Mike Tyson’s Net worth 2024: Salary, Earnings & Endorsement Deals

Mike Tyson is a former professional boxer. He competed for between 1985 – 2005 and is known as the Baddest Man on the Planet. Tyson competed in the heavyweight division and is considered the best heavyweight boxer of all time. Since retiring from boxing, Mike Tyson has starred in movies such as Hangover, IP Man, Rocky Balboa, etc. Tyson recently made his boxing comeback in an Eight-round split draw vs Roy Jones Jr. Tyson’s net worth has been increased quite good even after his retirement from boxing.

Mike Tyson’s Net Worth: $10 million

As per the celebrity net worth, Mike Tyson net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Mike Tyson has lost a huge sum of money due to lawsuits, and he is also known for squandering. In the year 2013, Mike Tyson declared bankruptcy. It was reported he was $23 million in debt. 

Mike Tyson Endorsements 

He also earns money from endorsing brands. Some of his recent deals include Smart Cups, Parimatch, Manscaped and CopperGel. He was endorsing numerous big brands before he was accused of domestic violence by his wife. 

Mike Tyson Career Earning

Mike Tyson Career Earning 

Despite being a part of numerous controversies, Mike Tyson has earned $375 million for professional boxing. Here are the top 10 fight purses from his professional boxing career. 

2004Danny Williams$27 Million
1991Donovan Ruddock $30 Million
1995Peter McNeeley$30 million
1996Evander Holyfield $30 Million
1997Evander Holyfield$30 million
2005Kevin McBride $30 million
2000Julius Francis $30 million
1996Frank Bruno $35 million
1996Bruce Sheldon$35 million
2002Lennox Lewis $35 Million

On three occasions, Mike Tyson got $35 million for a fight. He got a fight purse of $35 million for his fights against Frank Burno (1996), Burce Sheldon (1996) and Lennox Lewis (2002). Mike Tyson made a guest appearance at Wrestling Mania XIV and got $3.5 million for it.

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In his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr., as per sources, Tyson earned a whopping $10 million purse. During his boxing days., the net worth of Mike Tyson was around $300 million. 

Mike Tyson Professional Record

  • Number of Fights: 58 
  • Fights won: 40
  • Won by knockout: 44
  • Victory by decision: 5
  • Won by disqualification: 1
  • Number of loses: 6
  • Loses by knockout: 5
  • Disqualification loses: 1
  • Draw: 2 

The American has fought 58 fights in his professional career. Out of 58 fights, he has won 50 fights and lost just 6. Mike Tyson has impressively won 44 fights via knockout. Tyson has won 5 fights by decision and 1 by disqualification. Famously known as Iron Man, he has lost 5 fights via knockout and 1 by disqualification.