9 Tips and Tricks for Winning NHL Puck Line Bets

Betting on NHL can be just as exciting and emphatic as any other sport. But just as in other sports one should learn to see through the lines and see that there are obvious differences when it comes to odds and score lines, especially when it comes to betting on puck lines in NHL hockey lines. Here are 9 tips to help you find the right bet/wager.

1. Vig bet

Vig or juice is the commission that the betting establishment takes as committed against the odds. Usually, the book places the odds against the vig when ur placing the bet on a favourite team. So one should always know to place the bets considering whether a prioritised/favourite team is playing or not, and bet on the not so favourite/

2. Three-way line betting

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Three-way betting line consists of betting 3 wagers; one is at the puck line, where overtime is not taken into consideration. The team presumed to win at -1, the team presumed to win at 1 and a tie. The team presumed to win is supposed to win the game by scoring two or more goals to win with -1 and the team presumed to lose or the underdog tries to win for the tie or +1. Three-way line betting isn’t usually the option people go for much as it does not include overtime.

3. Know when to bet on the puck line

Puck line betting is one of the most exciting bets you could place as it is placed during the last moments of the game. But how you place the bet and when you choose to place the bet depends entirely on the person betting/bettor. As discussed above some people choose to place the bet on the favourite team as their odds would be more than 100. There’s another option that would give out twice as much where the bettors place bets on the team which would not be expected to win where they score two goals or more. These bets are taken on teams that would have an equal chance of winning with the other team at the beginning with a puck line chance of -1.

4. Live betting

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The book considers all types of. Bets till the last 3 minutes of the game. It is also during these last 3 minutes when the teams losing with 2 goals start pulling their goalies out and give the book to cover the line with differences like -1.5 and 2.5. if the bettor is alert and has a proper sense of the game they take advantage of these situations and make their money out of them. OddsShark is one of the best places to help you find the right bet/wager.

5. Odds searching

If one can rummage around properly it becomes easier to find the right bet as there would be bets with varying odds with each match thereby also having inconsistency in the way the prices would be fixed. Capitalising on this discrepancy one can make the right bet with profitable odds on an educated price. A page dedicated to showcasing the odds of each NHL is present to make the whole process even simpler.

6. Team injuries and line-ups

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Placing smart bets is all about knowing the team thoroughly. The Teams’ line up which shows who’s playing and who’s not which goalie would be picked gives a certain advantage over the odds as you could have an estimation based on form cueing how the selected team players would perform. You could choose to bet or not bet based on the information procured about the teams, let’s say the teams offensive player has been in quite a good form then you’d second guess on betting against them on the puck line as there’s a good chance he might score. Same way if the goalie of a team has been feeling It hard to ground himself properly and is just starting out then a wager on that team might yield well.

7. Catching a trend

Certain teams win games with wider margins and some even though heavy favourites win mostly with just a single goal. Henceforth knowing the ‘against the spread record’ of the teams playing gives substantial info on how and when and on whom to place the bets on/against.

8. Going through NHL news

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Being victorious in sports betting is dependent on crucial methods such as being updated on all kinds of relevant whereabouts about the team. Having proper knowledge by going through team news and happenings around the chosen sport helps provide a better chance of playing with probabilities surrounding the game. This is what separates good bettors from laymen. NHL news is another type of online tabloid that will help ascertain your chances of winning on a wager by providing substantial data.

9. Home/away odds

In games like basketball or football/soccer the winning chances of teams playing at home will be significantly higher than the teams playing at an away venue, whereas this is not the case when it comes to hockey as the crowds are a key factor when it comes to winning home games or losing away games as the dictate a certain kind of energy into the player through chants, jeers cheers. Coming to hockey this is not the scenario as the way stadiums are built are widely dissimilar with thick plexiglass which keeps the voices from the crowd to a minimum and makes the players focus on the game extensively thereby reducing the influence of a home or away crowd. This is the reason why there are almost equal chances of winning in both home or away games in hockey. This tip helps in making a player reaffirm before placing a bet placed on home/away odds on a hockey game.

NHL betting is quite different with jumbling odds for every game and the only way to clearly make sure a win is more complicated than another favourite/ popular sport. Following the above tips will make your process of finding the right bet to capitalise on conveniently simple.