NBA Coach Salary 2024: Who is the highest paid NBA head coach?

NBA Coach Salary: Who is the highest paid NBA coach in 2024? The average NBA head coach salary is $3 Million per year.

It is one of the toughest jobs to manage an NBA team. With so much pressure and responsibility on the manager’s shoulder, it is not easy to make decisions during adversity. However, with immense pressure and responsibility comes huge amounts of money. The salary of an NBA coach is one of the highest in the managerial field.

Although compared to players, it is not even close. But, still, NBA coaches earn a decent amount of money. Here are the top highest paid NBA coach salaries for 2024 and the average salary earned by NBA head coach. 

What is the Average NBA Coach’s Salary?

As per the reports, the average salary of an NBA coach is approximately $3 million. In a season, 82 games are played by each team.

If we calculate salary per match for an NBA coach, it is $64,500 per game. No doubt, coaching is a tough job, but earning $64,500 per match is a good amount to earn. 

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NBA Head Coach Salary 2024

Begineer$2 Million
Intermediate$2.8 Million
Professional$3 to $5 Million
Top Professional$7 to $11 Million

The Highest paid NBA Head Coach 2024

Highest paid NBA Head Coach 2024

NBA coach salaries are based on the coach’s popularity, market value, and how much club management wants to spend on getting their service. Here’s the list of some of the top-earning coaches in the NBA.

1. Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs): $11 Million

He is one of the most successful coaches in the NBA. Gregg took charge of Spurs in 1996, and he is still going strong. San Antonio Spurs have won 5 NBA titles under his guidance. Popovich became the highest-paid coach in the NBA when he signed the 3-year contract with the San Antonio Spurs worth around $33 million.

2. Doc Rivers  (LA Clippers): $10 Million

Rivers joined the LA Clippers in 2013. He is known for his tactical plays. Under his leadership, the LA Clippers have won numerous National Basketball Association (NBA) titles. His annual salary is $8 million. 

3. Rick Carlisle (Dallas Mavericks): $7 Million

He has managed multiple teams like Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, and Dallas Mavericks. Currently, he manages the Dallas Mavericks. Rick won the NBA manager of the year title in 2002-03. For his experience in the field, Dallas Mavericks’ coach earns $7 million every year. 

4. Scott Brooks (Washington Wizards): $7 Million

Scott Brooks is not only an excellent coach, but he was equally good as a player. He was named NBA coach of the season in 2009-10 when he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to 50 wins in a season. Presently he manages the Washington Wizards earning $7 million annually.

5. Billy Donovan (Chicago Bulls): $6 Million

Donovan has managed multiple teams during his managerial career. The teams he managed are Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder. Billy is the current manager of the Chicago Bulls. He signed for Chicago Bulls in 2024.

Donovan has also managed the United States of America national basketball team thrice. The Chicago Bulls’ coach salary is $6 million per year based on his NBA contract.