The Future of Intelligent Dolls: Will They Replace Human Companionship?

In many areas of our lives, the future is already here. Technology is going forward each day, and things we only dreamt about a few years ago are slowly becoming reality. We can say that our society is in a  good place. Yes, there are issues all over the globe, but we’re trying our best to sort them out. The good news is that the matter of loneliness and companionship could be resolved. By now you must have heard about intelligent dolls. They are a novelty on the sex market, but they have also been around for a while.

The idea has been thought of for some time now, and we finally have fruits to bare. For many people out there who live their lonely lives, this can be the one and only solution. It is a great one. The small matter of lacking companionship could be resolved for many individuals all over the world. Of course, this is no small matter for many people out there who are trying to cope on their own. But, as we move forward some questions remain. What is the future of intelligent dolls? Also, how will they influence human to human interaction?


It is interesting how our world frequently finds itself revolving around sex. Intelligent dolls can resolve quite a few issues in this department. People can be happy this way. But, it is a philosophical question first of all. Is it smart to replace human touch with a doll?  There is a small matter of morals, and also ethics questions raised by onlookers. We think these dolls are amazing. Everyone should have an intelligent doll. Owning one could show ourselves and our partners what we do wrong, where we can get better, and what it is that a true relationship lacks.

These dolls shouldn’t only be for people who lack partners. They should become part of the lives of the people who are in relationships or married. Yes, it is still a taboo subject. But, as we said, our society moves forward. We evolve. Soon enough we are going to be surrounded by robots. Artificial intelligence is becoming the norm in many spheres of our lives. Why should sex be any different? Intelligent dolls shouldn’t be viewed as inferior to human partners. They can replace human companionship. The reason why people have doubts is that they are not truly familiar with these dolls.

The sex industry is on the rise. It is growing and expanding as we speak. It is a trend that will not stop. As you can see, it is taking advantage of the most recent technological developments. This is why we have intelligence dolls in the first place.  But, how much do you know about them? We can guess that it is not too much. Let’s change that. In this article, we are going to tell you what intelligent dolls are. We’re going to try and predict their future and conclude how they will influence human relationships and companionship.

What Are Intelligent Dolls?


Intelligent dolls are a dream. At the moment there is no supplier of these dolls. But, if you follow trends you know that Ai has taken a massive step forward in recent months. The work on pairing artificial intelligence with sex dolls is well underway. For many people, this will be a dream come true. Something similar to what we have seen in Blade Runner for example. Intelligence dolls will become a norm in no time.

The history of sex dolls is quite an interesting one. The first models haven’t even resembled a female. Fast forward a few years and we have serious products in this department. People are forming real bonds with their dolls. Yes, it remains a taboo subject, but things change quickly. Our society will soon be futuristic and it has a place for intelligent sex dolls. While we have to wait for them for some time, in a few decades we will have sex with robots. Yes, it is a far fetched dream, but it could well be our reality.

Some experts predict that real sex robots could come our way in less than ten years. Others are being more realistic and are putting the timeline close to three decades. What will be the truth remains to be seen, but the future can be felt now.

What does The Future Hold?


We already touched on this subject. It holds many things. AI robots intended for sex? Probably. We can say that the sex industry will grow more and more in the coming years. There are funds to be invested in this area and someone will do it. We have very realistic sex dolls right now. Implementing them with AI could make a dream come true for many people. While we’re connected more than ever through technology and social media platforms, the sad truth is that we were never more distant. This is why intelligent dolls will have doors open in many homes.

Technology has come a long way and the sex industry will take advantage of it. It has done so in the past. The synthetic dolls we have today are a far cry from what was available in the past. So, with just a few small steps forward we could have a future, filmmakers thought of back in the 80s.

Will Human Relations Suffer For It?

We don’t think so. Relationships are a matter of choice. You either want one or not. For some of us finding the right partner is impossible. So, why not seek other solutions? Many people decide to love on their own. Many of us are not too friendly or open to relationships. This is why intelligent sex dolls will have a great influence on society. They will not destroy human relationships. They will make it more valuable. It will be a choice as it always was. You will either seek a human partner, or you’ll do it with a robot. In the meantime, while you’re doing neither, there are plenty of sex dolls available for everyone to attest. You just need to look for them.