Vojvodjanska Liga Istok (Vojvodina Football League East): A Thriving Competition in Serbian Football

Vojvodjanska Liga Istok (Vojvodina Football League East – VFL East) is a regional football league in Serbia at the fourth tier of competition. The league was formed in 2014 after the reorganization of competitions in the territory of the Vojvodina Football Association. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history and current state of the league.


VFL East was discontinued in 2014 during the reorganization of competitions, but it was re-established as the Banat Zone. Finally, before the start of the 2016/17 season, the league was given its current name of “Vojvodjanska Liga Istok”.

The league consists of teams from various cities in eastern Serbia and includes teams such as Smederevo, Pozarevac, Kraljevo, and Kragujevac.

Current State

The league is currently at the fourth tier of football competitions in Serbia, below the Serbian League Vojvodina and above the PFL Zrenjanin and PFL Pancevo.

The champion of the league goes directly to the Serbian League Vojvodina, making the league even more challenging and competitive. The league also places a strong emphasis on player development, which is important for the future of football in the region.

The Best Clubs in Vojvodina Football League East

Clubs in Vojvodina Football League East

From well-established clubs with a rich history to up-and-coming talents, these clubs are making waves in the football world. So, let’s delve into the top clubs of the VFL East and find out what sets them apart.

  1. Sloboda Novi Kozarci, Novi Kozarci
  2. Vojvodina 1928 Perlez, Perlez
  3. Radnički Kovin, Kovin
  4. Radnički Zrenjanin, Zrenjanin
  5. Begej Žitište, Žitište
  6. Krajina Krajišnik, Krajišnik
  7. Borac Starčevo, Starčevo
  8. Zadrugar Lazarevo, Lazarevo
  9. AFK Ada, Ada
  10. Jedinstvo Novi Bečej, Novi Bečej
  11. Kozara Banatsko Veliko Selo, Banatsko Veliko Selo
  12. Bačka Topola, Bačka Topola
  13. Vršac, Vršac
  14. OFK Kikinda, Kikinda
  15. Mladost Omoljica, Omoljica
  16. Banat Čenta, Čenta
  17. ŽAK Kikinda, Kikinda
  18. Sloga Plandište, Plandište
  19. Spartak Debeljača, Debeljača
  20. Proleter Banatski Karlovac, Banatski Karlovac
  21. Jedinstvo Banatsko Karadjordjevo, Banatsko Karadjordjevo
  22. Dolina, Padina
  23. Budućnost Srpska Crnja, Srpska Crnja
  24. Naftagas Elemir, Elemir
  25. Crvena zvezda Vojvoda Stepa, Vojvoda Stepa
  26. Radnički Sutjeska, Sutjeska
  27. Bačka 1901, Subotica
  28. Dinamo Pančevo, Pančevo

Champions history

Vojvodina east League Champions history

Vojvodina League East

Seasons Nb. Clubs Champions Points Runners up Points
2004–05 16 FK Radnik, Stari Tamiš 54 FK Crvena Zvezda, Vojvoda Stepa 48
2005–06 16 FK Jedinstvo, Vršac 69 FK Radnički, Sutjeska 59
2006–07 16 FK Spartak, Debeljača 62 FK Dolina, Padina 45
2007–08 16 OFK Kikinda, Kikinda 70 FK Dinamo, Pančevo 53
2008–09 18 FK Dolina, Padina 80 FK Dinamo, Pančevo 69
2009–10 18 FK Sloboda, Novi Kozarci 74 FK Bačka 1901, Subotica 73
2010–11 16 FK Zadrugar, Lazarevo 69 FK Bačka Topola, Bačka Topola 61
2011–12 16 FK Dinamo, Pančevo 68 FK Bačka 1901, Subotica 66
2012–13 16 FK Jedinstvo, Novi Bečej 74 FK Bačka 1901, Subotica 70
2013–14 16 FK Vršac, Vršac 62 FK TSC, Bačka Topola 55

Banat Zone League

Seasons Nb. Clubs Champions Points Runners up Points
2014–15 16 FK Železničar, Pančevo 57 FK Borac, Sakule 48
2015–16 16 FK Radnički, Zrenjanin 76 FK Kozara, Banatsko Veliko Selo 63

Vojvodina League East

Seasons Nb. Clubs Champions Points Runners up Points
2016–17 16 FK Dinamo 1945, Pančevo 77 FK Kozara, Banatsko Veliko Selo 75
2017–18 16 OFK Vršac, Vršac 70 FK Kozara, Banatsko Veliko Selo 68
2018–19 16 FK Kozara, Banatsko Veliko Selo 76 FK Vojvodina 1928, Perlez 62
2019–20 16 FK Sloboda, Novi Kozarci 41 FK Jedinstvo, Banatsko Karadjordjevo 40
2020–21 18 OFK Kikinda, Kikinda 75 FK Jedinstvo, Banatsko Karadjordjevo 69
2021–22 16 FK Naftagas, Elemir 66 FK Jedinstvo, Banatsko Karadjordjevo 58

Vojvodina League East is an important component of the football scene in Serbia. The league has managed to recover from being discontinued and has become a successful competition again, with teams involved in competitive and exciting matches.

The league also plays an important role in the development of young players, which is crucial for the future of football in the region. With that said, it is important to support your local lower-tier teams, and if you want to get into this amazing sport and show your appreciation for your favorite team, find out how to become the ultimate football fan and start a new hobby that you will certainly enjoy.