Bonus in the Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is a dynamic and exhilarating event for both the spectator especially the bettors. It is one of the most anticipated events of all time and the spectators go frenzy during the game until it finishes. Bettors can watch it live, on live television, or on the internet.

Gambling enthusiasts who are also sports fans get in touch with their sportsbook ahead of time to place a bet on an upcoming event. Virtual punters negotiate with an online bookie to know their edge in betting on a certain game or player.

While Casino bonus deals are offered in betting sites like CasinoGrizzly, that provide conventional casino games played virtually, sports bettors also look for ways to enjoy bonuses they can get. Having an efficient bookie seemed satisfying knowing that there is a big chance of winning but if you can get a chance to bet for free during one of the games, now this is more fun.

The Betting Bonuses

Let it be known that a number of bonuses are open to the player right after making a deposit. Certain requirements are usually stated in the Terms and Conditions of the site so it is advised to read it and if possible discuss it with the representative of the site.

A welcome bonus or commonly known as a sign-up bonus is typically offered and can be claimed by the player but it has a time frame. It has to be used at a limited time because it will be forfeited if not used in a given period.

The majority of the sportsbook offers welcome bonuses, especially to the novice free to bet, and a deposit match-up bonus.

Free bet


Bettors are offered free bets or free play after making a deposit. Although this type of incentive will be offered again in the future this is also typically offered to entice the players in making a signup. The bookie will present an odds where you can place a bet before you can claim the free bet.

Free bet is actually a portion of the deposit of the player which came in deferred payment and if the player will wager using Free Bet, it will be automatically removed from the Free Bet balance if the player was given a $ 500 free bet and decided to use the $ 200 then the balance will drop to $ 300 regardless if the player wins or losses.

Deposit Match-Up Bonus

The deposit of the player will be doubled when the player wins. Some sites offer 100% and others will match up your deposit which means that if you make a deposit amounting to $ 500, you will be offered $300.

The Price Boost

This type of bonus is offered not just to the newbies to the site but also to the regular bettors which are being offered at the bookmaker’s site. Players have to increase their bet so they can maximize their payout in case the team or the player you are betting on wins.

Players can also wager in different sports using Price Boost. Price boost reset every 24 hours hence if you fail to increase your bet, you might not get your payout in case of winning.

Clearing Bonus


In clearing one’s bonus the player just has to wager the required amount in order to clear the bonus. Players can use betting parlays since it allows players to bet several times on the same amount.

Another one is the sure-bet arbitrage and this is done by locking in the profit. This style of bet is a type of strategy that allows the player to place a bet on all outcomes.


Rollover can be a bit challenging since the player cannot get the required bonus unless they have fulfilled the requirement. Players have to agree with the rate when accepting the bonus and then must meet the requirement before they can cash out.

The majority of the sites offer a bonus that comes with rollover and the first deposits must be used as a stake before the player can use the bonus. This is implemented to be sure that the player has a good betting experience.

The Reload Bonus

This is perhaps the most favored by both players and bookmakers. The Reload bonus is given by the bookmaker to the player after the latter had deposited a number of times at the betting site. After the player makes a reload, the bookmaker automatically gives the player an incentive. Players can use it to pay for their favorite matches or other sports games.

A reload bonus is usually a bit lower than the welcome bonus but it is still beneficial to the player since it gives an opportunity to the player to wager for free.

A reload bonus is also known as a renewal bonus. A reload is an indication of the player’s loyalty toward the casino site. How can reload bonus be claimed? By simply making a deposit again to the company, the site will give a 50% reload bonus for the player to play and can be used on any sports site available

VIP Programs

Betting sites honor the player who usually makes a bigger deposit and is loyal to the casino site. Some sites give cash bonuses and other VIP programs which need to be used. It is generally lower than the welcome deposit but since it is free money, there is a big chance of winning using the VIP bonus and increasing one’s bankroll.

This reward program may not be available on some sites or might not be offered by bookmakers so it is advised that players should check first.

Final Insight:

It is best for players to know various bonuses offered by your sportsbook and this must be used to one’s advantage. Many of these benefits give you a chance to hit the jackpot and the possibility of doubling your winnings. Some bonuses match your deposits hence allowing you to bet more without losing all your deposit on the site. More bonuses are enjoyed by virtual punters and even reap more rewards as well if they know how to play well.