Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 Tips, Top Players, Rules & FPL Prizes

Fantasy Football: Fantasy Premier League 2024-22 tips, best players, points, chips, rules, prizes & how to play FPL game

As the Premier League 2024/22 season is set to begin, fantasy football players brace themselves for another season of fantasy football. Fantasy Premier League is the most famous fantasy football game in the world. FPL offers its players an opportunity to face players from all parts of the world.

Here is everything you need to know about Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 tips, including FPL best players, rules, prizes and how to play the FPL game.

How to do Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 team registration?

To sign up for FPL 2024/22, players will need to create an account on the FPL game’s official website. After entering the required information,  you will build your FPL team by selecting your players and a Team name.

What are Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 rules?

Each FPL manager is allocated a budget of £100 million. The manager must build the Fantasy team using this money. Total 15 players must be picked- 2 goalkeepers,5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards.

FPL Managers are allowed to sign a maximum of 3 players from a single Premier League club.

FPL managers will have unlimited transfers right until 1 ½ hrs. Before the opening fixture of Premier League 2024-22 kickoffs.

How to select FPL starting lineup?

FPL managers must select a Starting 11 from the squad for each matchday.

The starting 11  must include a minimum of 1 Goalkeeper, 3 Defenders and 1 forward at any point in time.

Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 Tips

Managers are required to select a captain and a vice-captain ahead of each matchday.

The captain of your team receives double points, while the vice-captain is a backup choice if your original selection doesn’t play, and thus the double points will be awarded to the alternative pick.

The manager should determine the order of the substitutes bench as the game will automatically substitute a player if one of the players in your starting team doesn’t play in the game week.

How are Fantasy Football points distributed?

Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 points distributed

The main motive of the Fantasy Premier League is to achieve as many points as possible across the 2024/22 season.

For playing up to 60 minutes1
For playing 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time)2
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender6
For each goal scored by a midfielder5
For each goal scored by a forward4
For each goal assist3
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender4
For a clean sheet by a midfielder1
For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper1
For each penalty, save5
For each penalty miss-2
Bonus points for the best players in a match1-3
For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender-1
For each yellow card-1
For each red card-3
For each own goal-2

What are FPL 2024-22 bonus points?

The three best performing players in each match will be awarded bonus points. 3 points will be awarded to the highest-scoring player, 2 points to the second best and 1 point to the third.”

Gameweek and transfer deadlines

  • FPL gameweek coincides with the actual Premier League matches that are played on a specific matchday. Most common gameweek has 10 PL matches where all the 20 Premier League clubs feature.
  • Th first FPL gameweek will begin on 13 August 2024. There will be 38 gameweeks in the entire FPL season.
  • Every gameweek will have a deadline for making transfers and team changes.
  • The deadline for the very first gameweek of the 2024-22 campaign is 18:30 (BST) on Friday, August 13.

What are FPL 2024/22 chips?

FPL allocates chips to every team. These chips are used to improve the performances and the point-scoring. The chips allocated by FPL are Bench Boost, Triple Captain, Free Hit and Wildcard.

Bench Boost allows the team to receive points for their starting lineup and substitutes. It can only be used once in a season.

 Free Hit allows the manager to make unlimited transfers to the team for one game a week.

A Triple Captain chip can only be used once in the season and means that the player selected as your captain will score three times the amount of points for a single game week.

The Wildcard chip allows unlimited transfers and can be used twice in one season. This chip should be used once before December 28 and once after December.

Who are the FPL 2024/22 top players to pick?

Harry Kane and Mohammed Salah are the best ranked forwards for FPL 2024/22. Both forwards are available for a price of £12.5 million each.

Trent Alexander Arnold is the highest valued defender with a price of £7.5m.  Mendy, Alisson and Ederson are the highest valued goalkeepers with a price of £6m.

How much is Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 prizes to win?

The prize money for the Fantasy Premier League 2024/22 is a seven-night stay in the UK and VIP tickets to 2 Premier League matches next season. The winner will also get a Hublot watch, a copy of FIFA 22 and a console.