Play League of Legends and Earn Money – Top 7 Ways for Normal Players

Everybody likes to win, whether it’s in League, monopoly, or in real life. In League, you get rewarded with LP after winning a game which feels satisfying until you finally reach the rank you have worked for and desired. At that point, winning solo queue doesn’t feel rewarding, and playing it seems pointless altogether as there is not a motivating factor behind it. Money, on the other hand, is always a strong motivator in life and there are ways you can make money by playing your favorite game. Luckily, there are ways you can monetize your League skills and make some decent money while playing against other competitively-oriented players.

1. Turbosmurfs InHouses

In recent years, InHouses have immensely increased in popularity as players try to find a way to play in a competitive environment without AFKs and trolls. Nowadays, the best InHouse tournaments are hosted on the Turbosmurfs Discord, which is a popular place for high elo players with a competitive mindset. By participating in these InHouse matches, you will be awarded credits which you can exchange for premium lootboxes containing skins. If you end up being among the top 5 players with the most MVP performances, the most games played, or among the top 10 players with the highest custom MMR, you will win large cash prizes as well as smurf accounts with a lot of BE. You can also win by just being active and playing most amount of the games etc.

2. Challenger Mode



This website focuses on hosting competitive daily tournaments in every popular multiplayer game, with League being one of the most dominant games on the platform. There are tournaments with various unique themes such as duo, 1v1 ARAM as well as 5v5 team tournaments. The most alluring aspect is the fact that the entry is completely free and they are hosted on a pretty regular basis which means you’ll find tournaments with open spots at almost any given time of the day. If you are a loner and you don’t have a team you play with on a regular basis, you shouldn’t be discouraged from joining these tournaments. Luckily, Challenger Mode created an option in which you can sign up as a free agent. Additionally, you can also explore their in-built duo/team finder which will certainly help you connect with other players who are missing a partner or two.


If you’re someone who prefers a long-term approach to earning money instead of participating in a tournament, Challenger Mode’s ladders are perfect for you. The ladders work in a way in which you earn points for good performances in the ranked solo queue. To be more precise, you earn points for your top 20 ranked performances in a certain time period. Most commonly, these performances are tracked on a weekly basis, and if you’re among the top 8 players, you receive a cash prize.

3. Buff

Buff is a downloadable application that tracks your in-game achievements and provides you with various rewards upon completing them. While it doesn’t earn you cash directly, you can earn items that usually cost money, which evens out in the end. Based on your level, you will get different quests that reward you with buff currency which can be exchanged for unique items in the shop. These quests are very basic such as “heal your allies” or “inflict damage to your opponents” and they are generally easily completable by simply playing and grinding games. There are numerous items available such as cd keys, steam wallet credits, and Amazon gift cards, but the most lucrative ones are the RP codes. Once you have obtained an RP card, you can exchange it for in-game RP once you have collected enough buff.

4. Battlefy


Much like Challenger Mode, Battlefy is a website that hosts daily tournaments for players who want to test their mettle against the best. However, there is a key difference between the two. Battlefy, unlike Challenger Mode, hosts a lot of tournaments whose main prizing lies in large RP prizes which can be convenient if you were planning to spend the cash you have earned on RP anyway. Generally speaking, there are fewer tournaments with cash prizes on the website. However, the tournaments that have cash prizes have incredibly high prize pools, some of which exceed hundreds of dollars. Naturally, those tournaments are incredibly competitive, which can be exciting if you are looking to play against very high elo opposition.

5. Repeat

Repeat is another tournament host whose main purpose is to match competitively-oriented players against each other. Repeat is a Riot-approved website that requires no download and you connect to the website by attaching your server and summoner name. You can join various tournaments against other players that revolve around your solo queue performances. After you have joined a tournament, the website will automatically track your crucial solo queues stats such as wins and KDA based on your match history. You compete against other players in a leaderboard tournament, and if you reach the top 5 spots, you are rewarded with coins or direct cash. If you end up receiving and collecting a certain sum of coins instead of cash, you can exchange it for RP cards or other goodies in Repeat’s marketplace.

6. Paid coaching


If you are confident enough in your League of Legends skills and knowledge, coaching may be a viable option for earning money as you play. Nowadays, players are desperate enough to improve and reach high elo that they would pay someone to teach them how to get better. This method has gotten increasingly popular over the last few years and there are a lot of freelance League coaches online. Assuming that you are just starting out, conducting free coaching lessons on Discord is a good way to make a name for yourself until you are ready to start charging for your work.

7. eFlamingo

Unlike the websites we previously mentioned, eFlamingo is unique in the sense that you play money matches instead of an entire tournament. If you are someone who loves trading and in-lane combat, you will excel in matches like these. The logic behind it is fairly straightforward. You play wagers against other competitive players in a 1v1 or 2v2 format and the winner takes all of the cash. All of the matches are played on Howling Abyss and you can win a match by killing the opponent, destroying their first tower, or reaching 100 minion kills. Additionally, the website has a referral program that grants you free funds that you can use to play these money matches.