Valorant Origin Skin Bundle Price, How to Buy and Release Date

In a F2P game like Valorant, skins are the main source of income for the developers. Ever since the full release of the game last August, the developers have been constantly pushing out new skins each and every month. The Valorant latest skin bundle to come out from the developers are the “Origin ” bundle. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest leak, Valorant Origin skin bundle price, how to buy, release date, and more.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a F2P 5vs5 Tactical Shooter developed and published by Riot. The game is one of the most successful multiplayer games to come out in recent times.

In 2024 the player has more than 14 Million active players all over the world login into their account each and every month. The game recently conducted its first Master cup in Iceland with various teams from all around the world.

Valorant Origin Skin Bundle Preview

The new bundle from Riot is named “Origins” and it is currently available for purchase on the Valorant in-game store. The Skins look a little futuristic and resembles very much the “Nebula” Skin-set released a few months ago.

Valorant Origin Skin Bundle Price

Currently, Valorant Origin Skin Bundle features skins for 4 weapons inside the game which are of the following.

  1. Operator
  2. Vandal
  3. Frenzy
  4. Bucky
  5. Crescent Blade

All the weapon Skins have a Finisher Animation attached to them which can be triggered when the last enemy of the team is killed with the weapon.

The Animation can also be previewed while inspecting a weapon skin in the game store. The Finisher looks extremely clean and fits well with the overall theme.

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The Bundle also features a Melee weapon called “Crescent Blade”. It is one of the most unique Melee weapons to hit the store since the Christmas Santa stick.

The Knife looks pretty much inspired by Mortal Kombat and other futuristic game series. The blade is Semi Oval in shape and looks very cool and unique.

How much is the Valorant Origin Skin Bundle price?

The Price of the Entire Origin Bundle is around 7100 Valorant Points. The Individual Skin is priced around 1775 Valorant points. The Knife alone would cost around 3550 Valorant Points.

It is always advisable to buy the entire bundle to obtain the maximum from a pack. The current Price of Valorant Bundles is given below.

  • 475 Points – 399 Rs
  • 1000 Points – 799 Rs
  • 2050 Points – 1599 Rs
  • 3650 Point – 2699 Rs
  • 5350 Points – 3999 Rs
  • 11000 Points – 7900 Rs

What is Valorant Origin Skin Bundle Release Date?

Valorant Origin Skin Bundle was originally slated to release for Episode 3 Act 1 but due to the various leaks which happened over the last 2 days, the developers of the game have preponed the release date to June 10, 2024.

The Entire bundle is available for sale currently in the store and players can buy the entire Bundle or individually choose guns according to their choice.

How to Buy the Valorant Origin Skin Bundle?

All in-game items in Valorant can be bought using the Valorant points. In case players or users don’t have enough Valorant points in their account they need to top up their account before purchasing the skins or any items.

Follow these steps to buy the Valorant Origin Skin Bundle or individual Skin weapon.

  1. Open your Riot account by Logging inside the game. If you don’t have any Valorant Points hover over to the store and look for Valorant Packs.
  2. Recharge for a minimum of 6000 Valorant points if you are looking to buy the entire bundle or Recharge for 2000 Valorant points if you want to just buy the single weapon. The Current Price for 11000 valorant points is rs 7900 rs & 2050 Valorant points is 1599rs.
  3. Now Browse over to the store and hover over the Origin Skin Bundle and select the Skins of your choice or the entire bundle.
  4. After choosing it will ask “do you want to buy this item ” after choosing yes. the process of the transaction will take place and your item will be unlocked
  5. Now go to your inventory management and equip the skin for a particular weapon for which you have purchased. Happy gaming.