How to Use Free Spins Bonus to Your Advantage

What do you look for when you join a new online casino? Is it the number of games you can play? Whether it has the slot game you need? Or does the welcome promotions help you decide? While a casino’s trustworthiness might be the first thing you need to look at, you cannot deny that free spins as a welcome bonus sound great.

What makes Free Spins something to look forward to?

Free spins or any other bonus can elevate your gambling experience in a certain way. Notably, online casinos offer insane bonuses to the players as a section of their huge promotions and offers. But before you go ahead and spin the reels, there are few things related to spins to consider before you work to learn playing free spins.

Please first read all about how to use free spins. As you can guess, they are used by online casinos to lure new customers and keep the existing users hooked up. They are typically gifted when players sign up on a casino, make a deposit, or even give out weekly offers and promotions.

Finding the Right Free Spin bonuses for Yourself


No matter what casino you choose from, you will find a load of terms and conditions -especially with the free spins. And to make something out of the bonus, you need to satisfy those conditions.

While some casinos offer a better experience, like playing on a Betway gh site, do know the basics. For instance, most free spins come with wagering requirements (20x to 60x) and/or limited time. And if you don’t know these requirements, you miss out.

This means that players need to use those spins within a certain time limit (for instance, 100 spins in 7 days). Meanwhile, wagering requirements are like a set way of rules of play that offer to tell you how to and how much to bet.

You will notice that the casinos also impose a maximum cashout limit offers on free spins. Many times the withdrawal limits are typically between $50 to $200. Anything you earn above the limit while playing will be counted as surplus, and it’ll vanish after withdrawal (because online casinos don’t do charity).

Some smarter casinos require you to deposit money before you can cash out winnings. This is generally imposed on no-deposit free spins.

Apart from this, casinos also set betting limits to ensure that you don’t keep on using the highest wager. Some free spin bonuses are available only for selective pokie machines. And the free spins have a time limit, which is seven days or less.

Pros of free spins


1. If you are lucky, you might make some free real money

Obviously, players go gaga over the free spins because they are free and offer you a potential chance of winning real money. You cannot expect to win millions using the freebies. An average gambler may win a small amount. And you will have to meet the wagering requirements to cash out the wins. In any case, many enjoy these few spins for free in an online casino, and if you are lucky, you might win something!

2. You get to try new games for free


Let us admit that pokies are exciting (especially pokies like Starburst or Megaways). And there is a different kind of excitement to work out new pokies (and Aussie players will agree with me without any doubt). With free spins, you get to try the new pokies for free. Many times, the casinos offer those on a newly launched game to promote it. And free spins give you a chance to play the pokies for real money without risking your bankroll.

3. It is the only chance of getting something free from casinos

Yes, even if the prize is nothing worth bragging about, you actually get something for free from a casino. Wagering requirements slim down the chances of winning something substantial. And don’t forget the withdrawal limits, making it impossible to win millions through a free spins bonus. But still, you can make a few hundred dollars by using them (don’t forget to withdraw your winnings).

Cons of free spins


1. A free spins bonus is anything but free

Online casinos don’t offer charity, and they absolutely do not like giving gifts. So, it’s evident that free spins promotions bring in a lot of profits for them. First, you have to sign up on the site so that they can bug you with new offers (yes, those promotion emails come free with the welcome bonus).

Some other sites require you to deposit some amount before withdrawing the winnings. And you are likely to continue playing more after you deposit money. And who knows, you might become their long-term customer.

Lastly, the free spins are valid only for a certain period. And usually, the number of spins does not comply with the number of days.

2. You can use the free spins only on selected games

Like we discussed before, online casinos offer free spins on their new games for promotion. Pokie machine lovers love to play new pokies and check out their features. Moreover, you get to try these for free without putting your bankroll at risk.

The flipside of this is that you cannot use the free spins on any other game. The conditions restrict you to one specific game. And if you don’t like the game, then your welcome bonus is pretty much wasted.

3. The odds don’t favour you much

Many people do not expect a million dollars from free spins. As you’re are likely to lose your winnings while chasing the playthrough. This does not mean that they are useless and cannot be used for some advantage. It would be best if you did not keep high hopes from free spins. It’s just that they do not get converted into real money that easily. You can do good without the free spins too.