6 Gaming Technologies To Look Out For In 2024

The video game business has undergone significant change over the past several years, with both the growth of independent game studios and the delaying of game releases by major studios.

New breakthroughs and improving technologies will launch the gaming business into hyperdrive in 2024.

Consumers have enjoyed gaming experiences for decades, and gaming tech has been a major component of the entertainment sector. In addition to new casino games on playcrococasinobonuses.com, what should you anticipate in the gaming world in 2024?

1. AR and VR Devices

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Nearly no other gaming medium can compare to Virtual and Augmented Reality to provide a compelling first-person experience. The introduction of Pokemon Go catapulted augmented reality games into the mainstream overnight.

The demand for more immersive experiences and the increasing prevalence of AR and VR solutions built into mobile and wearable devices drive this expansion. Analysts predict a decline in the cost of virtual reality headsets over the next few years.

Virtual reality headsets and controllers, for instance, give players a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

In contrast to virtual reality games, augmented reality games place digital sounds and objects in the player’s actual surroundings. It is a big part of what makes the presentation so interesting and approachable. Increased smartphone availability has allowed developers to incorporate AR into games.

2. eSports

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Esports refers to competitive and interactive video games. Teams and solo players from the professional Esports scene face off in these games.

Professional gamers and spectators alike can experience a real-life tournament setting.

Game designers have included cutting-edge features like live matches and spectators to give Esports tournaments the feel of real sports.

By 2025 the global esports industry is predicted to be worth more than $3.5 billion. When it comes to developments in game technology, esports is in a class of its own.

3. Cloud Gaming

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Cloud computing is the latest innovation in the video game market. When playing in the cloud, gamers rarely need to download and run updates. Game streaming from the cloud eliminates the need for a dedicated gaming system.

Cloud Gaming has solved an issue for millions of gamers by making it possible to play AAA games on their browser. All you need is a good internet connection. Technology giants like Google have shown interest in the rapidly growing cloud gaming market. With the assistance of the top game developer, many gaming companies today can host their products on their servers, making them available to gamers all over the world.

A subscription to a cloud gaming service is inexpensive, and players have a good time doing it. The most appealing aspect of cloud video games is their convenience in terms of location and device.

4. Fitness Gaming

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The stereotype that video gamers are sedentary couch potatoes has long since faded. Recently, there have been video games that actually cause you to work up a sweat and shed pounds, making them useful for fitness. You guessed it; we’re discussing video games that encourage physical exercise.

Widespread evidence shows that fitness video games are an effective way to get in shape, and an increasing number of people are adopting this approach daily. There has been a steady rise in the popularity of fitness gaming, often known as Active Video Games (AVG). It has recently experienced a boom in interest and expansion.

As such, fitness gaming is among the most talked about developments in the field of 3D video games in the year 2024.

5. Multiplayer Mobile Gaming

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Mobile games with many players engaging in friendly competitions have exploded in popularity over the past year. Multiplayer video games have proven to be a key gaming theme of 2024, and they will continue leading 2024, thanks to the rise of eSports as a worldwide phenomenon, as well as the fast success of titles such as PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, the social interaction and sense of accomplishment gained from triumphing over other participants in a multiplayer mode aid in keeping gamers engaged. A growing number of players are willing to spend real money on games only to keep playing.

In 2024, there are no signs of a decline in the popularity of online multiplayer games among players.

6. Blockchain Gaming

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Because they combine two things everyone wants, money and fun, play-to-earn video games are a relatively new phenomenon in the gaming world, yet one that will continue to develop.

The value of a gamer’s token in the most popular play-to-earn games is determined by the amount of fiat currency and the token’s liquidity. Because of this, many projects employ non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a means of initial token support, allocating a percentage of their revenues to this purpose until people begin investing in the token.

Once that’s done, it is up to the game’s programmers to design a sustainable token economy that generates and consumes tokens fairly and predictably while providing compelling and enjoyable gameplay to keep the players invested for reasons other than financial gain.


These will be the biggest 3D gaming developments of 2024, and they’ll only get bigger when more people start playing with the latest hardware. It’s safe to say that 2024 will be the best year for video games since 2017.

The video game industry as a whole is in constant flux, changing in tandem with both new technologies and players’ preferences. Growing developer rivalry is another key force that will advance the industry.