Why do People Love Live Football Streaming?

In the information age, postponing something even an hour could spoil the fun.

And that’s why people love live streaming the matches. For one thing, it keeps the thrill of what’s happening next. Plus, the audience knows what they will miss if they don’t stream it live.

Suspense, FOMO, and instantaneousness!

That’s is the short story. Guess what? It is a complete story too.

Still, if you want to read the long story, scroll down to find out the reasons why people love live football streaming.

People are hooked to their screens as if they are present in the moment

Source: insidersport.com

Imagine your favorite football being played in your own city. What would you do? Don’t buy the tickets?

No, you will do everything and pull all the strings you can get your tickets.

And that’s what live-stream promises to the users.

A way to connect with the match and watch it as if you are present in the moment.

Of course, the emotions weigh in, like being present in the stadium itself. The fun, the what’s next part, the penalties — the emotions remain the same. And that’s what keeps people hooked to their screens right from the very start to the very end.

Believe it or not, some people postpone natural calls too (?,?) just to experience — what’s coming!

People save money

A streaming app can help you stream and join the fun for much less money than going to the stadium.

That’s why people pay a few bucks and subscribe to streaming platforms that allow them to watch live football instead of miss the unlimited fun. Click here for best Apps for Live TV & Sports if you want to stream live football!

And the best thing is: snacks cost less too.

People save time

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Again, the same logic applies here. Not choosing to go to the stadium, people save a lot of money. But also, the time.

The time to travel, the time to buy the tickets, and everything that takes time just goes to the stadium.

Of course, the fun will be of the next level. But the thrill always has a price. And when the price is time, most people choose to save it and settle for less.

But then again, that doesn’t spoil the fun, does it? People still get to watch the football match at that very instant.

People crave the intimacy

Stadiums are fun for sure. But there’s a rule: sit far away and watch the miniature versions of your player.

And that’s the best thing about streaming it. People can see the faces the emotions involved (even in repeats and slo-mo).

And people love that more than just sitting at the stadium and confusing themselves between watching it on the screen or focusing on the ground.

Live streaming may be virtual. But it feels natural when you are actually watching. After all, that is the basis of virtual reality games, on a second note.

The virtual nature of the live game is less of a concern to them. It’s more about the intimacy they build with other people.

Football Bars are fun, and stadiums aren’t — it’s that simple!

Source: frenchmoments.eu

Alcohol and football make the perfect combination (i.e., when you aren’t actually on the field) for people to get immersive and leave all their worries aside for a minute.

And while it may not be a big deal every day, you should see the prices of booking football bars on the day of an event. For example, the price of booking for an hour could be more than US$ 25K. It is that simple!

That’s how much people love sports and alcohol.

Of course, most choose to blend them both at home!

Yes, you can drink during the break time and before starting the match while watching at the stadium too. But where’s the fun in that?

It has to go hand in hand. Together. Vis a vis.

Avoid dealing with the stress

Traffic, arranging tickets, fear of getting late, standing in the line, an argument with someone, ensuring to buy the snack — on and on. Going to the stadium involves taking a lot of stress.

And that’s what people hate in the 21st century. Alternative: streaming apps!

Live streaming is the best alternative to not miss on the excitement while not taking stress.

Reasons why you should love watching live football from home

Source: cnn.com

While we have discussed why people love watching live football, let’s discover why should you also love watching live football from home too:

  • Better audio/video quality

Yes, field-level seats may offer the live experience, they come in exchange for a lot of money. Plus, you get a better experience right from your cozy couch!

  • Multiple angles, more intimacy

Again, the zoom-in effects allow you to be more intimate emotionally with the players. On the other hand, your intimate connection might be with the person sitting in the next chair and fighting for the armrest when it comes to the stadium.

  • Bond with family, friends, and colleagues

Arguing about your best players, past games, penalty or not, could better connect you with your family, friends, and colleagues. Moreover, it will give you several conversation starters for the days to come. All you have to do is invite them to your home, maybe throw in a small hosting party or something.

So, yeah! Live football can help you build genuine connections too.


As mentioned, the short story was a long story.

Live streaming delivers a more intimate connection with the players and the match than sitting in the stadium itself.

And people have realized that.

Also, live streaming is but a new experience for people.

People in Ancient Rome didn’t have the technology of watching the gladiators fight from their mobile screens.

But that is not the case anymore.

It’s up to people. And people choose live streaming. It is as simple as that.