Can Liverpool Win the Quadruple in 2024?

As the English Premier League is getting close to an end, we can notice that some positions are already forming and that there is no way for some drastic changes. For example, chances are great that Brentford will stay in the League. On the other side, things are not that great for Everton.

If Everton gets relegated, it will be one of the biggest surprises in recent years. On the other side, the situation on the top is interesting as well, where Liverpool is keeping the pace by having only one point less than City. Also, they are playing the next game, which might resolve the winner in the end.

When it comes to the odds, the interesting fact is that they are the same for both of these clubs when it comes to the Champions League, and if you think that one of them will win it in the end, you can double the investment. Also, some online betting sites might be offering an even more attractive deal, which is the main reason to visit and check out some of the best online casinos.

Liverpool is doing great in the following season. They are only one point under City, while there is a chance for them to break some records and win a quadruple since they are competing for the cup and Champions League as well. We are going to analyze more about their chances for that in the following article.

Situation in the League


As we already mentioned, the following game week might be crucial for the winner of this competition. The duel between Manchester City and Liverpool is quite unpredictable since both of them are in excellent form and only some small details could prevail when it comes to the winner.

Another important thing to know is that the key players like Salah, Mane, Trent, and Van Dijk are all in perfect condition without any injuries. The same is with other players in the first squad. The same is for their excellent jokers like Firmino, Jota, and newbie Diaz.

We are expecting an attractive game against the City. However, it is an away game, and it won’t be easy at all. However, the importance is even bigger for Liverpool here since they have one point less. Therefore, losing will give City a big advantage of four points, which means that they can be more relaxed in the next games since they can lose one and still be the winners.

The statistics are also on the side of the home team since they didn’t lose at home against this club since 2018. Still, keep in mind that they are not so great at home in recent weeks since they had a draw with Sporting, and lost a home game against Tottenham. On the other side, Liverpool has an amazing away form and they didn’t lose a single away game during 2024. Also, we have to mention that they won against Arsenal, Inter, Benfica, and Chelsea at away stadiums.

When it comes to the fixtures, there are some more difficult games waiting, like the one against Manchester UTD, always tough Everton, and maybe the most difficult fixture in game week 36 against Tottenham.

On the other side, things are looking easier for the City with an easier schedule, and most difficult games are going to be an away game against West Ham, and last week home game against Aston Villa. Both of these clubs are having great season as well.

What About Champions League?


They managed to win against Benfica in the first leg, and chances are great that they will pass this round. However, things could become more complicated in the semi-finals, where Liverpool is waiting for the winner between Villarreal and Bayern Munich. There was a huge surprise where Villarreal managed to win a game against Bayern with a result 1:0. Still, the odds are still on the side of the German legends. If Villarreal somehow manages to stay in the game and pass to another stage, things will be much easier for Liverpool.

On the other side of the tournament, Real Madrid is leading against the Chelsea, and they will probably pass this round as winners. City won their home game against Atletico Madrid, and they are looking as a better club with more chances to pass this round as well. Therefore, the most probable outcome for the semifinals is to watch Man. City against Real Madrid on one side, and Liverpool against the winner between Bayern and Villarreal on another side.

Considering that Bayern will probably win at home, passing this club might lead to another English Champions League Final. In that game, everything is possible, and there is an advantage for Liverpool who has more experience in this tournament, especially against City, in case that they are the one in the final game. Therefore, chances for Liverpool are more than decent.


Last Words

The situation in the cup is also very interesting, especially because we are going to watch Liverpool against City several times during the same month. They are playing against each other in the semi-final game in the FA cup. It is also unpredictable since both clubs have the same chances of winning.

If Liverpool win that game, the final will be against the winner between Crystal Palace and Chelsea. Considering the bad form of Chelsea in recent weeks, it won’t be a big surprise if Crystal Palace is in the finals.

As you can see, the chances for Liverpool to win a quadruple are more than real. The most important thing for them is consistency and focus. Also, it is crucial for all players to stay in a good form and keep creating strategies against different opponents. They were waiting for a very long time to win a title in domestic league, and they now how a chance to repeat it after short time. On the other side, their experience in international tournaments represents a great advantage when compared to City.