PGL Is Going to Host the Upcoming CS:GO Major

The CS: GO Majors are on everyone’s radars – especially for people who have been playing the game for years. Now that a new year is here, eSports enthusiasts are looking forward to 2024’s first Major. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the news to come – PGL Esports is going to host the first Major.

The PGL Announcement


Yes, it’s true – the announcement just came, and it seems that PGL will be the host of this year’s first CSGO Major. So, book this date in your calendar – the 19th of May 2024. The location will be in Belgium, Antwerp to be more precise.

The tournament will be spectacular thanks to the participating teams, but also considering the generous prize pool – $1 million. The venue is Antwerps Sportpaleis, and it can accommodate 23,000 individuals.

PGL made the announcement on their Twitter page.

It sounded like this: “We are delighted to announce that PGL will host the first Major of the year, PGL CS: GO MAJOR ANTWERP 2024, in Belgium.” 

Everyone remembers the marvelous PGL Stockholm major – that’s why they were looking forward to the newest CS: GO Major. PGL definitely listened to people’s prayers by organizing another CS: GO Major. Starting from the 9th of May 2024, we’ll see the preliminary rounds, and between the 19th of May and the 22nd of May, we’ll watch the playoffs.

Many events were canceled starting from 2020, leaving eSports enthusiasts wishing for more exciting tournaments. That’s why people were quite happy to see the PGL Stockholm major. Indeed, the broadcast was not perfect – despite this, the fans enjoyed watching and supporting their favorite teams. Now, PGL considered Belgium is the best place to host 2024’s first Major.

“Belgium has an impressive Counter-Strike fanbase, and many legendary players were born in this country. We are ready to offer an incredible experience for the fans inside the arena and the passionate viewers at home,” declared the CEO of PGL, Silviu Stroie.

The Reaction of the Fans

Although the news may seem exciting and anyone would think that fans would be full of joy upon hearing it, the reaction was not as positive as expected. In fact, many fans were unhappy with PGL organizing the CS: GO Major.

The Stockholm Major may have been amazing, but it wasn’t the best. It was quite chaotic, which is what has fans so worried about the Belgium Major. The last Major that was organized by PGL experienced broadcast issues, as it cut out fully sometimes, and the audio had issues as well. Besides this, sometimes, the commentators were too loud, other times, you could barely hear them. Also, you couldn’t hear the crowd noise.

“The PGL major is great, they just need to work on the custom HUD, sponsor banners, player cams, player logos, player profile pictures, replays, audio, delays, view model settings, and observing kills,” said H4RR3 on Twitter regarding the last Major.

Towards the end of the tournament, things got better. Still, that particular Major is not considered the best. Therefore, fans are worried that the same thing may happen with this year’s major.

What Can We Expect from This Year’s Major?


Even though the last tournament they organized was not the best, PGL is still a professional organization. They have been hosting events for around two decades now. What happened during the last Major cannot be excused, but this was just one bad production among the numerous successful events hosted by the company.

Also, there was a change regarding the tournament’s rulebooks. Until recently, the organizer wrote the Major’s rulebooks, and Valve offered some extra rules.

“Those supplemental rules have evolved and have not always been easy for fans or tournament organizers to find,” says the dev team of CS: GO. “To reduce confusion over those supplemental rules, we have compiled our requirements into a public document that can be viewed here.”

The upcoming CS: GO Major is a much-awaited event and fans now have something to look forward to. If you want to keep up with the details regarding the Belgium Major, you should check out regularly.

About CS: GO

CS:GO is a first person shooter (FPS) made by Valve as part of the Counter Strike franchise. The game is also available for purchase on Steam.



In CS:GO, teams play against each other in an attempt to reach 16 rounds first or alternatively, whoever can reach 16 rounds before the other team reaches 8 rounds wins automatically. Each round consists of both players and teams buying and equipping their weapons and purchasing equipment such as grenades and kevlar vests to protect them from damage so they can move around the map safely .

After each half, there is a small break time where money spent on equipment will be reset and players can switch guns if they want to with no penalty. Players who were killed cannot buy again until the next round. The teams will then switch sides and start from where they left off in the previous half, with the team that won the last round starting on a higher amount of money.

These are some common terms used in CS:GO matches to help new players get used to them before playing their first games or if they watch professional streamers or tournaments.

A term used to describe when you are killed by another player.

Some other common terminologies are “TK” which is short for Team Kill, typically an accidental kill between teammates . Team Kills can have penaltys depending on how severe it is so it’s important not to accidently TK someone whilst playing competitively.

The history of Counter Strike

Counter-Strike is a first person shooter game created originally for PC’s by Valve in 2000. A version of the game for Macs was released shortly after along with an updated version which included various fixes but no new content. It was later updated again to have brand new maps, characters and weapons added into the game. CS also had single player campaigns added into it named “Bomb Scenario” where you could play alone or with other people on your friends list against bots in certain maps . The Bomb Scenario has since been removed from all versions of the game, but would become famous during its early days when Youtubers were showcasing their gameplay online or becoming viral through memes on social media sites such as Reddit.

CS: GO was announced in 2011 and would be a remake of the original Counter Strike with better graphics, new maps and weapons to use during gameplay. In 2012, the beta version of the game received over 250,000 pre-orders which lead to its eventual release for PC’s on August 21st 2012. CS: GO has since then been updated periodically with new features including skins that can be bought from online stores . With professional players also becoming more popular due to their constant uploading of gameplay highlight montages onto youtube , it has encouraged a lot of casual players into taking up competitive gaming as well.

The development team (Valve) stated that they do not want to make any money off the game directly but instead plans to focus on updating it with new features regularly so it can be played by everyone for free .

The previous Counter Strike games were released under the business name “Valve Corporation” but CS:GO has been released under “Hidden Path Entertainment”.