Football is the biggest sport in Sweden

Even though Sweden is a cold country in the northern Europe, Football is the biggest sport in the country. On the winter the country is mostly covered by snow, except in the most southern parts of sweden,

But the country has solved this by creating a lot of football fields with artificial grass. This way, they can train and play matches during the whole year with good quality.

Maybe it’s because of this that the country has produced many big football players during the last decades.

How the Swedish National Football Team missed World Cup 2022

It was certainly a big disappointment when the Swedish National Football team missed the chance to play in the 2022 world cup in Qatar. After many games were played in their World Cup qualification group, they were ahead by several points before the runner up in the group, Spain.

The Swedes only needed to bring home a few more points and their group-win would be secured. Unfortunately, they made some really bad games and lost some games against teams that they were favorites to win against.

In the end, they were runned over by Spain, which took the direct qualification spot from the group, leaving Sweden to a qualification Playoff.

The Playoff to World Cup

So the playoff contenders were drawn, and it ended with a first game against the Czech Republic. At this game Sweden managed to bring home the victory, leading them to the playoff final, against Poland.

The only thing was that Poland didn’t need to play their first qualification playoff game, because they were drawn to meet Russia. And as we all know, Russia were disqualified to compete in all sports because of their decision to start a war against Ukraine.

This meant that Poland didn’t need to play their first game, thus, they could rest and arrive with full energy for the final qualification game against Sweden.

But Sweden fought well, and the game could have gone in either way. Sweden missed a few great chances and Poland managed to take the lead in the 49th minute.

The Swedes tried to come back, but in the end, they were too tired and Poland could secure their win with the second goal of the evening.

Many Sweden blamed FIFA for this, and meant that another team should be given the opportunity to play against Poland instead of Russia, they meant that it would have been a more fair World Cup Qualification.

The biggest swedish players

Without doubt, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the biggest stars in Swedish football. He has won more than any other Swedish football player, and will probably be remembered as the best Swedish football player of all time.

Another big and famous player in Sweden is Emil Forsberg. He plays in RB Leipzig and is also the captain for the Swedish National team. He has been playing on the highest level for several years and has been one of the best players in the big national tournaments lately.

Both Zlatan and Emil are very open with the fact that they like to bet on sports and football in particular. However, they cannot bet when they are playing.

Bad bonus offers on many Football Betting sites

In the world of sports betting we are always targeted with different bonuses and promotions. It often sounds very good and the bonus offer sounds like free money, but most of the time it’s not.

If we look at the Swedish market, most of the betting sites offer welcome bonuses when signing up. But according to our reviews, several of those offers have requirements which really make the bonus useless.

Bonuses that sounds great, but aren’t

What betting sites usually do is offer a bonus offer that sounds amazing, but then add a bunch of requirements so the real value is really low.

For example: A betting site offers 1000 Swedish kronor in “odds-bonus”. But when you check the terms and conditions, you find this: Wager requirements are 6x and every bet has to be on at least 2.0 in odds.

What this means in practice is that you have to make a 50/50 bet and win it 6 times. Let’s have a look at the probability to make these kinds of bets
Bet1: 50%

Bet2; 25%

Bet3: 12.5%

Bet4: 6.25%

Bet5: 3.125%

Bet6: 1.5625

So in general, you have around 1.5 percent of making the requirements for this bonus without losing your money first. Of course this seems very low, and it is.

There are probably not many that clear these kinds of bonuses, so you should look for other types at Swedish betting sites.

How to find great Bonuses for football betting sites

At they review the bonus offers in detail, so you can use the ones with good value. Right now several Swedish Betting Sites with focus on football offer good welcome bonuses where you don’t have to read a book of terms and requirements.

For instance, right now two different sports sites double your money as soon as you deposit funds. The free-bet is added to your account immediately and you can use them to bet right away.

Except for this type of bonus, there are other types that also have great value, due to the generous wagering requirements. We can find a betting site which gives you a free bet up to 500 Swedish kronor, after you place your first bet.

This is really great because you get this free bet whether you win or lose. So make the first bet a safe one, and then enjoy your freebet and maybe take some higher risks with bigger odds.


As you now know, there are some things to remember when choosing a betting site for your football betting in Sweden. Always check the terms and conditions for a welcome bonus. If you don’t understand the requirements fully, it’s probably too complicated so you’ll do best to proceed to the next available bonus offer.