La Liga Winners List 2024

The winner of the first La Liga was FC Barcelona who won in 1929 beating Real Madrid, lets see the list of all La Liga winners and the most successful club in La Liga.

It is one of the world’s most popular football leagues. The ‘Copa Del Rey’ was Spain’s national championship before the beginning of the Liga. With 20 competing teams, the League’s core structure embeds the dual-round robin format. Every season every team has a total of 38 matches, each with two matches against each other.

The 3 clubs worst in the league were relegated to the Second Division at the end of every season, and the top 3 teams in the division were promoted to the La Liga. There have been a total of 62 teams involved in the league over the years.

On the final day of the Spanish league, Atlético Madrid was crowned as the winner of La Liga 2024-2021. Including Atlético Madrid, only 9 other clubs have previously won La Liga. Let’s find out the most successful team in the history of the Spanish La Liga League.

Who has won most La Liga titles?

Real Madrid3423
Atlético Madrid1110
Athletic Bilbao87
Real Sociedad23
Deportivo La Coruña15
Real Betis10

In total, there have been nine different LaLiga champions in Spain. These are, in order of number of championships, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético, Athletic, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Betis, Sevilla and Deportivo la Coruña.

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Real Madrid has been 34 times championships of the League and is followed by FC Barcelona with 26 titles. In the previous decade, however, FC Barcelona, with its secret weapon, Lionel Messi, took over the league in a fury.

List of La Liga Winners 2024

SeasonWinnerRunner Up
2020-21Atletico MadridReal Madrid
2019-20Real MadridBarcelona
2018-19FC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2017-18FC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2016–17Real MadridFC Barcelona
2015–16FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2014–15FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2013–14Atlético MadridFC Barcelona
2012–13FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2011–12Real MadridFC Barcelona
2010–11FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2009–10FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2008–09FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2007–08Real MadridVillarreal
2006–07Real MadridFC Barcelona
2005–06FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2004–05FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2003–04ValenciaFC Barcelona
2002–03Real MadridReal Sociedad
2001–02ValenciaDeportivo La Coruña
2000–01Real MadridDeportivo La Coruña
1999–2000Deportivo La CoruñaFC Barcelona
1998–99FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
1997–98FC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1996–97Real MadridFC Barcelona
1995–96Atlético MadridValencia
1994–95Real MadridDeportivo La Coruña
1993–94FC BarcelonaDeportivo La Coruña
1992–93FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
1991–92FC BarcelonaReal Madrid
1990–91FC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1989–90Real MadridValencia
1988–89Real MadridFC Barcelona
1987–88Real MadridReal Sociedad
1986–87Real MadridFC Barcelona
1985–86Real MadridFC Barcelona
1984–85FC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1983–84Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1982–83Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1981–82Real SociedadFC Barcelona
1980–81Real SociedadReal Madrid
1979–80Real MadridReal Sociedad
1978–79Real MadridSporting de Gijón
1977–78Real MadridFC Barcelona
1976–77Atlético MadridFC Barcelona
1975–76Real MadridFC Barcelona
1974–75Real MadridZaragoza
1973–74FC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1972–73Atlético MadridFC Barcelona
1971–72Real MadridValencia

Over the leagues, many clubs have been part of the La Liga, with Real Madrid have won the most titles, i.e. 34, followed by Barcelona with 26 titles.