5 Worst Football Players in the World 2024

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Over the period of time, football has been modernised. Nowadays, it is not about physicality only, tactics also play a crucial role in football. It is a team sport, but some players hold the ability to win the match for their team single handedly. On the other side, there are players which are rated as the worst football players. Today, we have accumulated the top 5 worst footballers in the world.

5. Royston Drenthe

Source: sillyseason.com

Real Madrid signed him in 2008. Till date, he is seen as the worst signing of the club. Leaving the opposition’s fans aside, Royston Drenthe was not liked by Madrid’s fans. He was booed by Real Madrid’s fans at the Santiago Bernabeu.

4. Chris Kamara

Source: shoot.co.uk

Chris Karmara is one of the funniest commentators and an analyst but his football career was equally funny and painful. He played his professional football in the lower division. Kamara’s compilation of poor touches and mistakes are still available on the internet.

3. Gus Caesar

Source: arsenal.com

Gus Caesar’s time with Arsenal was termed as Frozen Rabbit by the Arsenal fans. His defensive skills used to help the away team rather than the home team. Caesar’s performance in the 1988 League Cup finals against Luton town was still regarded as the worst performance by an Arsenal player.

2. Massimo Taibi

Source: spartagk.com

Taibi was the replacement of Peter Schmeichel. He was bought by Manchester United for $4.5 million. He conceded more goals rather than saving them. Massimo Taibi had buttery fingers and he conceded numerous goals underneath his legs and fingers. He only made four appearances for the Red Devils before moving out of the club.

1. Ali Dia

Source: skysports.com

He is considered as the worst footballer in the world. Dia had a really short and drastic professional career. His friend called then Southampton manager Graeme Souness. He convinced Ali Dia to be his cousin and played for French club Paris Saint Germain. Dia was given a one month contract. Ali Dia made a substitute appearance and 32 minutes later was subbed off. This was all from his professional career with Southampton.

These were the worst-ranked players, but we also talked about the best ones on the field. Check it out!