Top 5 Chelsea Transfers That Changed the Game

The pride of London as many Blues faithful would price themselves as the best club Club in London. Though the likes of Arsenal who had been rampaging prior to the resurgence of Chelsea can never boast of Chelsea’s trophy collection in recent times.

From the wild night in Munich when Chelsea defeated Bayern on its home turf in the Champions League final in 2012, it was written in the stars that Chelsea has turned a new leaf from the rest in London as one of the greatest London football clubs.

More so, beyond the pride in London, Chelsea Football Club is one of the most successful clubs in English football history, which has seen some incredible transfers over the years that have changed the course of the club’s history.

Though the team only began to have some best legs in the game after the Russian oligarch took charge and the nearly two decades of the Russian billionaire ensured that Chelsea had not only the money, but the passion and drive of the players that the club with rich history in the game shared.

Many players have come and go, but there are some who made their mark not as an integral part of their squad, but as an integral part of the club. In this article, we will take a look at the top five Chelsea transfers that have made a significant impact on the club.

Didier Drogba


Come to Chelsea and I will make you one of the best strikers in the world! That was Didier Drogba’s testimony on how Jose Mourinho convinced him in 2004 to switch his allegiance to the West London Club after just a phone call.

Like a match made in the heaven, just as Chelsea made Didier Drogba one of the best striker of his generation, the former Ivorian captain equally returned the favour to the Stamford Bridge outfit as he deliver on his mandate to ensure that Chelsea lifted the most prestigious club competition in Europe

Didier Drogba stands as one of the most iconic transfers in Chelsea’s history as the signing of Ivorian striker, Didier Drogba from Olympique Marseille in 2004 paves way to the rise of Chelsea to the stardom. Drogba was instrumental in the club’s success over the next eight years, scoring 157 goals in 341 appearances and winning numerous trophies, including four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and the UEFA Champions League.

His leadership, physicality, and incredible goal scoring ability made him one of the most feared strikers in the world. His performances in big games, including his match-winning goal in the 2012 Champions League final, will go down in Chelsea’s history.

Petr Cech


A marquee signing without paparazzi is what I refer to as the acquisition of the Czech shot stopper. The custodian stood as one of the best goalkeepers in the rich history of the Premier League if not the best with over 200 clean sheets in the league and lots of accolades that followed a career well spent in west London.

Just Like Eduard Mendy was scooped from the French without hassle, the legendary shot stopper was signed from the Ligue-1 outfit in 2004 and the Czech custodian ensure that the defensive foundation of the team that once dominated the Premier League with a record yet to broken with 15 goals conceded in the entirety of a single season, was solid enough to scooped many league under his watch.

Petr Cech changed Chelsea’s fortunes and it was the signing of Czech custodian from Rennes in 2004 that branded Chelsea’s defence as one of the greatest in the history of the Premier League. Cech became an instant hit at Stamford Bridge, helping the club win three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and the UEFA Champions League.

Cech played a key role in the team’s success from the moment he arrived, becoming one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Frank Lampard


If not Frank Lampard, who could be the greatest signing of the Stamford Bridge outfit in the Premier League era. There are many players who have placed the history of the team, but there can only be one player who cements his place if not as the greatest player Chelsea ever had than Frank Lampard.

The midfield maestro is not just the fulcrum that makes everything works but the centre of attraction that gives the end product of each attacking intent its meaning. His transfer from West Ham United in 2001 was a game-changer for the club. Lampard spent 13 years at Chelsea, scoring 211 goals in 648 appearances and helping the club win three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and the UEFA Champions League.

According to, even though Lampard is no longer part of the Chelsea news, he remains one of the most loved and respected players in the club’s history.

Claude Makelele

The signing of French midfielder Claude Makelele from Real Madrid in 2003 was a turning point for Chelsea, who became one of the richest clubs in the world after their takeover. This led to impressive salaries and the ability to secure top class talent.

Makelele was a defensive midfielder who had the ability to break up opposition attacks and shield the defence was instrumental in Chelsea’s success, and his arrival marked the start of the team’s incredible defensive record.

Eden Hazard


Belgian winger Eden Hazard was a game-changer at Stamford Bridge following his transfer from Lille in 2012. Hazard quickly became one of the most exciting players in the Premier League, scoring 110 goals in 352 appearances for the club and helping the team win two Premier League titles, one FA Cup, and the Europa League.

Hazard’s incredible dribbling ability, creativity, and flair made him one of the most dangerous players in the league, and his performances in big games were crucial to Chelsea’s success.

In conclusion, these top five Chelsea transfers have changed the game for the club and have been instrumental in their success over the years. The impact of these signings on Chelsea’s fortunes cannot be overstated, and they remain some of the most important transfers in the club’s history.