dong Geon LeeRaider
Gaurav KumarRaider
Rohit BaliyanRaider
Fazel AtrachaliDefender
Rajaguru SubramanianDefender
Harsh VardhanDefender
Harendra KumarDefender
Young Change KoDefender
Surinder SinghDefender
Ajinkya KapreAll-Rounder
Mohit BalyanAll-Rounder
Sandeep NarwalAll-Rounder

UP Yoddhas:

Md. Masud KarimRaider
Monu GoyatRaider
Rishank DevadigaRaider
Shrikant JadhavRaider
Gulliver SinghRaider
Surender SinghRaider
Nitesh KumarDefender
Aashish NagarDefender
Narender All-Rounder
Sachin KumarAll-Rounder
Mohsen MaghsoudloujafariAll-Rounder
Arkam ShaikhAll-Rounder

Disclaimer: PKL 2024 schedule, dates, time and venues are subject to change due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in India. Mashal Sports CEO and PKL Commissioner Anupam Goswami have not confirmed the exact date of the league.

The article on the Pro Kabaddi 2024 schedule has been written based on the information available on the internet and SportingFree does not guarantee the authenticity of the above details.