New York Knicks Playoff Schedule, TV Channels, Live Stream & Ticket Prices

New York Knicks Playoff Schedule: NYC Knicks faces Hawks, Check Time, Ticket Prices, TV Channels and Live Stream Details

The no.4 seed Knicks is about to face the no.5 seed Atlanta Hawks in round 1 of the EC with a home-court advantage. New York City will be much more excited to see the Knicks play in the post-season than to the possibility of the Nets’ CHAMPIONSHIP. This is obvious as the Knicks dominate the Madison Square Garden with two championship rings and a historical legacy.

After seven years the Knicks returned to the post-season talk, making it more than the 3-years time difference in Atlanta. Here’s the playoff schedule for the season.

New York Knicks Live Stream, TV Channels

NBA games will be broadcasted and split between watch ESPN and watch TNT. There are both desktop and smartphone apps that can be used to watch New York Knicks live stream games. Fubo TV gives a 7-day free trial that also includes ESPN. In addition, ABC is the exclusive official NBA Final broadcaster.

On Saturday 22th May, the first post-season round starts. As of now, 1st round is not exactly scheduled and this update can only be expected after the play-in tournament ends.

Notably, the Knicks had 3-0 against the Hawks in the running season, and therefore both forecast and betting odds supported the victory for the Knicks 4-2 Series favourites.

Ticket Prices for NYC Knicks Playoff Games

The price was on the roofs, at least in NYC for the Knicks/Hawks game. In addition to the meteoric growth of the Knicks, the pandemic has stimulated huge crowds and this enthusiasm will also benefit the sporting community. Therefore, almost $1000 of the buyer’s wallet can be burned by the cheapest ticket on the classic Madison Square Garden.

Even the Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) tweeted on 17th May 2024 that “The cheapest ticket for Game 1 between the Knicks and Hawks at MSG would run you over $968”.

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The 1,000 bucks (as stated on SeatGeek) also exclude any extra fees that the provider can request. These tickets can also be purchased on the official websites of teams for the above-mentioned secondary market rates.

Even though tickets range from $1143 to a total of $8087 in 100 rows. You should predict decent attendance ( also the maximum is $13200, maybe getting a handshaking opportunity with Julius Randle).