UEFA Champions League revenue fall: Check top earning clubs for 2019/20 season

UEFA recorded the Champions League revenue decreased in the 2019/20 season. Check who are the top-earning clubs despite a big drop in revenue for UEFA clubs.

The past two months were marked by significant events in the footballing world. In April, the formation of the controversial European Super League was announced which faced harsh condemnation and backlash and was eventually dissolved as the majority of the 12 teams pulled back from the league. One major reason for the foundation of a breakaway league was that the clubs were receiving less money from the Champions League.

UEFA Champions League revenue fall

UEFA has revealed a decrease in revenue for the teams that participated in its competitions in the 2019/20 season. The financial statistics of the UEFA Champions League2019/20 season and the data tends to support the plea of clubs with regards to less money.

The data is showing a drop in the overall revenue earned by the teams in the Champions League, Europa League and the Nations League as the finances were hit by the global pandemic.

In the 2018/19 season, the teams earned 3.093 billion euros. The revenue has dropped to 2.417 billion euros for the 2019/20 season. The income earned by the Champions League teams slumped from 1.96 billion euros in 2018/19 to 1.64 billion euros in 2019/20. In the Europa League, teams saw a decline from 559 million euros in the 18/19 season to 478 million euros in the 19/20 season.

Who are the top earnings clubs for the 2019/20 season?

Amongst the Champions League teams 2010/20 season, runner up Paris Saint-Germain earned the highest, with 126.80 million euros, followed by Champions Bayern Munich, who made 125.45 million euros.

Other high earning teams of the 2019/20 season included Barcelona who earned over 100m euros, followed by Manchester City with 94.74 million euros. Atletico Madrid gained 91.45 million euros while their city rivals Real Madrid earned 80.84 million euros. Liverpool and Chelsea earned 79.57 million euros and 78.56 million euros respectively.

top earnings clubs in the UEFA Champions League 2019/20 season

Thus, because of low revenue generation in the Champions League, it is not surprising that these clubs were keen on joining the Super League.

The clubs were enticed by the price tag of 300 million euros which they would have received on joining the Super League. But now they will earn only one-third of that amount through the Champions League.