Will Esports Be A Part Of Olympics?

The Olympics is a sporting event held every four years where thousands of athletes from around the world compete in summer and winter sports. The idea for holding this event was based on the ancient Olympic Games that were held in Ancient Greece a long time ago. This idea was first born in 1894. Over the years, the number of participants competing in the disciplines has increased, as have the disciplines themselves. So today we can see that athletes from almost all countries of the world compete as participants.

This sporting event over time increases its audience and sports fans are looking forward to watching it both on TV screens and physically attending the competition. Over time, we have seen several controversial events involving individual competitors, but this has not been a reason to reduce the interest of spectators to stop watching the Olympics. Because not only controversial events occur but we also have the opportunity to see some personal and world record-breaking which makes this competition even more exciting.

But will the organizers and committee of the Olympic Games introduce disciplines of e-sports competition alongside traditional sports competitions?

This question has long been asked by the audience as well as by people who are professionally engaged in video gaming. As we know the gaming industry has grown dramatically in recent times. We are witnessing gaming competitions that take place every year where people participate and compete, such as the Dota tournament, and this event is followed by millions of spectators from their homes.

One of the reasons why we have not had the opportunity to see sports events at the Olympics so far is precisely because these games are focused on the traditional sports that we can see on the field. However, this can change at any time, you should not lose hope. Take for example skateboarding, which was first introduced as a competitive discipline at this year’s Tokyo Games. So far we have not had the opportunity to see a competition of this type. Fortunately, this game received a lot of positive reviews from the audience and was welcomed by them. Because of this historic moment, one should not lose hope that one day we will see and it is the sports matches at the Olympics, it is only a matter of time when they will be presented.

There are several reasons why video gaming fans should see their representatives on this scene and these are the following:

The huge audience

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As mentioned earlier, the audience that is interested in watching these gaming matches is huge, it counts millions of followers. So if the organizers decide to include these sports in their list, they will further increase their audience and viewership. The Olympics need these spectators because today’s young people rarely watch traditional sports and they would rather watch a Dota tournament than curling for example.

It can be said that video gaming is a kind of sport

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Video gaming is much more than just a hobby that people use to fill their free time and have fun. There are many individuals who have put a lot of effort, time, and continuous hours of play to enter a match or tournament such as the Counter-Strike tournament and have the opportunity to fight for first place with their team. Just as for some disciplines in traditional sports, athletes work hard, exercise regularly, train to be number one in the world, so in the gaming world, people invest a lot to be number one in a game. So we can freely say that both traditional sports and esports have a lot in common.

Can be introduced as a separate section

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At the Olympics, we have the opportunity to see a special group of sports that are held in parallel with the traditional games. This section is called Demonstration Sports. Sports such as bowling are held here, but the winners of the competitions do not receive medals for first, second, or third place. So the organizers can decide whether to include sports in these disciplines. From the inclusion of video gaming as a demonstration sport, they can see whether the audience will be interested in further following this section or not. So if there is a huge interest from the spectators, maybe in the near future we can expect the conditions to change, and the competitors to start receiving medals as in other sports.

But until we get the official green light from the Olympic Committee, all we have to do is follow the world competitions that have been held so far. But not everything is as bad as we think. Although they are not part of the Olympics, we still have the opportunity to watch, cheer and bet on our favorite teams competing in tournaments. If you want to bet on your favorite CSGO team, you can do so on this webpage. You can spot a number of sites where you can place bets on your favorite team and watch live tournaments. As a positive feature, we can mention that some of the sites are crypto-friendly, so you have a unique opportunity to use cryptocurrency as a means of betting. Do not forget to take advantage of the bonuses offered on some of them, all you need to do is register on the site and you can already place a bet on your favorite team.

Unfortunately, so far we have not been given the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of e-sports at the Olympic Games. However, this does not mean that this decision will not change in the near future. Esports has a huge potential to be part of this magnificent event, with the dose of entertainment they offer and the huge base of followers. Maybe in the next four or eight years, we will witness the introduction of video gaming as a separate discipline of the Olympics. Until then, we have only one thing left to do, and that is to follow the tournaments that are held outside the Olympics and to bet on our favorite teams to win first place.